Our Top Contractors For Kitchen Renovation Services In Singapore


Last Updated on 10/09/2023 by Singapore You

Are you facing issues with a malfunctioning sink, a cabinet that’s coming loose, or countertops that are in dire need of cleaning? If you’re wondering where to seek assistance, look no further. Singapore’s finest kitchen renovation services are here to rescue you.

No one wants to spend time in a kitchen that’s dirty and filled with broken equipment, let alone prepare and cook meals in such an environment. With the help of kitchen contractors, you can transform your kitchen into an inspiring haven where you can joyfully cook for your loved ones.

To simplify your search, we have curated a list of the top kitchen renovation services in Singapore. Take a look at them below!

1. Qanvast

Website | 9 Tai Seng Link, Singapore 534053 | [email protected]

Kitchen Renovation Services

Qanvast is dedicated to assisting clients in their home renovation endeavours. By utilizing Qanvast, you can experience a stress-free kitchen renovation process as it enables you to discover and connect with accredited interior design firms that align perfectly with your preferences and expectations.

Qanvast ensures that it consistently delivers high-quality recommendations to its users. Their platform not only features exceptional interior design firms but also includes feedback from homeowners who have previously engaged in their services. Additionally, Qanvast simplifies the selection of the best interior design firm by offering discounted prices to clients.

Numerous homeowners have already benefited from Qanvast’s expertise in creating their dream kitchens. You too can join their satisfied clientele by signing up on the Qanvast platform today. If you’re seeking not only accredited but also affordable kitchen renovation services in Singapore, we highly recommend utilizing their portal.

2. Renovation Contractor Singapore

Website | +6531292488 | [email protected]

Kitchen Renovation Services

Renovation Contractor Singapore possesses the ability to transform your envisioned kitchen renovation into a remarkable reality. Their team of award-winning interior designers is equipped to handle every aspect of your home project, including comprehensive kitchen cabinet renovation. With their expertise, any room can seamlessly blend functionality with inspiration. Your kitchen, the heart of your home, will be transformed into a space that ignites your passion for cooking, bonding, and indulging.

As full-service contractors and interior designers, they are capable of undertaking projects of any scale, whether it’s a simple paint job or an extensive renovation. Rest assured that you will be in the hands of licensed professionals who prioritize your satisfaction. Their responsive customer service and exceptional after-sales support to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

3. JS Carpentry & Contracts

Website | 184 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, #02-01A, Singapore 757514 | +65 9488 5077

Kitchen Renovation Services

JS Carpentry & Contracts is a comprehensive carpentry service provider specializing in home renovation. With an impressive track record spanning over 60 years, they have cultivated a devoted customer base that vouches for the quality of their workmanship.

Distinguishing themselves from other contractors, JS Carpentry & Contracts exclusively collaborate with skilled carpenters instead of interior designers. They firmly believe that if you have a clear vision for your kitchen, you can benefit from the expertise of experienced carpenters who know precisely what they’re doing, without the need for additional guidance.

No matter what your desired kitchen specifications may be, they are fully equipped to meet your needs. From constructing custom kitchen cabinets to crafting innovative storage platforms and more, they excel at creating bespoke solutions from scratch.

What sets them apart even further is their affordability. By cutting out intermediaries such as interior designers and architects, JS Carpentry & Contracts significantly reduces project costs compared to many other contractors.

We highly recommend their services to homeowners who prefer a hands-on approach to their kitchen renovation in Singapore or those who have already enlisted the help of a designer.

4. Singapore Kitchen Contractors

Website | +65 93871398

Kitchen Renovation Services

Singapore Kitchen Contractors stands out from the crowd by offering their expertise in handling kitchens of all sizes, from large-scale commercial kitchens to compact ones. Regardless of the kitchen’s dimensions, their comprehensive range of services is dedicated to enhancing the overall aesthetic and ambience of your cooking space.

With a dedicated team of contractors, interior designers, and skilled craftsmen, they are prepared to work closely with you to transform your vision of a dream kitchen into reality. Their collaborative approach ensures that every aspect of the renovation aligns with your preferences and requirements, while also ensuring that the project remains within your budgetary constraints.

5. Cheong Cheng Renovation

Website | 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, #08-12/13 Lobby 2, Harvest @ Woodlands, Singapore 757322 | +65 6262 6763 | [email protected]

Kitchen Renovation Services

If you’re feeling weary of the current state of your kitchen, we highly recommend considering the services of Cheong Cheng Renovation. Recognized as one of the leading kitchen renovation providers on the island, they possess the expertise to revitalize your space through their exceptional carpentry and interior decoration work.

