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When you live in a busy city, it’s always busy life. Especially with independence, everything is just crumped up in one day like you have fifty hours a day instead of twenty-four. It’s crazy for everyone.

The keyword is competition – you can’t live where it’s busy and not be one yourself. But, how’s your home? Who takes care of that? In this day and age, independence is bliss – but it’s understandable if your home isn’t always at a hundred per cent. The good thing is there are top housekeeping Singapore!

There are many reasons why you’ll need housekeeping and house cleaning Singapore, we’re here to help!

Why Should You Hire Top Housekeeping Singapore?

People need housekeeping, house cleaning and other maintenance services for various reasons. And, these reasons are all valid, no excuses needed!

When you’re a full-time parent, it doesn’t matter if you have one child or a few more to that number, it’s important to keep the house clean, fresh and healthy. Messy and dirty houses don’t always go well for the family.

Some people are just too busy with work, school or their careers to even lift a finger for some chores, and that’s okay. The good news is that there are services that help people keep everything neat and tidy for you.

Whether you’re a career-goer, running your own business or keeping the company building running, you can find top housekeeping Singapore services that will definitely keep the productivity areas spic and span!


It’s no joke when you’re dedicated to your goals and ambitions and sometimes, aside from you can’t keep the place clean and in order, it’s almost impossible to make sure to get one or two chores out of the way. Getting house cleaning Singapore services or housekeeping folks brings brilliant convenience!

Your home and productivity area can be cleaned while you work or go about your day without worry because these services have the equipment, tools and cleaning materials needed to achieve the clean, fresh and neat look you want your place to be.

Quality and Professional Services

Convenience is just one of the critical benefits of housekeeping Singapore. You’re paying rates to get the house cleaned, the office neat and dust-free, and the productivity up and high – you will get just that! With professional cleaning detergents and tools, housekeeping services are not to be taken lightly – they take their jobs seriously and your needs are their top priority!

Hassle-free Environment

According to research, working in a clean, clutter-free environment boosts your productivity by a huge percentage, but we get it! You don’t always have the time or energy to keep everything neat and tidy – this is why housekeeping services are available in Singapore.

It’s time to use the small time left from seizing the world to be spent resting or enjoying some bonding moments with family and friends and get yourself a great housekeeping service.

The Best Housekeeping Service in Singapore


Website | 10 Bukit Batok Crescent #14-02 The Spire, Singapore 658079 | +65-6983-9523

housekeeping singapore
Image Source: SureClean

SureClean is one of the most sought-after professional housekeeping and cleaning services. They are thorough, fast and professional – they take their tasks seriously. Aside from they are trained before they are assigned to assignments, they make sure that they collect feedback with an open mind and a grain of salt. 

Services: Professional House Cleaning, Disinfection, Mattress Cleaning, Housekeeping, Moving Services

house cleaning singapore
Image Source: Google Reviews

Homefresh by Luce (Part Time Maid & Home Cleaning Services)

Website | 100D Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118520 | +65-6734-4973

housekeeping singapore
Image Source: Homefresh by Luce

Homefresh by Luce is one of the best home cleaning services and they even provide a part-time helper if you’re looking for one. They are good at their cleaning and thorough services and their efficiency to deliver is outstanding for everyone who has tried their house cleaning and maintenance services.

Services: House Cleaning, Homekeeping, Maintenance

house cleaning singapore
Image Source: Google Reviews

Meide Services

Website | 682A Jurong West Central 1, Singapore 641682 | +65-8595-8579

housekeeping singapore
Image Source: Meide Services

Meide Services is a great agency that has provided the best cleaning services through and through. Not only do they provide cleaning and maintenance services, but they also offer babysitting services. Their housekeeping services are always fast, reliable and simply done with no complicated transactions whatsoever.

If there are specific services that you need, this can be discussed before a quotation is provided to make sure your requirements are met by the end of each session.

