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Best Digital Marketing Agency Singapore

Best Digital Marketing Agency Singapore

Last Updated on 13/02/2023 by Singapore You

When launching a startup or expanding a business, it’s essential to find ways to engage potential customers and capture their attention. One way to do this is by working with a trusted and reliable digital marketing agency Singapore.

We’ve done the research for you and have compiled a list of the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore that can help your business expand its reach online. However, before sharing the list, we want to provide insight into the cost of hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore and address some frequently asked questions.

How Much Does Consulting a Digital Marketing Agency Cost in Singapore?

It’s important to note that hiring a digital marketing agency can be a significant investment. The average cost for digital marketing campaigns in Singapore ranges from $2,500 to $12,000 per month for small to medium-sized companies, which includes multiple services.

This means that businesses can expect to spend around $30,000 to $145,000 for digital marketing services in a year. Keep in mind that digital marketing is an ongoing strategy, so the budget may change accordingly.

Some smaller businesses opt for freelancers as they can be more affordable, with hourly rates ranging from $50 to $200. For an entire project, the average cost for a freelancer ranges from $5,000 to $10,000.

The specific cost for a business will depend on factors such as the level of reach, the agency’s experience, the type of service, and the duration of the service.

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1. BDSA Pte Ltd.

Website | [email protected] | +65-6909-2222

BDSA Pte Ltd is a branding agency that believes that the foundation of a strong brand is substance, not just looks. Unlike other agencies in Singapore, BDSA focuses on building a brand from the inside out, using a 3-step process to help SMEs succeed in the global market. With values of perfection, transcendence and reciprocity, BDSA is dedicated to going the extra mile for their clients, fostering collaboration to ensure success, and valuing their clients’ time and effort.

They strive for perfection in all their work and are committed to providing nothing but the best for their clients.

2. Webxial Digital

Website | [email protected] | +65-6818-6234

Webxial Digital is a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore, located in the Marina Bay Financial Center (level 39). They offer a variety of services such as social media management, content creation, lead generation marketing, data analytics and retargeting, and professional website design.

They have worked with several well-known companies such as Anytime Fitness, Orange & Teal, and InvestEdu. Their data analytics and lead generation marketing make them stand out as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore.

Their team of experts is able to handle retargeting campaigns and generate hot leads. We highly recommend Webxial Digital for any of your digital marketing needs. They have positive reviews, competitive rates, and a professional, flexible team that is open to new ideas and changes.

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3. Mustard

Website | [email protected]

Mustard is an exceptional in-house growth marketing and branding agency in Singapore. They focus on combining marketing efforts with the product, channel, and pricing strategies to achieve sustained growth for their clients. Their goal is to establish long-term partnerships by helping companies improve their brand acquisition and conversion strategy and providing personalized solutions for their unique business needs.

Mustard is a professional digital marketing consultant that offers a wide range of branding and social marketing services, making them an all-around marketing company. Previous clients have been impressed by their ability to quantify growth efforts through data-driven insights to increase conversion rates.

They specialize in helping venture-backed startups in Singapore with branding and content marketing, making them a great choice for start-ups or companies looking to scale. They are dedicated to providing transparent service and are willing to walk clients through tailored strategies and action plans. We highly recommend Mustard to anyone looking for experienced digital marketing consultants who are dedicated to helping their clients grow their businesses.

4. Carbon Interactive

Website | [email protected] | +65-6293-4373

Carbon Interactive is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Singapore, with over 15 years of experience. It is known for working with prominent companies such as Din Tai Fung, Disney Interactive, Sentosa, Chanel, Kipling, Hong Leong Finance, One Faber Group and the Singapore Institute of Technology.

Carbon Interactive offers a wide range of services, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, and more which allows business owners to achieve their overall objectives through different marketing strategies. Its diverse client base, including small businesses and startups, makes it an ideal choice for any company looking to stand out on online platforms and create a unique online brand or user-friendly website.

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5. Digirine

Website | [email protected]

Digrine is a relatively new digital marketing agency, established only 8 years. They provide goal-oriented strategies to help businesses achieve their marketing objectives, whether it’s generating leads or reaching potential customers.

Being a small agency, Digrine may not be suitable for large-scale digital marketing projects and may not be the best fit for big businesses, but startups can benefit from their budget-friendly rates. Digrine proves that businesses don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to access effective digital marketing strategies. They are highly recommended for small businesses and startups who want to take small steps in their digital marketing journey.

6. Strategic DigitaLab

Website | [email protected] | +65-6908-3770

Strategic DigitaLab is a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating effective, unique marketing plans for clients. The agency follows a step-by-step process, beginning with a thorough understanding of the client’s business, goals and objectives.

The team also conducts research on competitors and the market to create a strong, tailored strategy. Strategic DigitaLab promises to provide its customers with data-driven digital marketing solutions that are designed to quickly generate a return on investment. The agency may be one of the most expensive on the island, but it is worth the investment for its expertise in making your money count.

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7. 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency

Website | +65-9129-6248 | [email protected] | [email protected]

2Stallions, a digital marketing agency with locations in Singapore and Indonesia, offers a range of services including business strategy, digital strategy, user experience design, design services, social media marketing, and technology services.

They are constantly seeking to learn new techniques and methods to improve their services for clients. From strategy to execution, they create customized websites and web applications that deliver strong results, utilizing multi-channel marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. With an impressive list of clients and glowing reviews, 2Stallions is a top choice for digital marketing services.

8. Hashmeta

Website | [email protected] | +65-6205-5931

Hashmeta is a great option for those looking to improve their social media marketing. They offer goal-driven solutions on all social media channels, including inbound, content, and influencer marketing.

They specialize in creating campaigns that gain attention and build relationships through interactive content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. They also provide advertising, monitoring, and progress reporting services. Their impressive client list, including companies such as PayPal, Bosch, DBS, Fujioh, and AIG, showcases their expertise as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore.

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9. Clickr Media

Website | [email protected] | +65-6566-9556

Clickr Media, established in 2009, offers a wide range of digital marketing services including email marketing, blog marketing, search engine optimization, online market research, web development, and video and sound production.

The company’s services are suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises, with a team of creatives, marketers, writers, and tech experts that cover all aspects of the digital landscape.

Clickr Media is particularly recommended for small business owners and startups, as it offers tailored solutions such as digital ads, landing pages, and banner designs that help reach a wider audience without exceeding the budget. Despite being relatively new, the company has already worked with major brands such as Estee Lauder, DHL, No Signboard Holdings, and Allergan.

10. Reed Tan Digital

Website | [email protected] | +65-9367-5264

Reed Tan Digital has been successfully generating leads for small and medium-sized businesses in Singapore through content marketing, social media, and search advertising for over a decade.

Led by Reed Tan, a digital marketing expert who was featured in Strait Times in 2013, the company uses a surgical approach to generate leads for clients. With a focus on creating engaging content to establish a strong online presence for clients and drive leads, Reed also shares free, valuable marketing tips on his website.