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Need A Nudge In The Right Direction? Here Are 10 Career Coaches In Singapore

Need A Nudge In The Right Direction? Here Are 10 Career Coaches In Singapore

Last Updated on 14/06/2023 by Singapore You

Are you dissatisfied with the progress of your career, feeling like it’s not living up to your expectations? Engaging the services of top-notch career coaches in Singapore can bring about a transformative change in your personal and professional life, propelling you towards the promotion or dream job you’ve always desired.

At some point, everyone experiences a sense of confusion and lack of motivation in their professional journey. This is precisely why the finest career coaches in Singapore exist—to provide invaluable guidance that can reignite your professional growth.

Nevertheless, finding the right career coach in Singapore can be challenging as it’s often difficult to distinguish the truly exceptional ones. But fret not, because we are here to assist you with our carefully curated list of Singapore’s premier career coaches.

1. Global Lumen HR

Website | 800 Thomson Road, Singapore 298189 | +65 8133 4881 | [email protected]

Nitya, a dedicated career coaching professional, leads Global Lumen HR with an unwavering passion for assisting individuals in discovering their true career aspirations while facilitating access to a wider range of job opportunities.

Their comprehensive career coaching programs are tailored to instigate positive transformations and empower not only employees but also business leaders. In addition to supporting individuals, Global Lumen HR offers leadership coaching to enhance managerial skills for entrepreneurs and executives.

Employers seeking exceptional candidates can also rely on Global Lumen HR to identify the best talent for their organizations. The company ensures the recommendation of efficient, goal-oriented, and dependable employees who can contribute to your workforce.

2. Lifework Global

Website | 331 North Bridge Road, Level 22, Odeon Towers, Singapore 188720 | +65 9663 3051

Lifework Global is dedicated to supporting women in achieving their desired career paths through an empathetic and empowering approach. Founded by Lai Han Sam, the company is deeply committed to nurturing women and helping them become the best versions of themselves through career and life coaching.

Navigating a career transition can be challenging, and Lifework Global is there to accompany you throughout this journey until you discover your new niche in the industry.

Furthermore, life can often feel overwhelming, which is why having a dependable life coach can bring about positive changes in your outlook. Lifework Global is passionate about fulfilling this purpose and providing you with reliable life coaching to enhance your overall well-being.

3. Sandbox Advisors

Website | Contact

With the founding year of 2008, Sandbox Advisors has been dedicated to assisting recent graduates and working professionals in discovering improved opportunities through career coaching and training.

Comprised of a team of seasoned writers, consultants, and associates, Sandbox Advisors offers valuable support for your career progression.

What sets Sandbox Advisors’ career coaches apart is their unique approach, heavily influenced by academic research and their extensive professional backgrounds. In addition, they will develop a comprehensive action plan to guide you in accomplishing your goals.

These compelling reasons have led us to recognize Sandbox Advisors as one of the top career coaches in Singapore.

4. Aventis Learning Group

Website | 100 Orchard Road, #04-100 Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840 | +65 6720 3333 | [email protected]

For over a decade, Aventis Learning has been delivering exceptional career coaching services to clients in both commercial and government sectors. With a specialization in the Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource industries, Aventis is the ideal choice for companies operating within these sectors.

Moreover, if you are a corporate professional seeking professional guidance, Aventis has got you covered. Enrolling in their services grants you the opportunity to engage with a skilled career coach who can assist you in planning your career trajectory for the upcoming years.

Lastly, Aventis’ career coaches will provide invaluable guidance as you navigate your next steps. Whether it involves transitioning to a new job for better prospects or aiming for a more significant role within your current organization, Aventis will help you evaluate your options and make informed decisions.

5. Avodah People Solutions

Website | 193 Jln Besar, #02-01, Singapore 208883 | [email protected]

Avodah People Solutions offers personalized one-on-one and group career workshops facilitated by locally and internationally trained, accredited Career Coaches.

Their extensive clientele ranges from fresh graduates in search of guidance for their first job to mid-career professionals aiming to transition into new opportunities.

