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House Cleaning Service: Hire Part Time Maid $10 Per Hour

House Cleaning Service: Hire Part Time Maid $10 Per Hour

Last Updated on 01/05/2023 by Singapore You

For people who love a clean and refreshing environment at home, it is easy to tell when the place is clean. Sure, some people prefer the mess – but cleanliness and hygiene are really different things from each other.

The best resort to this will be hiring house cleaning service providers. They can work well with conditions, but it’s the cleaning that is important and they pretty much deliver the best services if you communicate your expectations well.

Now, before we dive into the best providers for this service, let’s understand what a house cleaning service entails.

What is House Cleaning?

House cleaning service is usually mistaken when it comes to mentioning housekeeping services. But, they have limitations to their definitions.

House cleaning is basically just cleaning – sweeping, mopping, dusting, changing the sheets, and washing the dishes. It’s a standard cleaning service. As for housekeeping, they are more detailed and in-depth when it comes to their tasks – regularly, daily even. They also have more tasks than the usual cleaning tasks like doing the laundry, managing household repairs and even assisting guests when necessary.

Given this better understanding of the two, house cleaning is a lighter and faster service than the latter. To set your expectations when it comes to house cleaning Singapore, it’s always best to get the bang for your buck by knowing the difference and what services you will actually need.

You can find out more about housekeeping Singapore here.

How to Choose a House Cleaning Service Singapore?

It’s easy to find a house cleaning Singapore service provider, but it’s never easy to tell how good they are at their jobs. That’s why working through a checklist is enough to get you started.

Great Reviews and Reputation

If you want to know if certain cleaning agencies are good service providers, you would know if you ask for recommendations. It’s either they’ve never heard of them or they’ve experienced the services themselves. And, when it’s good – you’ll know. If not, you’ll hear about someone else who’s better at the job.

Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from people you know – even better from people you know are nit-picks.

Reliable Services and Cleaners

Reviews and reputation talk big, but how reliable are they in the long run? How consistent are house cleaning service providers with their grand services? Some get complacent. Getting deeper into researching how good and consistent their services and cleaners are is a huge investment when spending on cleaning services.

More Services to Take Advantage Of

House cleaning services are important for busy professionals, big families and career-driven individuals. Everyone who loves being productive know how hard it is to keep the place clean – which is why hiring a house cleaning service provider that offers other similar services is a huge help to their daily lives.

Other services being offered by house cleaning Singapore service providers are disinfection and sanitation services, housekeeping, steaming and sterilisation, wet and dry deep cleaning and even part-time and full-time maid providers.

Top 10 House Cleaning Service Providers in Singapore

1. Helpling Singapore

Website | 179B Telok Ayer St., #03-01, Singapore 068627 | +65-3158-3871

house cleaning service singapore
Image Source: Helpling Singapore

Helpling Singapore is one of the leading cleaning companies in Singapore with awards for outstanding services in cleaning, disinfection and appliance cleaning. With special requests and more meticulous cleaning service requirements, they make sure to deliver the best services through their top-tier senior cleaners.

They’re a great company because while it’s important to know the basics of their training and standard operating procedures, they highly regard customer service and satisfaction when it comes to their tasks.

2. Homefresh by Luce

Website | 100D Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118520 | +65-6734-4973

house cleaning service singapore
Image Source: Homefresh by Luce

No matter how standard cleaning services are, Homefresh by Luce is one to keep the essential meaning behind it. Going above and beyond their customer’s expectations is key – cleaning every corner that covers their home cleaning service.

Homefresh by Luce is a professional and reliable home cleaning service provider; they get things done before the timer runs out and there’s no need to worry about them not knowing what to do. If you have enquiries about their services, they are quick to respond to messages with a positive attitude.

3. SureClean

Website | 10 Bukit Batok Crescent #14-02 The Spire, Singapore 658079 | +65-6983-9523

house cleaning service singapore
Image Source: SureClean Singapore

One of the smoothest transactions when it comes to housekeeping and house cleaning services in Singapore, SureClean is done before you even know it. They deliver and make sure they walk away leaving their customers satisfied with the cleaning services they just rendered.

Transactions are pretty easy – book their services, let them know what your preferences are, settle payment and they’ll be there on time and out before you even know. They’re neat, systematic, professional and reliable cleaners – 100% hassle-free.