With over four decades of experience in the industry, they have developed an extensive understanding of transforming household spaces. When you engage their services, you can rest assured that your home is in the hands of seasoned professionals who excel at what they do.

One aspect we particularly appreciate is their commitment to visualizing the final outcome of your kitchen renovation. By presenting you with a detailed 3D mock-up, they allow you to preview and assess the proposed plans. This not only enables you to make informed decisions but also ensures that your investment in kitchen renovation is truly worthwhile in Singapore.

6. Jaystone Renovation Contractor

Website | 1090 Lower Delta Road #03, 07N, Singapore 169201 | +65 6653 6215 | [email protected]

Kitchen Renovation Services

If you’re in search of a highly reputable kitchen contractor, we highly recommend considering Jaystone Renovation Contractor. Renowned as one of the premier renovation contractors in the area, they have established a track record that speaks for itself, ensuring a reliable and satisfactory experience.

Recognizing that each customer has unique preferences and requirements, Jaystone Renovation Contractor offers a diverse range of renovation packages tailored to meet varying demands. These packages are carefully designed to address the specific needs of your household, ensuring a personalized approach to your kitchen renovation.

Their comprehensive kitchen renovation packages typically encompass a range of services, including consultation, carpentry work, plumbing, sink installation, and general cleaning. Additionally, they are open to customizing their packages to accommodate any specific requests you may have for your kitchen.

One noteworthy aspect is their commitment to affordability. Despite being highly sought-after contractors, Jaystone Renovation Contractor maintains reasonable rates for their services, avoiding exorbitant pricing while delivering exceptional quality.

7. Diatom Reno

Website | 71 Prestige Centre #06-03 Bukit Batok Crescent Singapore 658071 | +65 8332 7246 | +65 9460 6785 | [email protected]

Kitchen Renovation Services

Diatom Reno stands as one of Singapore’s most reliable renovation and interior design contractors, catering to a wide range of clients in both residential and commercial sectors. They are dedicated to delivering services that not only meet customer expectations but also remain mindful of their budgets.

When your kitchen is in need of repair, Diatom Reno is just a phone call away. Their prompt and efficient services ensure that they address issues such as broken sinks, loose cabinets, and even pipe leakages in a timely manner.

Moreover, if you seek to enhance the overall design of your kitchen, Diatom Reno has you covered. They possess the expertise to optimize functionality and maximize space utilization, regardless of the kitchen’s size.

Importantly, you can trust that Diatom Reno will work within your budgetary constraints. They prioritize cost-effectiveness and strive to minimize expenses while still delivering exceptional results.

8. Sin Siang Huat Renovation

Website | 10 Anson Road #10-20 International Plaza Singapore 079903 | +65 9237 5770 | +65 9695 9187 | [email protected]

Kitchen Renovation Services

With over four decades of experience, Sin Siang Huat Renovation has established a strong reputation in the industry, making them one of the most dependable contractors in the country.

Specializing in interior renovations, including kitchens, they offer complimentary consultations with their knowledgeable staff. This ensures that the end result meets the client’s satisfaction and aligns with their vision.

What sets Sin Siang Huat Renovation apart is its commitment to affordability. Despite their exceptional workmanship, they charge less than anticipated, providing clients with cost-effective solutions for their renovation needs.


Website | +65 8816 7521 | [email protected]

Kitchen Renovation Services

Reno Pro provides an extensive array of services catering to renovations of all scales, including both small and large projects. If you have plans to renovate your kitchen, rest assured that Reno Pro has got you covered.

Recognizing the significance of the kitchen in every household, Reno Pro goes the extra mile by thoroughly analyzing your cooking situation. This enables them to gain insights and recommend optimal ways to maximize the functionality of your kitchen, serving as a valuable foundation for the renovation process.

Moreover, Reno Pro offers expert assistance in designing your new kitchen, regardless of whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style. Their skilled team will work closely with you to create a kitchen design that perfectly suits your preferences and vision.

10. Kluje

Website | 73 Loewen Road, #01-21 Singapore 248843 | [email protected]

Kluje serves as the ultimate platform for finding the perfect contractor to meet your needs. Designed to simplify the lives of homeowners, Kluje eliminates the arduous process of determining whether a contractor can be trusted to deliver excellent results. With real-time reviews available on the site, you can make informed decisions with ease.

By posting your required services on the platform, contractors will promptly reach out to you. With Kluje, you can effortlessly select the most suitable professionals for the job without the hassle of individually researching and contacting multiple companies.

If you’re seeking window installation or repair services, simply indicate your requirements on the site, and you’re ready to proceed! Kluje ensures a streamlined process, connecting you with reliable window contractors in no time.