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Best Creative Agency Singapore: Your 10 Choices

Best Creative Agency Singapore: Your 10 Choices

Last Updated on 20/05/2023 by Singapore You

Establishing or maintaining a brand’s reputation can be a challenging task, requiring ample brainstorming for generating fresh and innovative ideas. This is why entrepreneurs seek the assistance of the top creative agency Singapore to achieve their goals. These agencies employ skilled professionals who have executed successful marketing campaigns, resulting in increased visibility for both new and established businesses. They possess the ability to design and implement a wide range of marketing strategies to cater to their client’s needs.

With so many teams available for collaboration, it can be difficult to determine which one aligns with your business objectives. However, we have created a list of the finest creative agencies in Singapore to help you identify the one that is most suitable for your business.


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Image source: BDSA

BDSA sets itself apart from typical branding consultancy firms by prioritizing substance over style. They believe that a visually appealing brand is meaningless if it lacks substance.

Unlike other agencies, they adopt a comprehensive and methodical approach to ensure that their solutions are well-crafted. Their 3-step DNA of Branding is designed to help you and your business grow.

The first stage is brand discovery. This involves a review of your existing brand assets and touchpoints to understand how customers and business partners perceive your brand, followed by competitor analysis using primary and secondary research.

The second stage is brand strategy, which involves aligning your company’s brand goals and values and identifying a brand purpose that goes beyond profitability. BDSA helps you create a unique identity that reflects your brand personality and establishes realistic goals and steps to achieve them.

The final stage is brand translation, where strategy and steps are transformed into visuals. BDSA equips your brand with a reference document that outlines guidelines and a story narrative to showcase to your customers.

Whether your company is small or large, BDSA can help you build your brand from the inside out.

2. Craft Creative

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Image source: Craft.

Craft Creative, also known as Craft, is a rapidly growing digital marketing agency that has gained significant success in 2022. Their approach, “we don’t just run ads,” has propelled them to significant victories this year.

In today’s digital landscape, simply spending money on media buys is no longer enough to ensure successful advertising. Instead, Craft prioritizes a targeted approach based on the audience’s consumption process. By designing and executing data-driven campaigns with a personalized touch, Craft creates effective marketing strategies for each client.

Craft’s bespoke approach has enabled them to retain clients for a prolonged period of time. If you are in search of a tailored digital marketing strategy and results-driven performance, Craft is the agency for you.

Moreover, Craft has collaborated with major players like TikTok, Facebook, and Google, signifying their relevance and trendiness. Therefore, you can trust that you are hiring an agency that stays current with the latest trends and innovations.

3. Blak Labs

Website | +65 6396 0338 | [email protected]

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Image source: Blak Labs

Blak Labs has earned a reputation for its innovative work, making it a top choice for numerous business owners. They specialize in developing digital content that is sure to capture the attention of consumers and bring increased visibility to your business.

With expertise in design and promotion across various media, including social media and the web, the Blak Labs team can assist in boosting your brand’s analytics and marketing progress.

Blak Labs has successfully worked with several high-profile brands to advertise their products and services, and your business could be next. Simply reach out to get started.

4. Evolve Digitas

Website | 101 Cecil Street, #11-10 Tong Eng Building Singapore | +91 91360 06703 | [email protected]

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Image source: Evolve Digitas

Evolve Digital specializes in designing and executing digital campaigns across multiple online platforms. They develop strategies that tackle critical challenges faced by brands and businesses, delivering impressive outcomes and solutions for all their clients.

With a team of seasoned professionals, Evolve Digital creates innovative designs that are both straightforward and impactful. Their emphasis on delivering top-quality designs at an affordable rate makes them a compelling choice for anyone seeking marketing assistance.

5. Studio Dam

Website | 1013 Geylang East Ave 3 #06-124, Singapore 389728 (Paya Lebar MRT Exit C) | +65 9731 2644 | [email protected]

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Image source: Studio Dam

STUDIO DAM is a versatile design studio that specializes in developing customized brand strategies that align with its clients’ visions and aspirations to stand out among its competitors.

