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Best Travel Agency Singapore: Top 10 Choices

Best Travel Agency Singapore: Top 10 Choices

Last Updated on 19/02/2023 by Singapore You

Planning a trip with your loved ones? Look no further, because we’ve got you covered! Today, we’re exploring your options for the top travel agencies in Singapore.

While it’s true that most travel and tourism companies in Singapore can be easily booked online, having a dedicated agent to handle all your travel details is still unmatched.

Professional travel agents in Singapore are trained to take care of things that you may not even think of, ensuring that your trip runs smoothly and allowing you to fully enjoy your vacation.

With their expertise, these adventure specialists will provide your family with an unforgettable travel experience. So sit back, buckle up, and let us introduce you to the best travel agency options in Singapore!

1. WTS Travel

Website | +65 6466 8558

For over 30 years, WTS Travel has established itself as a top travel agency in Singapore, offering flight tours to various locations such as the USA, Hong Kong, Australia, and London.

Their approach is straightforward: they provide two main tour options – cost-saver and premium – with varying prices. With their team’s extensive knowledge of travel, WTS Travel is constantly improving its services to ensure a memorable family vacation.

You can find WTS Travel at 930 Yishun Avenue 2, #B2-136 & 137, Northpoint, Singapore. They specialize in Singapore getaways as well as travel to the Asia-Pacific region, the UK, and UAE. If you’re planning a trip to these destinations, we recommend reaching out to one of their highly trained Singapore travel agents.

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2. Chan Brothers

Website | 150 South Bridge Road, Fook Hai Building, Singapore

If you’re looking for a comfortable and enjoyable family trip, look no further than Chan Brothers. This travel agency prioritizes the comfort of its clients and goes above and beyond in planning an amazing tour.

According to Chan Brothers, the planning process should be just as enjoyable as the vacation itself. With their carefully crafted tours, they take you to destinations that are truly worth visiting and revisiting in your memory.

Their tours include various locations such as China, South Africa, and the Mediterranean (including Greece and Italy). With their extensive experience, you can trust that you’re in good hands with one of the most reputable travel agencies in Singapore, especially if you’re planning to travel to any of these incredible destinations.

3. CTC Travel

Website | 133 New Bridge Road, Unit 03-06, Singapore | +65 6532 0532

CTC Travel is a Singapore-based travel agency that takes pride in providing excellent customer service with a personal touch. Their team of vacation consultants are experienced travellers themselves, which allows them to recommend tours that are sure to provide a memorable experience.

By combining its travel expertise and tourist insight, CTC Travel is able to offer the best tour packages for its customers. Their tour packages include destinations such as Sri Lanka, India, and Cambodia.

If you’re searching for a travel agency in Singapore that offers a personal touch and has firsthand travel experience, we recommend reaching out to CTC Travel for a chat. They are well-equipped to help you turn your dream vacation into a reality.

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4. Dynasty Travel

Website | +65 6338 4455

If you’re searching for a travel agency in Singapore that offers a wide range of tours, travels, and services, Dynasty should be on your list.

At Dynasty Travel, they pride themselves on providing top-quality accommodations, cruises, local cuisine, and a host of other inclusions to ensure you receive the most value for your money and the best possible holiday experience.

With their team of professional tour consultants and managers, Dynasty Travel strives to create an unforgettable vacation for you by ensuring your trip is conducted in the safest, most efficient, and most enjoyable manner possible.

As one of the most experienced travel agencies in Singapore, with over 40 years of operation, Dynasty Travel is widely regarded by many travellers as the best in the business.

5. Tour About Singapore

Website | +65 9699 2799

If you’re seeking a local, homegrown travel agency and guide in Singapore to show you the island’s personal and culinary delights, then look no further than Tour About Singapore.

Their tours consist of a variety of food, walking, and bike tours that showcase all the fun and unique activities that Singapore has to offer. Whether you’re a foodie, adventurer, or explorer, their tour guides are sure to have something that caters to your preferred style.

So if you want to experience all the joys of Singapore and discover its hidden gems, Tour About Singapore is the perfect choice for an unforgettable experience.

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6. Original Food Tours Singapore


If you’re tired of endless walking around Singapore and looking for a foodie adventure, then Original Food Tours Singapore has got you covered. Unlike typical travel agencies that only take you to places, they offer tours that include delicious local cuisine served by food experts.

In addition to sampling mouth-watering dishes, Original Food Tours also provides opportunities to learn how to make sauces, so you can recreate their delicious dipping sauces at home.

For the adventurous foodie who loves to travel, Original Food Tours is a must-visit tour operator in Singapore. Don’t hesitate to contact them for a unique and unforgettable culinary experience.

7. City Tours Singapore


City Tours is dedicated to providing the best and most exciting Asian travel experience that takes you to some of the most popular and captivating cities and tourist destinations.

Whether you’re looking for hotel packages or thrilling theme park tours, City Tours has a great selection of activities that are even offered at discounted prices. In addition to these deals, they also operate two popular attractions in Singapore:

  1. A) Captain Explorer DUKW Tour, which takes you on a land adventure before splashing down in the waters of Marina Bay.
  2. B) FunVee Hop on Hop off City Sightseeing, which is a convenient option for exploring Singapore without the hassle of commuting on your own.

City Tours offers tours to various Singapore attractions that are perfect for both locals and foreign visitors. They also provide passes for major attractions that are available for one to five days, giving you the best value for your money and ensuring you have a fantastic time exploring the city.

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8. Indie Singapore


Indie Singapore is a unique travel tour company in the country that offers free and personalized tours. That’s right – their guides accompany you during the tour without any charge. They curate itineraries that are perfect for various groups of tourists. You can opt for a private city tour or specialized tours such as food trips, history tours, or nature tours.

In addition, this travel agency offers educational tours for schools, providing an exciting and fun way to showcase the history of the place. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to learn while having fun.

9. Monster Day Tours


Monster Day Tours is a leading walking tour operator in Singapore that focuses on providing local and authentic experiences, exploring off-the-beaten paths. They offer a variety of themed and private tours that cover culture, history, adventure, and food. Additionally, they are the biggest free walking tour operator in Singapore and organize daily walking tours to Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam.

Their tours are designed to encourage travellers to fully immerse themselves and experience everything to the fullest. With their team of fun local guides, Monster Day Tours has been nominated for the Best Customer Service award by the Singapore Tourism Awards for two consecutive years. Get ready for a fantastic and fun-filled experience with Monster Day Tours as you discover the many facets of Singapore.

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10. Nam Ho Travel


Nam Ho Travel is committed to helping Singaporeans reach their dream travel destinations, whether they may be in nearby Asian countries or far-off Oceania destinations.

As a travel agency that caters to both corporate and leisure travellers, Nam Ho Travel prioritizes the budget, timelines, and other client requirements. To this end, they offer a wide range of travel services.

One such service is their group tours, where Nam Ho Travel takes care of everything from arranging premier airlines to taking you to the best sightseeing spots and local cuisine. Additionally, they have packages that offer more independence, while also providing clients with connections to travel insurance agencies that cover individuals, families, and corporate employees.

Currently, Nam Ho Travel is offering cruise vacations with Dream Cruises and Royal Caribbean. For more information on their tour packages, you can check out their website.