Services: Babysitting, House Cleaning, Homekeeping, Deep Cleaning

house cleaning singapore
Image Source: Google Reviews

Clean On Demand (House Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, End-Of-Tenancy, Disinfectant Services)

Website | 545 Orchard Road #05-35 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882 | +65-6717-5555

housekeeping singapore
Image Source: Clean on Demand

Clean on Demand is a great all-around house cleaning and home-keeping agency. They cater to various requests by clients, too, like mattress deep cleaning, couch and curtains cleaning, disinfection tasks and special requests that can be done upon booking.

You can find a cost calculator on their website if you wish to know more about the estimated rates for cleaning tasks. Your booking can be made through their mobile application as well.

house cleaning singapore
Image Source: Google Reviews

Kleepers Singapore

Website | 10, #27-15 Anson Road, International Plaza, Singapore 079903 | +65-8122-8113

housekeeping singapore
Image Source: Kleepers Singapore

Kleepers Singapore has a quick and easy booking system. Their team of cleaners are also very efficient and professional in completing their tasks for the job. They are very reliable with cleaning, tidying and organising the homes and offices they are assigned. On the side, they also provide babysitting services upon request.

Services: Move in/Move out Cleaning, General Cleaning, Spring Cleaning Bundles, Housekeeping

house cleaning singapore
Image Source: Google Reviews

S2 Cleaning Services

Website | 66 Tannery Lane #01, #04M Sindo Industrial Building, Singapore 347805 | +65-8620-2366

housekeeping singapore
Image Source: S2 Cleaning Services

S2 Cleaning Services Pte. Ltd. is a cleaning company in Singapore with long-running clients who love the job done. They’re efficient, reliable and trustworthy when it comes to house cleaning Singapore. They do clean up after renovations, ironing, dishwashing, deep cleaning and even large areas of cleaning.

Services: Move in/Move out Cleaning, General Cleaning, Office & Warehouse Cleaning

house cleaning singapore
Image Source: Google Reviews

Housekeepers Management Services

Website | 49 Jalan Pemimpin, #06-10 APS Building, Singapore 577203 | +65-6884-4333

housekeeping singapore
Image Source: Housekeepers Management Services

Whether you’re looking for a fast and efficient cleaning service or a thorough and deep cleaning job, Housekeepers Management Services makes sure they deliver the best foot forward. Their cleaning services are of top quality despite being relatively new to the industry.

Services: General Cleaning, Housekeeping, House Cleaning

house cleaning singapore
Image Source: Google Reviews

Clean Lab

Website | 25 Kaki Bukit Pl, Singapore 416203 | +65-6741-1522

housekeeping singapore
Image Source: Clean Lab

Clean Lab always makes sure to be a brilliant cleaning professional by providing an effective and thorough cleaning system that is convenient for the clients. If you need them right away, they are available. They are never late to their appointments and make sure clients are always happy with their housekeeping services. Most clients are always loyal to Clean Lab services because of the quality of their services. They also provide deep cleaning services for mattresses and couches, but their list never ends there.

Services: House and Office Cleaning, Move In/Move Out Cleaning, Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Disinfection and Sanitisation

house cleaning singapore
Image Source: Google Reviews


Website | Northstar, 09-27, 7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, Singapore 569880 | +65-8898-8269

housekeeping singapore
Image Source: EPIClean

EPIClean is royalty when it comes to cleaning services because of their top-notch and meticulous services. Aside from the spic-and-span services and efficiency of their tasks, they are really great at making sure the place is clean and tidy for a long time. Most EPIClean clients hire their services for maintenance as well.

Services: Commercial Cleaning, Deep Cleaning – Floor, Carpet, Steam Cleaning and Sanitation, Disinfection

house cleaning singapore
Image Source: Google Reviews

Abba Maintenance Services

Website | 10, #10-11 Anson Road, International Plaza, Singapore 079903 | +65-8862-9623

housekeeping singapore
Image Source: Abba Maintenance Services

Abba Maintenance Services is one of the most affordable but reliable and competitive cleaning companies in Singapore. Their most notable services are disinfection & sanitation and pest control. Aside from general house cleaning and housekeeping Singapore, they also offer services in airconditioning maintenance and commercial cleaning.

house cleaning singapore
Image Source: Google Reviews

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