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Where To Get The Most Reliable Laundry Services In Singapore

Where To Get The Most Reliable Laundry Services In Singapore

Last Updated on 14/06/2023 by Singapore You

Ever since I left my parent’s house, I’ve developed a strong dislike for doing laundry. As a result, I’ve exclusively relied on laundromats to handle my clothing needs.

When our managing editor proposed an article on this topic, it was evident that I was the perfect candidate for the assignment.

To conduct this review, I dedicated a whole month to exploring laundromats across the country. Since I didn’t have enough dirty laundry to cover all the establishments, I had to resort to including family and friends’ laundry in addition to purposely soiling “test clothes” in certain cases.

After this extensive endeavour, I present to you the final results! Furthermore, I’ve also indicated the type of each shop, specifying whether it offers self-service or professional (regular) laundry services.

1. Cotton Care Laundry

Website | 53 Ubi Avenue 1, #01-29 Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore, Singapore 408934 | +65 6747 7844

Personally, I possess a considerable collection of clothing crafted from delicate fabrics. When it comes to washing such items, one of my highly recommended services is Cotton Care Laundry, which I frequently avail myself of.

Initially renowned for its exceptional curtain and upholstery cleaning, Cotton Care Laundry has now become a well-known name for dry cleaning and general laundry services.

Whenever I entrust my delicate garments to them, they return to me impeccably clean and expertly pressed. Their staff members are well-trained in handling such materials, making them a reliable choice even for gowns or formal dresses.

Cotton Care Laundry operates on a per-piece charging system and offers complimentary pick-up and delivery services, which are included in the overall price. Thus, I suggest considering Cotton Care if you only have a few delicate pieces that require cleaning.

While sending a large volume of laundry may incur slightly higher costs compared to other laundromats in Singapore, their price list for delicate items remains one of the most affordable options in my vicinity.

However, I did encounter some minor issues with missed appointments. Considering the laundry shop handles numerous cleaning requests daily and provides free pick-up and delivery, I can’t complain too much about slight delays.

2. Reward Laundry

Website | 1 Raffles Link, #B1-06, Singapore 039393 | +65 6534 4843

Reward Laundry is another highly recommended option for dry cleaning services, and one of the reasons for this is their additional offerings of alteration and gown preservation services.

In addition to its expertise in dry cleaning and laundry, Reward Laundry goes beyond clothing and also provides cleaning services for toys, strollers, and other non-clothing items.

Moreover, they have special corporate discounts tailored for small businesses and companies that require regular cleaning. Bulk orders can enjoy discounts of up to 15%, making it an appealing deal.

It’s worth noting, however, that Reward Laundry has certain limitations on the types of materials they accept. To avoid any disappointment, I suggest contacting a representative to inquire about specific items before sending them for cleaning.

In terms of their dry cleaning services, based on my testing, Reward Laundry performs the task effectively, although the turnaround time is relatively slow. It took approximately a week after submitting my clothes before receiving a notification that they were ready for collection.

Nevertheless, if time is not a critical factor, Reward Laundry does offer express services as well. Choosing to wait can provide good value for money when getting your clothes cleaned there.

3. Astoria Dry Cleaning Services

Website | 17 Defu Lane 10, #01-342, Singapore 539198 | +65 8338 5131

Astoria Dry Cleaning is highly recommended for several reasons, and one of them is its lack of a minimum spending requirement. This means you can have a significant amount of laundry done for an affordable price. In my case, I only paid around $24 to have a large bulk of laundry taken care of, which is already quite a good deal.

It’s important to note that delivery service is exclusively available for regular dry cleaning. If you opt for express service, you’ll need to drop off and pick up your clothes manually. Additionally, delivery fees are calculated based on the weight of the load, making Astoria Dry Cleaning an ideal choice if you frequently have a substantial amount of laundry to be cleaned.

I also tested out Astoria Dry Cleaning’s services for my leather and suede items, and I was pleased with how well they took care of them. All of my items were returned to me in pristine condition.

In addition to their cleaning services, Astoria Dry Cleaning offers alteration services such as hemline adjustments and waist resizing, providing added convenience.

However, one drawback worth mentioning is the turnaround time, which typically ranges from 7 to 10 days, depending on the load. While the lack of a minimum spend requirement is advantageous, the longer wait time of over a week before receiving your clothes back might be a notable inconvenience.

4. Piing

Website | 2 Woodlands Sector 1, #03-22 WOODLANDS SPECTRUM, Singapore 738068 | +65 3105 3105

Piing is a technologically advanced laundry shop that allows customers to conveniently book dry cleaning services through its app or online interface. I found it commendable that they strive for more efficient customer outreach, although I did encounter a few issues during my initial visit.

One concern was the occasional loss of items during the cleaning process. However, I must acknowledge that the Piing crew was genuinely apologetic and accommodating, providing compensation for the inconvenience caused. Although their responses might take some time, the service crew ultimately resolved the matter and attentively addressed my concerns.

On the bright side, what truly impressed me about Piing was the impeccable delivery service they offer. Regular orders can be completed in as little as three days, making their quick turnaround time a significant advantage.

Another aspect that I greatly appreciated about Piing is its commitment to eco-friendly washing practices. While their prices may be slightly higher, any effort made to contribute to environmental conservation is always valued.

5. Mrs Dobi Laundry Services

Website | 261 Serangoon Central Dr, #01-31, Singapore 550261 | +65 6382 1762

Located in Serangoon, Mrs Dobi Laundry Services stands out as one of the most affordable laundromats I have encountered in Singapore. With their 24/7 self-service cleaning option, residents of the area have the convenience of getting their clothes cleaned at any time of the day.

