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Best Renovation Contractor Singapore

Best Renovation Contractor Singapore

Last Updated on 13/02/2023 by Singapore You

If you’re looking to expand and improve your home, you’ll need the help of the best renovation contractor Singapore can get. We have done the research for you and have identified trusted renovation contractors across the island that can bring your dream home to life.

To help you plan, we’ve also provided information on the expected costs of renovation services in Singapore, as well as answers to common questions about renovation contractors and their services. Whether you’re thinking about a minor remodel or a major renovation, our list of top contractors can help you achieve your goals.

How Much Do Renovations Cost in Singapore?

With the rising cost of real estate in Singapore, many homeowners are opting to purchase older or distressed homes and renovate them to meet their needs. This is one of the reasons why the services of the best renovation contractors in Singapore are in high demand.

One of the most common questions homeowners have is how much it costs to renovate or remodel a house in Singapore. After researching, we found that the cost of renovating a four-room HDB flat (approximately 90 sqm) is around S$56,000. This is a good starting point as it represents a significant portion of houses in Singapore.

For a three-room HDB flat (60 to 65 sqm), the cost is around S$40,000 to S$45,000, while renovating a five-room HDB flat (110 sqm) can cost up to S$70,000. Keep in mind that larger and resale flats tend to cost more to renovate than smaller and newer flats. Another factor that affects the cost of renovation in Singapore is the type of service required to complete the project.

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1. Qanvast

Website | +65-6990-3864 | [email protected]

Qanvast is not a traditional renovation contractor, but it is an excellent resource for homeowners looking to connect with the right interior design firms in Singapore. This home renovation platform has helped over 25,000 homeowners find the perfect designer to meet their needs and preferences.

It is regularly reviewed to ensure its reliability and to provide homeowners with peace of mind when using the platform. Additionally, Qanvast offers discounts on furnishings and appliances, making it a great option for those looking to save money on their renovation expenses.

They also offer a free service that safeguards renovation deposits, up to S$50,000, and covers 50% of the contract value in case the interior designer fails to deliver. Unlike other platforms, Qanvast does not receive commissions from interior firms, so there are no hidden charges in your renovation quotation. If you want access to a wide variety of firms in your search for the best renovation contractor in Singapore, Qanvast is an excellent choice.

2. Renovation Contractor Singapore

Website | +65-3129-2488 | [email protected]

If you are looking for a reputable renovation contractor, Renovation Contractor Singapore is a great option. They are a full-service contractor that can turn your dream home into a reality. What sets them apart from other contractors is that they are able to handle all types of residential homes, from flats to landed houses.

They have a team of professional interior designers with experience in designing different types of homes in Singapore. With Renovation Contractor Singapore, even if you have the smallest condominium unit, they can take on projects as simple as painting the walls or as complex as a full-scale renovation.

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3. ZLC

Website | +65-6284-0118 | [email protected]

ZLC is a boutique design company specialising in office and home renovation in Singapore, with over 30 years of experience. They have a large team composed of project managers, creative managers, interior designers, renovation specialists, and carpenters.

Their focus on functionality rather than aesthetics sets them apart from other contractors. They provide comprehensive interior and renovation services that include consultation, furniture selection and more. ZLC’s residential services cover resale HDB flats, condominiums, private housing, and new BTO.

They also provide a service called “BLUM Urban Kitchen” that aims to add a European touch to local kitchens at an affordable rate, making them an excellent choice for those looking to improve their kitchen interiors.

4. Jaystone Renovation Contractor

Website | +65-6653-6215 | [email protected]

Jaystone Renovation Contractor is a great option for those looking for a comprehensive renovation contractor in Singapore. They offer one-stop renovation services that include consultation, drawing plans, conceptualization, project costing, and project management.

They specialize in all types of renovations for any type of home, from small flats to large landed properties. Their team is composed of experienced tilers, carpenters, and interior designers who can come up with different ways to remodel your home. Their services also include plumbing, electrical work, painting, waterproofing, carpentry, and door and window installation, among others.