Drawing from years of experience in business development, the team’s work is both strategic and creative, informed by tried-and-tested knowledge. Every decision is intentional and made with the client’s best interests in mind. They do not merely design but also serve as advisors to make the challenging process of running a brand more manageable.

STUDIO DAM’s creative portfolio as a branding agency includes a wide range of projects, from packaging design for consumer brands to visual identity systems for corporate firms and boutiques. The multidisciplinary studio also takes on art installations, interior projects, and collaborations. They are recognized for their clean yet impactful use of colours and believe in combining digital work with hands-on methodologies.

With business acumen and a team bursting with creative solutions, STUDIO DAM helps brands look DAM good!

6.  TBWA

Website | 991C Alexandra Road, #01-12, Singapore 119971 | +65 6225 5288 | [email protected]

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Image source: TBWA

TBWA takes a contemporary approach when developing an impactful marketing campaign. They proactively anticipate future trends and scrutinize their competitors’ strategies to craft a highly effective production.

Their expertise lies in delivering a range of advertising services, including social media campaigns and PR stunts. Their team assists you in discovering your brand’s unique identity and generating award-winning ideas that will shape a successful future for your business.

With an impressive clientele that includes world-class brands, many of whom have been working with them for an extended period, TBWA has established itself as one of the leading creative agencies in Singapore.

7. DNMC Creative

Website | +65 6966 0344 | [email protected]

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Image source: DNMC Creative

DNMC is a creative agency that reimagines how brands present themselves to achieve a more impactful and enduring effect on their target audience. Their forte is digital marketing, assisting clients in expanding their reach, particularly for those who are not yet established online. They have created striking and captivating designs, each effectively communicating a business’s message.

Among their devoted clients are National Library Board Singapore, Drager, Science Centre Singapore, and others. DNMC is a well-rounded creative agency, so you’re certain to find the solution you require from them.

8. Brew Interactive

Website | 111 North Bridge Road, #08-19, Singapore 179098 | +65 6814 2952 | [email protected]

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Image source: Brew Interactive

Brew Interactive, established in 2009, has over a decade of experience in the industry and is now acknowledged as one of Singapore’s premier marketing agencies, with a roster of clients including Qatar Airways and Oppo.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of Brew Interactive’s philosophy. They believe that working alongside clients to co-create designs and strategies is the key to meeting their needs.

Brew Interactive offers a variety of services, including Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Digital Reputation Management, among others. They provide even more services, so if you want to learn more, reach out to them, and they will surpass your expectations.

9. Dreambox Studio

Website | 3 Upper Bukit Timah View, Singapore 588133 | +65 9862 7987 | [email protected]

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Image source: DreamBox Studio

Dreambox Studios is a creative agency that offers a range of branding and communication services to help businesses engage a wider audience through various marketing channels, including social media, commercial, and print ads.

In addition, they now operate as a media production agency, providing services from creative concepts to fully produced media content. With a team of talented directors and producers, they ensure high-quality projects when you engage their services.

Dreambox Studios is a reliable team for dynamic and diverse productions. With their broad range of media production services, finding an agency to meet your media needs is a breeze. Contact them today and take your project to new heights!

10. FST

Website | 99 Duxton Road, Singapore 089543 | [email protected]

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Image source: FST

FST is a strategy-led design agency that tackles business challenges to create brands of the future. Their guiding principle is “challenge, change, make better,” which is evident in everything they do.

Their work primarily focuses on branding and campaigns, spanning various sectors and media. Whether it involves creating a brand from scratch or devising a new campaign for an existing one, developing tactical internal communications or producing compelling videos, being strategy-led means that the concept always comes before the execution, and form always follows function.

With a presence in Singapore, the UK, Dubai, and Miami, FST works with established global brands, startups, and everything in between. They cultivate long-term partnerships by serving their clients as creative and strategic collaborators.