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10 Firms That Handle Property Management In Singapore

10 Firms That Handle Property Management In Singapore

Last Updated on 01/05/2023 by Singapore You

Are you struggling with managing your real estate property? Consider seeking assistance from a trustworthy firm that provides top-notch property management services in Singapore.

Property managers are highly skilled in all aspects of rental property management, including tenant screening, rent collection and payment settlement, financial management, tenant issue resolution, and property maintenance.

By delegating these responsibilities to expert property managers, you can concentrate on your business’s core operations and achieve success.

To aid you in locating the most proficient and knowledgeable professionals, below are the top companies that provide unparalleled property management services in Singapore.

1. Asia Properties and Assets Consultancy

Website | 33 Ubi Ave 3 #08-18 Vertex Singapore 408868 | +65 6802 3129 | +65 6802 1624

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At Asia Properties and Assets Consultancy, you can find a variety of property solutions, including asset and lease management and sales advisory. Their team of real estate management experts will carefully assess your requirements and develop suitable strategies.

Their knowledgeable staff is proficient in preparing monthly statement accounts, coordinating with auditors and tax agents, as well as procuring insurance policies, scheduling annual general meetings, and engaging architects or engineers. Moreover, their official suppliers manage all routine maintenance and repair work.

2. Abacus Property Management Pte Lt

Website | 1 Scotts Road #22-11 Singapore 228208 | +65 6511 1811

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Abacus Property Management has distinguished itself by charging clients based on results rather than services, ensuring fair and transparent pricing.

Their management services are highly reliable, as their staff can be deployed on-site at any time, and have undergone rigorous training to deliver top-notch workmanship.

Abacus offers the best property management services in Singapore for various types of properties, including residential, industrial, commercial, hostel, and government properties. In addition to property managers, they provide clients with an accounting team to handle energy management, audits, pre-legal advice, and other accounting operations.

Furthermore, Abacus employs a sustainable approach to minimize maintenance and operating costs wherever possible.

3. Citiprop Property

Website | 314 Tanglin Road, #01-01 Phoenix Park Office Campus, Singapore 247977 | +65 6473 2777

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Citiprop Property offers a range of real estate property services, from tenancy management to relocation services. Their competent and well-trained staff manages all lease administration and payment transactions, including monthly payments, early terminations, renewals, and lease extensions.

Citiprop also conducts thorough marketing analysis and strategic planning to ensure that finances are utilized efficiently. Based on customized reports, they guide housing budgets, living costs, and relocation expenses, enabling you to provide client-centric services.

It is no wonder that Citiprop Property is recognized as one of the top providers of property management services in Singapore.

4. Exceltec Property Management

Website | No. 2 Jurong East Street 21 #05-05 IMM Building Singapore 609601 | +65 6566 5055

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Exceltec Property Management is dedicated to maximizing estate potential through specialized management solutions. They utilize innovative digital approaches, such as a mobile fault reporting app, digital display boards, and an IAQ duct cleaning system, to manage maintenance and repairs for each property efficiently.

Exceltec has worked with a diverse range of clients, including residential, industrial, commercial, corporate, and estate social events. They have collaborated with prominent names in the industry, such as Rosewood Suites, Urban Development Authority, Singapore Tourism Board, Shelford Suites, and more.

Exceltec’s best property management services in Singapore are delivered by cross-trained staff who are proficient in multiple building and job types and possess technical and soft skills.

5. Barringham International

Website | 701, Geylang Road, #03-04, Teambuild Centre, Singapore 389687 | + 65 6466 4703

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With decades of experience in managing commercial and residential properties, Barringham International is an award-winning company that offers a comprehensive range of services. These include management of operations, legal assistance, financial management, and maintenance services.

They schedule on-site meetings to enhance staff services and evaluate independent contractors and outside service providers. Moreover, they provide monthly financial reports, collect and deposit fund payments, file tax returns, and manage various financial transactions.

Barringham’s staff managers closely monitor maintenance contractors and repair services to ensure clients and tenants receive high-quality workmanship at reasonable costs.

6. Soho

Website | Level 4 19/17 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia | [email protected]

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Soho is an online platform that enables property owners to connect and communicate with one another, facilitating property buying, selling, and renting.

To ensure that their users are well-informed, Soho stays up-to-date with the latest trends in property management. If you are interested, be sure to check out their mobile app.

7. Rhodo Property & Estate Management Services

Website | Blk 531 Upper Cross Street, #03-52 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 050531 | +65 6533 3375 | [email protected]

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With Rhodo Property & Estate Management Services Pte Ltd, you no longer have to worry about preserving and increasing your property’s value. They are one of the top property management firms in Singapore, with highly certified professionals from diverse backgrounds.

For over two decades, Rhodo Property & Estate Management Services Pte Ltd has assisted thousands of individuals with their estates and properties by providing a wide range of estate management services to meet their management needs. They are committed to establishing a reputation for customer satisfaction through their dedication to quality and service.

Numerous possibilities are available to you. Trust them with your estate and properties today, and they will be there to assist and guide you throughout your journey to the future.

8. A4 International

Website | 60 Kaki Bukit Place, #02-10 Eunos Techpark Singapore 415979 | +65 6441 1184 | [email protected]

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Next on the list is A4 International, a property and facilities management company with over 20 years of experience. Since its inception, A4 International has been committed to delivering high standards of property and asset management services, always striving to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

Quality, service, and results are top priorities for A4 International. Their team of experts includes a managing director, accounts team, operations team, and facilities and management team, among others, with diverse skills and expertise that make them one of the most capable property management teams in the industry.

A4 International can effectively handle clients’ estates and ensure that they are maintained to the highest standards. By entrusting A4 International with the management of your personal property, you can be relieved of any burdens and rest assured that your estate is in safe and secure hands, with returns maximized to your advantage.

9. Teams Strata Management Services

Website | 194 Pandan Loop #07-02 Pantech Business Hub Singapore 128383 | +65 6440 7948 | [email protected]

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Property management can be time-consuming and overwhelming, which is why many people opt to hire experts. If you’re seeking a comprehensive suite of property management services, consider adding Team Strata Management to your list of options.

Established in 2012, Team Strata Management provides its clients with three fundamental principles: Quality, commitment, and dedication. Furthermore, they offer accounts and financial management, administrative services, defects management, consultancy services, and more.

Some may believe that having such a wide range of services may negatively impact Team Strata Management’s performance. However, this is not the case, as the company is dedicated to maintaining high standards and has consistently delivered excellent services since its inception.

As a result, clients of Team Strata Management can go about their daily routines without worrying about their properties being poorly managed. If you’re looking for a hassle-free experience, we strongly recommend considering Team Strata Management.

10. CWL Facilities Management

Website | 2 Jln Rajah, #02-10 Golden Wall Flatted Factory, Singapore 329134 | +65 6547 4828

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If you’re searching for one of the top accredited managing agents in Singapore, consider CWL Facilities Management Pte Ltd. Their directors are accredited by the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) and the Association of Property and Facility Managers (APFM), and their company is a member of the Association of Strata Management (ASM).

CWL Facilities Management Pte Ltd is committed to delivering exceptional property management solutions and promoting excellent services aligned with its mission. They provide three primary services, including strata management, integrated facilities management, and project management & consultancy. They excel in property management by implementing a unique total asset management strategy that adds value to clients by enhancing their profit margins through tenant mix, space utilization, and cost management.

What sets them apart from other managing agents in Singapore is their hands-on approach, active listening, and collaborative spirit. They can provide customized property management solutions and value-added services to ensure that your requirements are met to the fullest.