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Best Courier Service Singapore: Your Top 10 Choices

Best Courier Service Singapore: Your Top 10 Choices

Last Updated on 25/03/2023 by Singapore You

Discover which courier service Singapore providers are trustworthy and offer secure and prompt package delivery at reasonable rates. This is a must for anyone who wants to send or receive documents or parcels, from budding entrepreneurs to those who enjoy receiving mail.

There are numerous choices for parcel and document delivery, with rates dependent on factors such as parcel size, delivery speed, and location. In this post, we’ll explore some reliable courier services in Singapore and provide average rates for your reference. Keep in mind that rates may differ based on company policies, so be sure to verify with each specific courier company. We’ve also included delivery times and parcel sizes for your convenience.

1. UParcel Courier and Van Services Singapore

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For swift and inexpensive door-to-door deliveries in Singapore, rely on UParcel. Their rates are among the most affordable we’ve encountered for urgent delivery of parcels and documents.

Additionally, UParcel offers a convenient mobile app that enables users to reserve, confirm, and track shipments at any time. This valuable feature assures customers that their deliveries are being handled by experts.

At just S$21, UParcel’s one-hour rush rates for packages weighing between 1 kg and 5 kg are ideal for urgent deliveries. Nevertheless, it’s disappointing that certain regions in Singapore necessitate surcharges and entry fees.

2. EasyParcel Singapore

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EasyParcel Singapore offers a convenient online booking tool for courier delivery services, providing clients with a diverse array of logistics companies to choose from. The platform allows for easy comparison of courier rates and features, making it an excellent option for potential customers.

Additionally, every delivery made through EasyParcel Singapore is automatically insured, with insurance coverage ranging from basic to as high as S$5,000 for valuable items.

The only drawback is that because EasyParcel Singapore partners with various couriers, tracking can be challenging. To view delivery information, you must visit each courier’s website instead of seeing everything in the EasyParcel app.

3. JustShip

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If you’re concerned about the high expense of shipping parcels to the US or UK, JustShip has a solution. They encourage customers to “just ship it” and avoid worrying about increasing international courier expenses.

JustShip assures worldwide parcel delivery within two to five working days, with shipping fees starting at approximately S$55 for 1 kg to the US. Additionally, they offer insurance coverage at 2.4% of the declared item cost, which is reasonable.

However, JustShip doesn’t accept cash payments, and their operating hours are only on weekdays, with no services available during lunchtime.

4. QDelivery – Qoo10

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QDelivery, offered by Qoo10, is a comprehensive delivery service that caters to both local and international deliveries. It seeks to be a reliable shipping partner and a one-stop shop for local businesses.

In addition to offering next-day and local QX Quick deliveries (within three hours!), this logistics firm also handles bulk international shipping. However, their cargo shipping service has yet to be introduced.

Customers can easily calculate their shipping expenses using the online calculator. However, it’s worth noting that actual charges may differ from estimates, particularly due to area surcharges and pickup fees.

5. Smartpac

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Sustainability may not be a top priority for most delivery companies, especially with the amount of packaging material involved in even the tiniest parcel. However, Smartpac is committed to being environmentally conscious.

Smartpac provides a helpful tracking feature that puts both the sender and recipient at ease. Their delivery services range from standard to express and priority, catering to a wide range of needs, from fast to urgent delivery.

Although Smartpac’s courier system is user-friendly, easily accessible, and eco-friendly, it is mostly for small to medium-sized parcel deliveries.

6. Network Courier

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Having been established in 1990, Network Courier has a long-standing reputation as a dependable courier service provider. However, they offer more than just longevity.

Their delivery services are comprehensive, ranging from bike couriers to e-commerce support. For island-wide delivery services, they offer a flat rate, and for international deliveries, they have frequent and value-flyer deals.

Nevertheless, Network Courier’s rates are relatively high, even without these promotions. Their services start at S$48, which is above the national average.

7. TNT Singapore: TNT Express Shipping

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TNT Express Shipping, which will soon be rebranded as FedEx Express, specializes in freight services for sizable and heavy shipments, which can be transported by air, land, or sea.

The company is also capable of delivering local packages, documents, and pallets. Online booking makes the process more efficient and informative for customers.

However, the merger of TNT with FedEx can be perplexing, particularly for long-time TNT customers. Nevertheless, new FedEx accounts can receive up to a 55% discount on shipping, which appears to be a fantastic offer.

8. Ninja Van

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NinjaVan’s proprietary technology allows for seamless tracking of both island-wide and international deliveries, making it convenient for business owners.

We applaud the company’s use of eco-friendly packaging, which is 100% biodegradable, as well as their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint through the use of electric vehicles, making them the first in SG to do so.

NinjaVan’s delivery service is unique, as it has a sustainable approach to its no-weight-limit delivery policy. Nonetheless, their packaging is more appropriate for small to medium parcels rather than heavier ones.

9. Lalamove

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Lalamove has transitioned from analogue means and call centres to an app-based delivery system, which is more convenient, dependable, and easier to track.

Aside from 24/7 app convenience, Lalamove provides a fantastic rewards programme for customers who open an account. Customers earn one Lalapoint for every S$1 spent and receive excellent deals with various retailers and shops.

Additionally, Lalamove offers a helpful purchase service for individuals who are too preoccupied to stop for a coffee or beverage run. However, it is relatively expensive, with courier orders costing S$75 and car orders costing S$150.

10. SendSingapore

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Send Singapore can deliver personal or business-related packages within as little as three hours. Their same-day delivery services are supported by real-time booking and tracking features.

Furthermore, their services are reasonably priced, with base rates starting at just S$6 for next-day delivery and S$16 for a three-hour express delivery. Each delivery is also insured with a basic S$500 courier insurance.

Although it’s understandable that there are surcharges for specific postal codes and offshore locations, it’s disappointing that Send Singapore does not operate on Sundays and public holidays.