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Top 10 Tablets For Every Purpose In The Singapore Market

Top 10 Tablets For Every Purpose In The Singapore Market

Last Updated on 14/06/2023 by Singapore You

If you’re looking for the finest tablets in Singapore, you’ll discover portable and efficient devices that enable you to accomplish your tasks or enjoy leisure activities anytime, anywhere. Fortunately, we’re here to assist you in finding the perfect tablet as we present the top options available today.

With various sizes, specifications, and features, selecting the right tablet can be challenging, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. To simplify your decision-making process, we have compiled a comprehensive list of factors that you should consider when shopping for a tablet. Once we’ve covered those, we’ll proceed to reveal our selection of the best tablets in Singapore.

A Guide To Buying The Best Tablet For You

When purchasing a tablet, there are numerous factors to consider beyond the obvious aspects of size and cost. Let’s delve into each of them individually:


Before delving into specifications, it’s essential to determine the primary purpose of the tablet. Will it be used for work or entertainment? Are you seeking a gaming device or one for your children? Understanding your purpose will guide your selection process based on your needs and preferences.

Operating System (OS)

Most tablets utilize mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, or Amazon’s Fire. It’s important to note that certain software compatible with your desktop or laptop may not function on a tablet. Usability and user-friendliness are also crucial considerations. If you prefer familiarity, it’s advisable to opt for a tablet with the same OS as your smartphone.

Here are the common operating systems for tablets:


iOS is utilized by iPads and other Apple products. It resembles the interface of an iPhone. However, note that the selection of apps may be limited to those available on the Apple store. If you require open-source software or Android apps, iOS may not be the best choice for you.


Android OS, widely used in smartphones, offers versatility and a wide range of app choices. It provides a user-friendly and accessible platform, making it suitable for many users.


For those looking to replace their old laptops with a tablet, a Windows tablet is a suitable option. While the app selection may not be extensive, it allows the use of traditional desktop software.

Amazon’s Fire

Running on an Android system, Amazon’s Fire provides direct access to Amazon’s app store and services. It also offers specialized software catering to children, making it a great option as a gift for them.

Apps and Software

Once you’ve determined the preferred OS, consider the compatibility of apps and software. Ensure that the tablet supports the apps you require and that they are compatible with the tablet’s operating system. Your intended purpose will influence this aspect, as some tablets may not support certain apps necessary for your needs.

Tablet and Screen Size

Choose the size of your tablet and screen based on your intended usage. If you plan to watch movies, play games, or engage in drawing activities, a larger screen size may be preferable. Keep in mind that larger tablets tend to be more expensive.


Alongside screen size, consider the tablet’s resolution. Movie lovers and gamers will appreciate a high-definition display, while the average resolution is sufficient for reading, writing, and basic tasks.


The tablet’s processor determines its system speed. A powerful processor enables efficient multitasking and enhanced performance, particularly for gaming. Dual-core and Quad-core processors are standard for good tablets, offering competent performance.


Consider the tablet’s internal storage capacity to accommodate your books, movies, games, and files. Some tablets feature a Micro SD memory slot for additional storage or offer cloud storage for enhanced efficiency.

WiFi Connectivity

Internet connectivity is vital for accessing emails, downloading apps, movies, games, and more. Most tablets provide WiFi connectivity to connect to home or workplace networks, while some also offer connectivity to cellular networks.


For professionals who require productivity on the go, check if the tablet can connect to a physical keyboard. Certain devices allow direct attachment of a keyboard, transforming the tablet into a laptop-like setup for easier work.

Battery Life

Lastly, prioritize a tablet with long battery life. The average battery life is around seven hours, suitable for work-related tasks. However, if you anticipate extended usage for activities such as movie watching or gaming during long trips, choose a tablet with a longer battery life.

1. Apple iPad Pro

S$1,260.65 | Shop Here

The Apple iPad Pro is a prominent inclusion in this compilation, and its popularity is well-deserved.

Featuring a generous 11-inch screen, the iPad Pro offers a wealth of features, including an interactive interface enhanced by intuitive gestures. Navigating settings and apps is a breeze with this device.

The tablet boasts a high-resolution and liquid retina display, ensuring an immersive and vibrant viewing experience with remarkable accuracy. Powered by a robust processor, it enables seamless multitasking, allowing you to tackle various tasks simultaneously, such as work assignments, chats with colleagues and friends, and much more.

Equipped with a magnetic pen, the iPad Pro caters to note-taking and drawing needs. A simple double-tap grants access to changing settings, transforming the pen into an eraser or altering the brush type.

