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Best Personal Trainer Singapore’s 10 Choices

Best Personal Trainer Singapore’s 10 Choices

Last Updated on 25/03/2023 by Singapore You

Are you finding it difficult to initiate your fitness journey? Consider seeking the guidance of a personal trainer based in Singapore, who can impart specialized knowledge on workout regimens and healthy dietary habits.

Remain with us, as we have curated a list of the top gyms for personal trainers in Singapore, outlining their offerings, advantages, and drawbacks. Additionally, we will address some common inquiries concerning personal trainers.

1. UNREAL Personal Training

Website | 139 Cecil Street, Level 11 & 12, Singapore 069539 | +65 9711 5905 | [email protected]

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At first glance, UNREAL Personal Training may appear to be an upscale studio, but they strive to cater to clients with varying budgets and needs by offering 3 tiers of personal training programs.

Each personal training package includes a designated personal trainer and a tailored workout and nutrition plan.

The premium packages offer additional benefits, such as access to group classes, affiliated gyms, and in-house supplements. However, for those solely seeking to improve their workout routine and diet, these may be unnecessary expenses.

While online training programs are available, we strongly suggest attending the in-studio sessions. The modern facility boasts cutting-edge equipment and tools to boost your motivation and push during workouts.

For those looking to supplement their workout routine, small group classes are also offered, with an additional 45 minutes. It’s important to note that they are strict regarding cancellations and no-shows, so planning your schedule in advance can help you avoid extra charges.

If you prefer the convenience of online and in-person training, UNREAL Personal Training may provide the top personal trainers in Singapore for your needs.


Website | 21A Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089128 | WhatsApp +65 8812 0110

best personal trainer singapore

Are you searching for a gym in Singapore that offers personal training for the entire family? Look no further than FITLUC. Their trainers have worked with clients ranging from ages 13 to 84, representing various backgrounds and lifestyles.

FITLUC has earned the trust of many local celebrities, including Felicia Chin, Hong Hui Fang, Lee Teng, Hazelle Teo, Maxi Lim, Royce Lee, and Apple Chan.

Like other options on our list, FITLUC is flexible in its personal training arrangements, offering house calls, live one-on-one online sessions, and in-person sessions at its flagship gym. They also offer a separate trial for a fee, which has a more extended period of about an hour and a half compared to other paid trials.

What sets FITLUC apart is its strong partnership with Thomson Medical Centre, creating a health and fitness ecosystem where trainers collaborate with doctors to assist patients in their injury rehabilitation journeys.

All FITLUC trainers are certified and sport science trained, with personal mentorship from their director and celebrity fitness trainer, Lucas Lim.

FITLUC’s Keong Saik Road location offers convenient accessibility, being only a 3-minute walk from Outram Park MRT Exit 4. Nearby parking can be found along Bukit Pasoh and Teo Hong Road.

The neighbourhood has a variety of restaurants within walking distance, making it easy to grab a quick meal after your workout. FITLUC also offers discounted rates and more through their membership program.

Book a PT Trial (U.P. $50) with FITLUC today and begin your fitness journey towards achieving that #GetThatFITLook!

3. Oompf Fitness

Website | 130 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428815 | +65 8878 5659 | WhatsApp +65 8878 5659 | [email protected]

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Oompf Fitness is a private gym that focuses on unlocking your potential. Similar to other trainers, they will design a customized fitness program to help you push your limits, break boundaries, and experience transformation.

What sets them apart from competitors is their private gym, which eliminates concerns about overcrowding or sweatiness. Another notable aspect is the gym’s full equipment range, including cardio, strength, and conditioning equipment, as well as a refreshment area with towels, hair dryers, shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

Personal trainers at Oompf Fitness charge between $95 to $135 per hour, making them the most affordable gym in the area. Additionally, the longer you commit to their services, the more cost-effective it becomes.

4. Athleaders

Website | 60 Paya Lebar Rd, #07-54 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051 | +65 9890 7224 | [email protected]

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Athleaders has been recognized as the top personal training company for two consecutive years by Expat magazines and forums, thanks to their unwavering focus on their core principles: Results, Convenience, and Customization.

They ensure clients achieve results by providing convenient training at their preferred locations, whether it be their condo gym or living room. Their Singaporean top trainers offer a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition, creating a personalized program that yields maximum results in minimal time or ensures long-term, sustainable success.

Athleaders consider clients’ unique circumstances, such as injuries, work-life balance, family obligations, and overall lifestyle, to tailor a program that meets their specific needs. They guarantee clients will see results and provide the guidance necessary to reach their goals.

Their personal training is complemented by a customized nutrition program that has been proven to produce results. They have helped clients lose weight, from 16kg in just 13 weeks to 30kg in one year, by constantly adjusting their programs accordingly.

By providing training at clients’ preferred locations, Athleaders save an average of nine hours per month in travel time to and from a gym. This adds up to almost 100 hours per year, equivalent to over four days per year! They take on the challenge of travelling and bringing equipment so that fitness is made as effortless as possible.

