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The Best HDB Window Contractor Singapore

The Best HDB Window Contractor Singapore

Last Updated on 20/05/2023 by Singapore You

For top-notch window installation and repair, turn to the best HDB window contractor review in Singapore. Get the best materials and services, whether you need a new casement window or HDB window repair. With a variety of options, finding the right contractor can be overwhelming.

But we’ve narrowed it down to the top contractors with great track records, services, and rates. Choose the best sliding window or French windows in the country with confidence. Discover the cream of the crop in the list of the best window contractors in Singapore.

hdb window contractor review

1. Renovation Contractor Singapore

Website | +65-6432-8257 | [email protected]

Turn your design dreams into a reality with Renovation Contractor Singapore. A full-service contractor and interior designer, they’re committed to providing top-notch customer service and after-sales support.

With a team of skilled and dedicated professionals who listen to your unique needs and preferences, your interior space is in good hands. Start turning your home into a fairy tale today with Renovation Contractor Singapore.

2. Express Windows

Website | +65-8771-1861‬ | [email protected]

Express Windows is a top choice for those seeking a reliable window contractor. With over 20 years of experience, they’ve built a reputation for high-quality window and door installation among homeowners and business owners. Customers rave about their sliding window installations, HDB window repairs and aluminium work.

Express Windows’ team of professional BCA-certified installers prioritize safety and quality, ensuring peace of mind for their clients. Whether you need new window installation, maintenance or the best casement window in Singapore, they are equipped to meet your needs.

3. Top 1 Window

Website | +65-8788-8111

Top 1 Window is a leading window contractor in Singapore with BCA and HDB licenses. They offer window installation, grille installation, door installation, and painting services, and are known for their expertise in HDB window repairs.

Customers choose Top 1 Window for their commitment to minimally disruptive work and willingness to incorporate clients’ ideas and suggestions into their projects. They are budget-friendly and prioritize client satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for the best casement window or any other type of window project, Top 1 Window is a trusted and recommended choice.

4. A&V Aluminum

Website | +65-9431-1487 | [email protected]

A & V Aluminum delivers exceptional window, grille and door installation services in Singapore, renowned for their top-notch sliding and casement windows. Their goal is to enhance clients’ lives by providing exceptional workmanship and premium products.

With 20 years of experience, they have become a trustworthy choice for both residential and commercial properties. Contact them to bring your dream home to life, while benefiting from affordable rates.

hdb window contractor review

5. Hydroseal

Website | +65-6289-6811 | [email protected]

At Hydroseal, customer satisfaction is a top priority. As Singapore’s leading waterproofing and rope access contractor since 1995, they provide exceptional service for residential, commercial, and industrial projects at a fair price.

Their commitment to quality is evident in the inclusion of a hassle-free warranty certificate with all their work. Should any oversights occur, they stand behind their work and take full responsibility. Trust Hydroseal to keep you and your property protected.

6. Hands@Windows Servicing

Website | +65-6749-2257

Hands@Windows Servicing is dedicated to providing window repair services for HDB and Condo residents. They aim to save costs and support sustainability by offering repairs over replacements whenever possible.

The team is comprised of BCA-HDB-certified technicians skilled in window inspection, hinge, roller, handle, lock replacement, and repair services. If repair is not feasible, they also offer quality window and grille installation. As one of the top HDB and BCA licensed window contractors, they’re always ready to assist. Contact them to learn more.

7. Kluje

Website | [email protected]

Simplify your search for the right contractor with Kluje. Designed to make homeowners’ lives easier, Kluje offers real-time reviews to help you make informed decisions. Post your project needs and receive responses from contractors without having to search through different companies.

Whether you need window installation or repair, simply post your request for a window contractor and find the right match for your project.

8. Window-Grille-Door

Website | +65 9029 8583 | [email protected]

Windows-Grille-Door is a top window contractor in Singapore, born from the merger of Victorious Windows & Doors Pte Ltd and Yong Ka Aluminium Pte Ltd. They provide installation services for windows, grilles, doors, and gates, with the option to choose from various materials including sliding, casement, louvre, bay, soundproof, and service yard windows. Visit their website for a full description of available services and materials.

hdb window contractor review

9. Grilles N Glass

Website | +65-9100-8767 | [email protected]

Grilles N’ Glass is a top-notch provider of grilles, doors, and windows. As a licensed HDB contractor in Singapore, they offer quality work at an affordable price. Choose from a variety of window options, including sliding, casement, soundproof, and louvre, and customize the glass, frame, and colour to your liking. Contact Grilles N’ Glass for personalized service.

10. Ho Ho Engineering

Website | +65-6747-9019 | [email protected]

Trust Ho Ho Engineering for all your home renovation needs. They offer a variety of products and services, including iron-wrought gates and home furnishings. Their experience and wide range of options ensure you’ll find what you’re looking for. As a licensed HDB and BCA-registered contractor, you can trust them to deliver quality work.