4. Kleepers

Website | 10, #27-15 Anson Road, International Plaza, Singapore 079903 | +65-8122-8113

house cleaning service singapore
Image Source: Kleepers Singapore

You can find professional cleaners who can also be reliable and friendly companions when it comes to your cleaning needs – and Kleepers makes sure you’re comfortable and satisfied with their cleaning services.

They do know how to top their services since most of their clients have availed of heavy house cleaning services and they always come out with a satisfying finish by Kleepers. You can opt for regular cleaning services and they make sure to provide you with perks and offers that only regular clients are given. With perfect punctuality, positive and professional customer service and a reliable cleaning experience for clients and customers, Kleepers is one of the best house cleaning services in Singapore.

5. Axgee Cleaning

Website | 10 Anson Road, #33-03 International Plaza, Singapore 079903 | +65-9662-2361

house cleaning service singapore
Image Source: AxGee Cleaning

Axgee Cleaning is a house cleaning service in Singapore that also caters to office cleaning services as well. With the right training and experience, Axgee Cleaning provides a systematic approach to cleaning. This assures clients of the quality of services they offer – what you pay for is what you get.

They can provide house cleaning services, regular cleaning routines, spring cleaning services, part-time maid services and even moving-out and moving-in cleaning routines.

6. Meide Services

Website | 682A Jurong West Central 1, Singapore 641682 | +65-8595-8579

house cleaning service singapore

Meide Services is one of the most favoured cleaning services in Singapore. They have outstanding service awards, and they professionally take their job seriously. They are also a highly recommended team of cleaning professionals that they have quite a loyal fan base in Singapore.

Their services are best recognised through cleaning services, home-keeping and even nanny services. Their nanny services are also top-notch because they make sure to brief and assess the nannies on their team to check if they are compatible with the enquiring family.

7. SendHelper Home Services

Website | 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, Singapore 079903 | +65-9387-5891

house cleaning service singapore
Image Source: Sendhelper Singapore

SendHelper Home Services is one of the most wholesome service providers in Singapore. They also work best through their digital platform to properly cater to their client’s needs. While it is a simple platform to use, they also have everything you will need to book and avail of their services on their website or their mobile application.

They offer their services to make sure they meet different needs for helpers in Singapore. Their main services are; cleaning, deep cleaning, laundry, airconditioning cleaning and maintenance, handyman services, geriatric care, cooking tasks, pest control services and tasking and errand services.

8. Art of Cleaning

Website | Block 51 Ubi Avenue, 1 #05-02 Paya, Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore 408933 | +65-6788-1788

house cleaning service singapore
Image Source: Art of Cleaning

Art of Cleaning is a cleaning company in Singapore. While they do offer a house cleaning service in Singapore, they have a speciality in cleaning rugs, carpets, curtains and even disinfection and sanitation services.

They offer these services for offices, commercial and residential spaces as well. They are affordable and budget-friendly, yet always reliable and trustworthy with the services they offer their clients.

9. EPIClean

Website | 62 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub 2, #01-15, Singapore 408734 | +65-8898-8269

house cleaning service singapore
Image Source: EPIClean Singapore

EPIClean is efficient when it comes to its job, and they make sure to leave nothing but a good impression. Aside from their great customer service and cleaning services, they are also one of the most affordable cleaning companies in Singapore, trained to their best to deliver their responsibilities even better.

Whether it’s a commercial space, an office building or your beloved home, EPIClean is there to work through their cleaning tasks. From post-renovation cleaning to moving-in and moving-out services, disinfection and even steam cleaning – you can find all these services in EPIClean.

10. Apex Hygienic

Website | [email protected] | +65-9790-2075

house cleaning service singapore
Image Source: Apex Hygienic

Apex Hygienic definitely lives up to its name – hygiene is a priority for its clients. Apex Hygienic Cleaners offer services ranging from house cleaning, COVID-19 disinfection and area sanitation, curtain dry cleaning, airconditioning servicing and upholstery cleaning.

Aside from they are one of the most affordable home cleaning service Singapore providers, they are also one of the most responsive teams to cater to emergency cleaning services and are always rated five stars.

Always choose the best service providers to maximise your budget. It’s not easy to find a house cleaning service in Singapore, but if you know where to start, you’re all set!