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The Best Interior Design Firms In Singapore

The Best Interior Design Firms In Singapore

Last Updated on 10/09/2023 by Singapore You

We’ve compiled a list of reliable interior design firms in Singapore using rigorous criteria, so your search for the best interior designers in the country ends here.

When it comes to interior design in Singapore, there’s no avoiding the need for a budget. The total cost will depend on various factors such as the size of the space, the number of rooms, and the extent of the renovation or design work required.

Other cost considerations for an interior design project include the designer’s fees, the quality of materials used, whether the designer is self-employed or working for a firm, and any overhead fees involved.

1. RenoNerds

Website | 60 Paya Lebar Rd, #06-21, Singapore 409051 | +65 8784 7688 | [email protected]

Interior Design Firms

RenoNerds, an interior design listing platform, emphasizes the importance of cost transparency for successful renovation projects. We appreciate the existence of this company for this reason.

This platform serves as a connection point between potential clients and interior designers who can meet their needs and budget requirements. We consider RenoNerds to be a gateway to the most reliable and reputable firms and professionals in the country. Although not an interior design firm itself, we’ve included RenoNerds in this list for the convenience and peace of mind it provides.

Moreover, their RenoNerds Quotation program offers a $50,000 renovation guarantee, adding an extra layer of protection and assurance.

2. Ovon Design

Website | 53 Joo Chiat Place Singapore, Singapore 427777 | +65 8588 2388 | [email protected]

Interior Design Firms

Ovon Design prioritizes transparency and detail in their office and home design process, providing clients with a comprehensive project workflow. This thorough approach ensures that every aspect of the design is taken into account.

This firm specializes in personalized solutions, and as a result, their quotes are tailored to each client’s unique requirements. While this means that there are no fixed design packages or promotions to suit a predetermined budget, the level of customization is unparalleled.

The Ovon Design team is meticulous and dedicated throughout the entire design process, from the initial consultation to the project’s completion, giving clients peace of mind. It’s no surprise that they are one of the few members of the Society of Interior Designers on this list.

However, booking an appointment with Ovon Design may require some effort on the client’s part, particularly if they can only meet on weekends. Therefore, it’s best to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

3. KWYM Interior Designs

Website | 113 Eunos Ave 3 #03-03 Gordon Industrial Building Singapore 409838 | +65 6851 6068 | [email protected]

Interior Design Firms

If you’re unsure about how you want your new space to look, KWYM is an excellent resource that can assist you.

With a vast portfolio of previous HDB and office projects, KWYM can offer design inspiration. Additionally, you can obtain a free renovation quote to help alleviate concerns about the cost of the project.

In addition to being a residential and commercial interior design firm, KWYM also provides carpentry and minor renovation services. This flexibility allows them to work with a wide range of budgets, which we appreciate.

We appreciate KWYM’s ability to produce 3D renderings that allow us to see the proposed changes before committing to the project. Not all firms have the capability to provide this service, so it’s a notable advantage for KWYM.

4. D’Perception Ritz

Website | 2 Leng Kee Road, #06-09 Thye Hong Centre Singapore 159086 | +65 6533 5797 | [email protected]

Interior Design Firms

D’Perception Ritz’s numerous awards and accreditations may give the impression that they are out of reach for those on a tight interior design budget. However, the firm can tailor their services to accommodate different project types, with a personalized quote based on the client’s preferences and financial situation.

D’Perception Ritz’s impressive portfolio showcases a focus on spaciousness and efficient use of space, whether designing residences or retail spaces. The firm employs innovative design regardless of the required lifestyle or functionality.

If you’re looking for a renovation that has a “wow” factor in either residential or commercial settings, D’Perception Ritz is worth considering. Although the firm is not currently a member of SIDS, its formidable credentials and accolades are impressive.

5. Sense & Semblance

Website | One Pemimpin 1 Pemimpin Drive #04-07 Singapore 576151 | +65 6904 9006 | [email protected]

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If you have a penchant for minimalism in home decor, Sense & Semblance could be the ideal choice for you. This young interior design firm offers design consultation, space planning, styling, and project management services under one roof.

We’re impressed with Sense & Semblance’s portfolio, which showcases truly stunning and sophisticated projects. The company’s interpretation of its clients’ visions demonstrates that even small spaces can have a refreshing ambience and breathing room.

It’s worth noting that Sense & Semblance is currently not HDB registered, which may be a concern for some clients. However, this should not deter anyone, especially those on a budget, from reaching out to the firm with inquiries.

6. Qanvast Singapore

Website | 101 Thomson Rd, #18-01, Singapore 307591 | +65 6990 3864 | [email protected]

Interior Design Firms

Qanvast is a comprehensive home renovation platform that allows users to find the perfect interior designer, home style, and budget. Its mobile app is also incredibly convenient.

While Qanvast is not an interior architecture firm, it facilitates connections between clients and accredited firms based on honest feedback and ratings. This process helps customers make better renovation decisions.

Qanvast offers a S$50,000 guarantee to ensure all deposits are safeguarded in case an interior design firm runs into trouble. Deposits are also refundable within seven days if the client has a change of heart!

7. The Interior Lab

Website | 86 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427803 | +65 6345 6372 | [email protected]

Interior Design Firms

The Interior Lab has established itself as a prominent commercial interior design firm in Singapore, with a focus on innovative space-planning solutions. The firm has completed commercial projects for modern office spaces and contemporary industrial retail stores.

We were particularly impressed with the workmanship displayed in each TIL project. Past clients have consistently praised the company for its bespoke interiors that require extensive planning and rendering.

This is not to say that TIL’s residential design projects are inferior. However, we believe that the company excels more in its commercial interior design undertakings, and we’re pleased with that.

8. Ciseern

Website | 1 Tampines North Drive 1 #01-37 T-Space Building, 528559 | +65 6552 0078 | [email protected]

Interior Design Firms

Ciseern has been delivering award-winning interior design projects to over 20,000 clients since 1997. The company has received prestigious accolades such as the Singapore Prestige Brand and the Spirit of Enterprise awards.

Ciseern’s projects have a luxurious signature, whether for grandiose homes or contemporary studios. The company’s careful attention to lighting, space curation, and materials results in commercial and residential spaces with an upgraded look and feel.

If you’re concerned about costs, Ciseern provides no-obligation quotations and consultations to ease your worries.

And if you appreciate their work, you may want to consider a lifetime Ciseern membership.

9. Casa Interior Design

Website | Oxley Bizhub 1, 61 Ubi Road 1 #03-22/26, Singapore 408727 | +65 6291 4846

Interior Design Firms

Casa Interior Design has become a one-stop solution for all renovation and design needs, earning accolades such as the Singapore Preferred Brand and the Top 20 Home and Decoration awards.

The firm can accommodate and meet client expectations, whether for HDB renovations or commercial projects. Casa Interior Design offers free quotes to prevent bill shock or price gouging.

However, we’d appreciate seeing design packages that cater to smaller budgets. This would enable potential clients to work toward a flat rate rather than deal with piled-on fees in the long run.

10. Starry Homestead

Website | +65 6778 6866 | [email protected]

Starry Homestead offers condo dwellers a streamlined and reliable process to transform their units, with a commitment to full transparency and honest communication with clients from start to finish.

Starry Homestead’s portfolio demonstrates its expertise in lighting and fixtures and showcases a broad range of styles, from contemporary to industrial. This means you can rely on the firm for more than just spatial planning and design consultancy.

The company also undertakes commercial and food and beverage shop renovations. However, for those on a tight budget, it would be beneficial to see some tiered design packages.