All of Athleaders’ fitness and nutrition programs are highly customized and tailored to individual needs, rejecting the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach.


Website | 896 Dunearn Road, #03-10 Singapore 589472 | +65 8842 5535 | [email protected]

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Atlas Fitness is reimagining personal training gyms by providing their clients with strength, space, and support. They help clients find their strength, regardless of age, experience, or limitations, in a non-intimidating space with expert coaching support for safe and sustainable results.

What sets Atlas Fitness apart is its science-based bespoke programs, which are customized for each individual following a comprehensive 1-hour physical assessment and 1:1 consultation. Their holistic approach covers everything from training to diet to stress management, addressing a wide range of health and fitness concerns such as fat loss, muscle building, increased energy, pain, and injury management.

Their coaches are exceptional, providing sharp observations and adjustments to maximize movement and safety during workouts. The warm and inviting atmosphere of the gym fosters a friendly and supportive community, encouraging everyone to reach their fitness goals.

The only downside is that Atlas Fitness has limited hours of operation and only allows a limited number of clients to train at a time to ensure each client has enough space and attention from the coaches. Despite this, Atlas Fitness can help anyone achieve their health and fitness goals.

6. Ultimate Performance

Website | 8 Cross Street, #01-01 Manulife Tower, Singapore 048424 | +65 6536 8649 | [email protected]

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Let’s start with Ultimate Performance, a top gym for personal training in Singapore and worldwide. They pride themselves on their science-based approach to personal training, developed through collaborative research with scientists at Cambridge University.

Located in Manulife Tower, their on-site training program includes an in-depth consultation, personalized training, and diet plans, among others. Clients also gain access to their gyms globally, which is great for jet-setters and business travellers. However, due to the added expense of this access, it may not be suitable for those who won’t use it.

For those who prefer the comfort of their own home, Ultimate Performance offers a personal training program with a progress tracker app. This app tracks various markers of progress, such as weight, fat, blood pressure, and more. It also enables personal trainers to adjust the program easily and accelerate progress as necessary.

7. 1-Habit

Website | 51A Bussorah Street, #02-01, Singapore 199467 | WhatsApp +65 9835 4562

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1-Habit aims to help clients learn and master one fitness habit at a time, as implied by their name. They begin their personal training program by matching clients with qualified trainers who create personalized plans tailored to their needs. Clients also work with a nutrition coach who assists in managing their diet and calorie intake, ensuring holistic progress and schedule tracking.

In addition to individual sessions, bespoke programs also offer small group classes through monthly memberships that allow members to join as many classes as they want. For those who prefer to work out at home, they offer small group live streams or an app-based program.

1-Habit’s introductory classes and initial sessions are free of charge and obligation, allowing clients to make an informed decision about continuing with their program.

With its holistic approach to fitness, personalized plans, and flexible workout options, 1-Habit is among the best services for personal training in Singapore.

8. Strength Avenue

Website | 57B Boat Quay, Singapore 049846 | +65 8803 9872 | [email protected]

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Strength Avenue is a top choice for those who want to focus on strength training. While they primarily train athletes for sporting competitions and weight class management, particularly in Giverny and powerlifting, they offer personalized training programs and nutrition coaching to everyone, regardless of skill and fitness level. Buddy training is also available for those who want to train with friends.

With a small team of trainers, availability may be limited. Interested clients can contact their preferred coach directly or call the gym to be matched with a suitable coach.

Although Strength Avenue doesn’t offer complimentary initial personal training sessions, they do provide discounted rates to first-time clients in their private and semi-private training programs. If your fitness goals include toning, muscle building, and strength improvement, Strength Avenue is one of the best personal trainers in Singapore for you.

9. EzFIT

Website | +65 9007 9742 | +65 6777 4612 | +65 9170 0619 | [email protected] | [email protected]

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EzFIT offers a unique approach to home-based training programs, providing personal trainers who will come to you, regardless of your location in Singapore. You don’t have to worry about equipment, as trainers will bring everything you need to you.

Their services are available 24/7, and clients are not restricted to a certain time for their workouts, making EzFIT an excellent choice for home-based personal training programs. Additionally, they offer personal training programs designed specifically for children, with dedicated trainers who make exercising and eating healthy fun.

For families who want to train together or parents who want to keep their children fit, EzFIT could have the best personal trainers in Singapore for you.

10. PT Works

Website | +65 96941358 | [email protected]

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PT Works offers tailor-fit programs that are suitable for each client’s needs and budget, all from the comfort of their home. They can accommodate clients anywhere in Singapore, whether you prefer to train in your living room or at a community park.

For those who enjoy being surrounded by beautiful views and like-minded people, we recommend PT Works’ boot camp classes and Crossfit-style workouts, held at two accessible locations: Botanical Gardens and Marina Bay Financial Centre.

Their personal trainers specialize in strength and conditioning, as well as post-injury rehabilitation. Interested clients can book a trial class and free fitness consultation, and trainers will meet them anywhere.

With only four trainers on their team, it’s best to book sessions in advance to ensure availability at your preferred schedule.