While Mrs Dobi no longer offers free delivery and collection services, their service washing remains prompt and thorough. The process of getting your laundry done here is straightforward, and the staff members are efficient in attending to your requirements.

In terms of delivery fees, they are reasonably priced at approximately $8 for one-way trips within the Serangoon vicinity. As the shop’s information was not entirely clear about the delivery fee for areas outside of Serangoon, I chose to collect my items personally.

Despite this minor ambiguity, I highly recommend Mrs Dobi Laundry Services, particularly for residents of Serangoon who seek quick and efficient service washing.

6. For the Love of Laundry

Website | 233 River Valley Rd, #01-02 RV Point, Singapore 238291 | +65 6592 1025

For the Love of Laundry stands out for its commitment to using non-toxic detergents and chemicals in its service washing. This emphasis on eco-friendly practices is reflected in their utilization of all-natural solutions and cutting-edge technology throughout the entire washing process.

With multiple branches conveniently located across Singapore, For the Love of Laundry ensures accessibility for tenants residing in nearby neighbourhoods. While they do provide pick-up and delivery services, it’s worth noting that their response time to requests may be slightly delayed.

Due to the use of natural substances, it wasn’t surprising that tough stains didn’t completely vanish after a single wash. I found it necessary to send back a few items to ensure the stains were effectively removed.

However, if you prioritize environmental consciousness and wish to support a local business that takes eco-friendly practices seriously, For the Love of Laundry is undoubtedly your best choice. Just bear in mind that heavily stained items may require alternative cleaning methods.

7. The Laundry Store

Website | 1 Yishun Street 23, #01-25/26, Singapore 768441 | +65 8908 6885

When I find myself in need of urgent cleaning for a particular item, I often rely on express laundry services. Recently, I discovered The Laundry Store, which has proven to be a reliable option when I have important events to attend and need a presentable dress.

The Laundry Store offers quick delivery, with the possibility of receiving your item as soon as 24 hours after collection. It’s worth noting that prices for this expedited service may vary, although unfortunately, the staff members do not typically post them on the website.

Nonetheless, the constant minimum spend of $35 for free delivery is a favourable aspect. This pricing is more affordable compared to what other laundry shops in Singapore typically charge, which I genuinely appreciate.

However, I must acknowledge that The Laundry Store is not without its imperfections. Although I personally have only used their services once for a single load of laundry, I did hear complaints from some past customers regarding missing items.

Curious about how The Laundry Store handles such concerns or queries about mishaps, I reached out to them. To my delight, their response was apologetic and accommodating. Nonetheless, it would have been preferable if instances of missing items had not occurred in the first place.

8. LaundryMart Express

Website | 22 Boon Keng Rd, #01-37, Singapore 330022 | +65 6294 2256

Normally, I don’t opt for coin laundry services, but I do recognize their time-saving benefits when it comes to handling larger quantities of laundry. Despite having to load, unload, and dry my items myself, the affordable rates for a 10-kilogram load still made it a worthwhile option.

An additional aspect I appreciated about LaundryMart Express is its 24/7 operating hours. The convenience of being able to visit any of their branches at any time of the day is undoubtedly a significant advantage.

However, during my visit, I encountered some broken machines, which significantly extended the waiting time. It’s worth noting that if you happen to visit during a busy hour, you may need to wait until a functional machine becomes available before it’s your turn.

As LaundryMart Express primarily operates as a coin laundry service, it’s important to be aware that they do not provide specialized cleaning services for specific items. If you require the cleaning of such items, it would be more suitable to seek out another professional laundromat.

9. Straits Laundry

Website | 11 Perak Rd, Singapore 208132 | +65 9295 6337

Straits Laundry is another reliable laundry service that operates 24/7. While primarily known as a leading distributor of washing machines, the company has established franchise locations where customers can efficiently complete their laundry loads in less than an hour.

With multiple branches scattered across Singapore, I personally visited the one located in Little India. Straits Laundry utilizes high-quality washing machines, and the waiting areas are well-maintained and comfortable.

It’s important to note that the range of services offered at the laundromat is somewhat limited. While drying is available as an optional service, it does come at a slightly higher cost compared to other laundromats.

Based on my experience, I wouldn’t recommend bringing your own detergent to Straits Laundry, as the shop provides automatic pumping of detergent into the machines. However, despite this limitation, I found using Straits Laundry’s washing machines to be a hassle-free experience. This is coming from someone who generally dislikes dealing with such appliances, but I found them user-friendly and easy to manage.

10. DIY Laundry

Website | 803 King George’s Ave, #01-224, Singapore 200803 | [email protected]

Among the washing machine brands that my mom favours, Electrolux stands out. Fortunately, DIY Laundry predominantly utilizes this brand for its dry cleaning services, piquing my interest in trying out their machines.

What impressed me the most was the comfortable and well-organized waiting area. Unlike some other laundromats where you may find yourself standing amidst other customers for extended periods, DIY Laundry ensures a pleasant waiting experience.

Regarding the machines themselves, they were user-friendly, and the pricing appeared reasonable to me, especially in comparison to other self-service establishments I had visited.

However, I did notice that certain machines would benefit from some updating. During my visit, I even overheard customers voicing complaints about maintenance issues.

Furthermore, I highly recommend bringing your own detergent, as the laundry shop’s offerings tend to lack fragrance and quantity. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of this beforehand and ended up with clean but oddly unscented clothing (perhaps I’m simply accustomed to scented detergents).

Nevertheless, DIY Laundry remains a reliable laundromat with the added convenience of being open 24 hours. With branches dispersed throughout the city, if you happen to find one in your vicinity, I suggest giving them a visit.