Choosing their services is also cost-effective as they are a direct contractor, so no middleman fees will be charged. This makes them a great choice for those looking to minimize expenses. With most of the work done in-house, their renovation team can offer more competitive rates and costs than other contractors.

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5. Thomson Renovation

Website | +65-6610-3838 | [email protected]

Thomson Renovation is a well-established company with a decade of experience in the industry, having completed over 500 residential and commercial projects in Singapore. They offer renovation services for all types of homes and commercial spaces of all industries and sizes. They take pride in handling projects of all sizes with the same level of attention and care, treating simple renovation works such as painting walls and ceilings with the same importance as larger projects.

Their team, comprising of project managers, designers and carpenters, will handle the project consultation until post-construction. They also offer a no-obligation consultation to interested parties to discuss how they can improve their home or office. The team at Thomson Renovation is known for their excellent communication skills, keeping clients informed of the project status and being open to feedback.

6. Childcare Renovation

Website | +65-6295-5790 | [email protected]

If you’re looking to make your space more child-friendly, Childcare Renovation is an excellent option. As one of the first renovation companies to focus on creating safe spaces for children, they are experts in the field.

They cater to the needs of both residential and commercial clients, including schools, indoor play centres, medical facilities, and other learning spaces for children. Not only do they create a safe environment for babies and children, but they also design spaces that promote the development of cognitive, motor, and social skills.

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7. Om Decor Pte Ltd

Website | +65-6600-6000 | [email protected]

Om Decor is a unique renovation contractor that specializes in retail and F&B renovations for small and medium-sized businesses. They have a team of designers and carpenters who are experts in creating and remodelling commercial spaces. The company started as a masonry contractor but has grown to become a full-service business renovation contractor, meeting the increasing demand from customers.

They are known for offering comprehensive renovation services including budget planning, design consultation, furniture detail and drawings, site inspection, structural QP/PE endorsement, and assistance in obtaining business certifications.

8. Reno Pro

Website | +65-8816-7521 | [email protected]

Reno Pro is a renovation company that provides services for both residential and commercial properties in Singapore and Malaysia. They have experience working with various types of properties, including HDBs, condominiums, BTOs, and landed properties.

In terms of commercial renovation, they work with clients from a variety of industries such as food, insurance, retail, education and healthcare. One of the things customers appreciate about Reno Pro is their flexibility – they offer both full and partial renovation services, perfect for those who only need one room renovated.

They also offer free consultation services, where clients can discuss their preferences and plans with the team before the renovation begins. After the renovation is completed, they conduct a thorough check to ensure that the project meets the client’s requirements and they are available to answer any post-renovation questions.

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9. Artdecor Design Studio

Website | +65-6222-1702 | [email protected]

If you’re looking for a reputable renovation contractor with a strong track record, Artdecor Design Studio is worth considering. They specialize in home and commercial renovation, as well as custom-made furniture. Their team combines aesthetics and functionality to create functional and visually appealing spaces.

They also have a dedicated carpentry factory in Hougang where they produce and quality control custom-made furniture such as cupboards, bed frames, cabinets, tables, and headboards. Additionally, they strive to minimize unnecessary expenses for their clients, ensuring that their rates are budget-friendly.

10. Renovation Guys

Website | +65-6815-8888 | [email protected]

Looking for a reliable renovation contractor in Singapore? Look no further than Renovation Guys. With a wide range of services including groundwork, brickwork, plastering, plumbing, electrical works, custom carpentry, and flooring finishes, they can help you turn your home or commercial space into your dream space.

Their competitive pricing policy ensures that you won’t go over budget, and they promise to make the entire renovation process an exciting and hassle-free experience. From kitchen and bathroom renovations to bedroom and ceiling renovations, they can handle it all. Plus, with their electrical and plumbing services, your space will be fully functional and beautiful.