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Top Renovation Contractors In Singapore

Top Renovation Contractors In Singapore

Last Updated on 10/09/2023 by Singapore You

Are you in need of a renovation contractor who can provide house loans as well? If that’s the case, consider yourself fortunate because today, we have compiled a list of the top renovation contractors in Singapore that offer in-house loans!

Given the substantial expenses associated with renovation projects, many homeowners opt to find the best renovation contractors with in-house loans in Singapore. This way, you can save time searching for a bank that offers affordable house loans, as your renovation contract already includes one!

Without further ado, we present our selection of the finest renovation contractors in Singapore who also offer in-house loans. Be sure to read through our entire list!

1. Jaystone Renovation Contractor

Website | 1090 Lower Delta Road #03, 07N, Singapore 169201 | +65 6653 6215

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Jaystone Renovation Contractor stands out as one of the most sought-after contractors in Singapore, offering a remarkable combination of designer-quality services and affordability. Their expertise extends to delivering top-notch home renovation and contracting work for various residential spaces across the island.

Opting for Jaystone Renovation Contractor not only guarantees exceptional craftsmanship but also grants you the opportunity to benefit from their home loan package. If you find yourself in need of additional funds to cover your expenses, we highly recommend considering their renovation and home loan package.

Furthermore, Jaystone Renovation Contractor has earned its place on our list of the finest renovation contractors with in-house loans in Singapore. Their team comprises highly skilled and experienced designers and carpenters who ensure remarkable results for every project.

2. 3D Innovations Design

Website | 22 Sin Ming Ln, #01-84 Midview City, Singapore 573969 | +65 6834 4333

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With a history dating back to 1982, 3D Innovations Design has established itself as a prominent renovation contractor specializing in residential projects and private developments. As one of the longest-standing renovation contractors on the island, they bring a wealth of experience to their work.

If you’re seeking to minimize your renovation expenses, we highly recommend exploring the services offered by 3D Innovations Design. Their team is committed to transparency, providing a clear breakdown of the total renovation cost without any intermediaries or hidden fees.

In addition, 3D Innovations Design goes the extra mile by offering renovation and home loans with appealing interest rates and flexible payment options. These loan facilities are seamlessly integrated into their comprehensive renovation packages.

Furthermore, one of the compelling reasons why 3D Innovations Design is regarded as one of the finest renovation contractors with in-house loans in Singapore is their generous promotions and discounts available to all customers, including first-time clients.

3. TCA Design & Build

Website | 20 Depot Ln, #01-07, Singapore 109763 | + 65 8381 4587

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Established in 2011, TCA Design & Build is a renowned design and build construction consultancy firm located in Singapore. Their expertise extends to both residential and commercial projects, as they strive to create remarkable and distinctive experiences through their visually striking and durable constructions.

Working with TCA Design & Build is a seamless and straightforward process, involving just three simple steps: (1) Engage with the designer and obtain project quotations; (2) Collaborate and finalize the design concept; and (3) Relax as TCA Design & Build takes charge of the design implementation, delivering precisely what the client envisions.

Dedicated to maintaining a high standard of excellence, TCA Design & Build prioritise consistency in their work, ensuring top-notch quality regardless of the project’s scale or complexity. Beyond consistency, they also offer a comprehensive range of services, including design consultation, project submissions, construction management, customized builds, building maintenance, and project reinstatements, providing a holistic solution for diverse client needs.

4. Livspace Singapore

Website | Level 6, Beach Centre, 15 Beach Road, Singapore 189677 | [email protected]

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Livspace, recognized as the largest interior designer in Asia, serves as a remarkable platform connecting individuals with skilled and esteemed interior designers from across the country. Their extensive network of professionals boasts years of invaluable experience, ensuring top-notch design expertise.

Browsing through their website is a user-friendly experience, even for those unfamiliar with searching for interior designers online. As an added bonus, Livspace offers complimentary consultations, allowing you to explore possibilities and take a significant stride towards realizing your dream home. Waste no time and embark on your journey by visiting their website today!