Home Business Where to Buy Wood in Singapore: Your Top 8 Choices

Where to Buy Wood in Singapore: Your Top 8 Choices

Where to Buy Wood in Singapore: Your Top 8 Choices

Last Updated on 25/03/2023 by Singapore You

Are you looking for where to buy wood in Singapore? Well, consider yourself fortunate today as we are featuring the most dependable and trustworthy woodcutters on the island.

When you employ the finest wood-cutting services in Singapore, you can reuse almost any piece of wood. The possibilities of what can be crafted with superior-quality timber are limitless, so don’t let it go to waste!

Without further ado, take a glance at our compilation below to discover which firms provide the most excellent wood-cutting services in Singapore.

1.  Chip Lee

Website | Eunos Industrial Estate #01-29, 1011 Eunos Avenue 6 Singapore 409623, Singapore 40962 | +65 6747 8636

where to buy wood in singapore

With over three decades of experience, Chip Lee has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable sources of timber and related services, including top-notch wood-cutting services in Singapore. It is always searching for unique and superior quality wood for various applications.

Moreover, Chip Lee provides its wood-cutting services for a nominal extra fee. Unlike other woodcutters, it does not charge its customers over a hundred dollars for cutting a small piece of wood.

Chip Lee takes pride in being a comprehensive solution provider. So, the next time you require excellent wood, make sure to consider it as one of your choices!

2.  Chip Seng Timber

Website | 1049 Eunos Ave 6, #01-136, Singapore 409628 | +65 6744 1238

where to buy wood in singapore

Chip Seng Timber is a firm that focuses on wood cutting and supplies of wood for carpentry and construction requirements. It is widely recognised as one of the most sought-after names in the construction industry due to its superior quality wood and efficient cutting services.

Although Chip Seng Timber is comparatively small compared to its rivals, it has amassed a devoted and robust customer base, mainly comprised of renovation contractors. As a result, it is no surprise that it has made our list of the best wood-cutting services in Singapore.

3.  Sen Wan Group

Website | 38 Sungei Kadut Street 2, Singapore 729245 | +65 6286 3388

where to buy wood in singapore

Sen Wan Group is recognised as the premier provider of wood and plywood panel products, not just in Singapore but in other Asian nations as well. It offers a comprehensive solution for the needs of homeowners, carpenters, and even contractors.

With over three decades of experience, you can be confident that Sen Wan Group’s services are reliable and consistently excellent. Since its establishment, one of its primary objectives has been to deliver high-quality services that customers will adore.

Furthermore, Sen Wan Group has its own workshop where it cuts, laminates, and fabricates its products.

4.  Easywood

Website | 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 3 #10-24 KB-1 Building, Singapore 416087 | +65 9721 8003

where to buy wood in singapore

If you are searching for pre-cut wood according to your preference, you will appreciate the services of Easywood. It offers cut-to-order wood and timber that are suitable for various purposes.

Easywood comprises a vast group of individuals who are passionate about arts and crafts, so they have extensive knowledge in accurately cutting all types of wood. While most of their products are typically used for DIY woodworking, they are of premium quality and can be utilised for construction purposes.

When it comes to delivery, orders can be delivered to your doorstep in as little as four days after placing your order, depending on wood availability.

5.  Timber Actually

Website | 31 Sungei Kadut Street 4, Singapore 729055 | +65 8482 3346

where to buy wood in singapore

Timber Actually is a company that serves as both a wood supplier and a woodcutter, offering an extensive collection of wood and a diverse range of wood-related services. It is renowned for its top-quality, long-lasting timber and planks that can be cut according to the client’s preferences.

Another reason why we consider it one of the premier sources of the best wood-cutting services in Singapore is that it also sells equipment required by carpenters, craftsmen, and even DIY enthusiasts.

Moreover, customers can also purchase handcrafted and robust wooden furniture from them. It is undoubtedly a one-stop shop for all your wood-related needs.

6.  Ann Ta Building Materials & Wooden Products Supplier

Website | 38 Sungei Kadut Street 2, #02-A5, Singapore 729245 | [email protected]

where to buy wood in singapore

Ann Ta Building Materials & Wooden Products Supplier is an excellent wood supplier for your furniture needs. They offer a broad selection of products ranging from timber to wood finishes.

They provide regionally sourced soft and hardwood to their customers in Singapore. As one of the pioneers in the timber and lightweight building materials industry, you can trust them to deliver only the finest wooden materials and products.

7.  iLaser

Website | Blk 1013 #05-106, Geylang East Ave 3, Singapore S389728 | +65 6243 6371 | [email protected]

iLaser is a solution-oriented company that emphasises providing outstanding products. Their diverse range of laser processing machines can handle laser marking and laser cutting of items.

This firm prioritises customer satisfaction, which is why they are dedicated to delivering high-quality service and support. With iLaser, you can expect your materials to be processed quickly and precisely.

where to buy wood in singapore

8. Cutting Edge

Website | 48 Toh Guan Rd E, #04-123, Singapore 608586 | +65 6970 9019 | [email protected]

where to buy wood in singapore

Cutting Edge boasts decades of experience and expertise in the fields of architectural and interior design, with a particular focus on the intricate details that renovation and construction projects require.

Thus, Cutting Edge primarily delivers custom-made signages, decorative and functional panels, and other bespoke items that complement its clients’ architectural and construction visions.

Creating these products by hand can be extremely time-consuming. Fortunately, Cutting Edge employs Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cutting and laser cutting techniques to mass-produce items without sacrificing product quality.

With such precise and advanced methods, it’s no surprise that Cutting Edge can fabricate soundproof acoustic panels, decorative panels, and company logos from wood, metal, stone, acrylic, and plastic.

Aside from these exceptional products, Cutting Edge also brings wooden designs to life by offering drilling, trimming, and engraving services. Hence, those who require additional designs for their homes, offices, or business establishments can rely on the firm.

Thanks to its years of experience in construction and renovation, Cutting Edge also guides and advises its clients during the design process of their wooden products.