Avodah’s dedicated coaches employ a meticulously designed process to help you comprehend your needs, embark on a journey of self-discovery, and equip you with essential career skills, including interviewing techniques, resume building, networking strategies, and personal branding.

Committed to delivering top-notch service and upholding ethical standards in career guidance, Avodah ensures that its coaches are also clinically certified.

6. Gary and Pearl International

Website | 102 Potong Pasir Avenue 1 #10-342 Singapore 350102 | +65 6894 4371

When it comes to career coaching in Singapore, affordability is often a concern. Fortunately, Gary and Pearl International offer budget-friendly rates for career coaching services, ensuring that working professionals can access the support they need without straining their finances.

Gary and Pearl International are dedicated to helping working professionals achieve their career aspirations by providing valuable advice and effective strategies tailored to their goals. They excel in developing detailed action plans for clients to follow, enhancing their chances of success.

We highly regard Gary and Pearl International as one of the finest career coaching providers in Singapore due to their unwavering commitment to delivering the right guidance to clients, empowering them to achieve their professional objectives.

7. The Happy Mondays Co

Website | [email protected]

The foundation of The Happy Mondays Co rests upon the belief that every individual possesses unique and valuable qualities that deserve to be unleashed, benefiting both themselves and society as a whole. Since its establishment in 2016, they have empowered countless individuals to unlock their true potential, spreading the concept of Happy Mondays across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and America.

For Individuals: Recognized for providing a supportive environment to explore and embrace one’s uniqueness, The Happy Mondays Co is dedicated to nurturing competencies, emotional resilience, and skills necessary to cultivate sustainable Happy Mondays. They offer highly personalized 1:1 career development and well-being programs that meet individuals where they currently are and accompany them on their journey towards their unique version of Happy Mondays.

For Organizations: The Happy Mondays Co assists organizations in building, developing, and retaining Happy High Performing Teams. By leveraging their diverse professional expertise in coaching, facilitation, conflict resolution, recruitment, organizational development, strategy, diversity & inclusion, and well-being, they create impactful customized interventions based on insights gained from working with a broad range of individuals worldwide.

8. Career Agility

Website | 24, Raffles Place, #26-06B, Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621 | +65 69090 931 | [email protected]

Career Agility has developed a comprehensive range of programs and tools aimed at assisting clients with diverse career concerns. Whether it’s navigating career shifts or transitions, their offerings are tailored to help individuals identify their ideal career paths and make informed decisions.

With a team comprising expert career coaches, Career Agility is dedicated to supporting fresh graduates, career changers, and individuals who are still exploring their desired employment options.

Recognizing that each client’s needs are unique, Career Agility ensures that every career coaching session is personalized to maximize effectiveness and deliver optimal results.

9. Petadiri Leadership

Website | +6012  2400 898 | [email protected]

Petadiri Leadership provides a comprehensive selection of career coaching programs that benefit both job seekers and employers alike. The company specializes in various areas crucial for enhancing one’s career, including Mindset and Awareness, Performance Management, Emotional Intelligence, Vision & Presentation, and more.

In addition to individual coaching, Petadiri Leadership also offers team coaching, focusing on enhancing communication, collaboration, and conflict management within teams.

With Wendy, the managing partner and a certified coach, at the helm, clients can rest assured that they are in capable hands during their career coaching sessions with Petadiri Leadership. Wendy brings 25 years of corporate experience to the table, further solidifying the expertise and quality of the coaching provided.

10. Aureus Consulting Pte. Ltd

Website | 61 Stamford Road, Stamford Court, #01-01, Singapore 178892 | +65 6337 8807 | [email protected]

Aureus Consulting Pte. Ltd. delivers exceptional value for your investment by offering a diverse range of services catered not only to working professionals but also academically driven individuals seeking international opportunities.

The team at Aureus Consulting is deeply committed to connecting numerous businesses in Singapore and worldwide with thousands of highly skilled, ambitious, and exceptionally talented professionals.

With a team of certified and dependable career coaches, Aureus Consulting brings you closer to your dream job, ensuring you receive the guidance and support needed to achieve your career aspirations.