In addition, the tablet comes with an included keyboard, providing convenient options for completing homework or engaging in documentation tasks effortlessly. Furthermore, the tablet incorporates a built-in stand at the back, facilitating an optimal viewing angle while typing.

2. iPad Mini 4

S$756.00 | Shop Here

The iPad Mini 4 shares similarities with the previous option, but it distinguishes itself through its compact size and impressive retina display enhanced with true tone technology, ensuring precise graphics representation.

This particular tablet has gained recognition as one of the best choices for tablet gamers in Singapore.

As a lightweight and slim device, it serves as an indispensable companion for travel. Its portability allows you to effortlessly retrieve it from your pocket whenever you wish to take notes or engage in gaming during your journeys.

Featuring the remarkable A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine, this tablet delivers outstanding performance, enabling you to enjoy immersive gaming experiences and delve into the realm of augmented reality. Despite its smaller screen size, the noteworthy resolution captivates you, making video watching and book reading enjoyable for extended periods.

The availability of the Apple Pencil enables you to jot down quick notes, sign documents, or engage in sketching. Furthermore, with iCloud Drive, you gain access to unlimited storage, facilitating seamless file accessibility across all your devices.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

S$1,754.00 | Shop Here

Have you ever encountered the frustration of interrupted work due to the need to recharge your digital pen?

If so, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 deserves your attention. This tablet introduces a non-rechargeable pen that has undergone a redesign, featuring an exceptional ballpoint and comfortable grip to provide a more natural and precise writing experience.

With dedicated apps tailored for pen usage, you can effortlessly jot down important notes, sketch drawings, and even compose music. The tablet also boasts a brighter display, ensuring every line and stroke is clearly visible.

The sleek design of the Galaxy Tab S3 encompasses a smooth and glossy back, enhancing comfort during extended use. Additionally, it comes with an accompanying keyboard featuring an optimized layout, minimizing typing errors and improving overall efficiency.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

S$1,863.00 | Shop Here

If you prioritize a tablet that can serve as a viable replacement for a desktop platform, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 may be the ideal choice for you, as it stands out among the previous options.

Renowned for its versatility and ultralight design, this tablet excels due to its advanced and superior specifications. Being a Microsoft product, it comes pre-loaded with the built-in Microsoft Office suite of apps, enhancing productivity.

What sets it apart is its exceptional processor, the i5 Core, which delivers a faster interface and improved graphics performance compared to other options. The storage capacity is also substantial, providing ample space for important files and multimedia applications.

To further augment its functionality, the Surface Pro 7 features a built-in kickstand and a keyboard that can be easily set up, effectively transforming the tablet into a laptop-like setup. This makes it an ideal companion for business trips and ensures seamless productivity on the go.

5. Huawei Mediapad T2

S$176.00 | Shop Here

The Huawei Mediapad T2 is an excellent option for students seeking a tablet to aid in their homework, note-taking during lectures, and reading books. Its affordable price makes it accessible to regular students without straining their budget.

Designed with a compact form factor, the Mediapad T2 easily slips into your bag or pocket, ensuring convenient portability. Despite its affordability, it boasts a quad-core processor, which is quite impressive for an average tablet.

Furthermore, the tablet offers a battery life that can last throughout the day, providing uninterrupted usage for every class. If you’re in search of a straightforward and cost-effective tablet to accompany you at school, the Huawei Mediapad T2 could be the ideal choice as the best tablet in Singapore for your needs.

6. Amazon Fire HD 8

S$111.00 | Shop Here

If you’re searching for a wonderful gift for your children, the Amazon Fire HD 8 is worth considering. This tablet is specifically designed with kids in mind, offering parents complete control over settings and applications.

With the Amazon Fire HD 8, parents can create customized profiles for their children, set time limits, and grant access to age-appropriate apps, books, videos, and games. It also features an easy-to-use interface, ensuring the whole family can navigate it effortlessly.

Being an Amazon product, the tablet provides direct access to Amazon Prime, offering unlimited streaming of your favourite movies and TV series. It boasts a responsive interface, vibrant display, generous storage capacity, and excellent battery life, guaranteeing a delightful viewing experience for all.

7. Lenovo Yoga Book

S$1,146.26 | Shop Here

If you’re an avid book enthusiast who desires a portable reading companion for your travels, the Lenovo Yoga Book is the perfect solution. Leave behind the weight of physical books and embrace the lightweight and slim design of this tablet, which allows you to store and read numerous books while on the go.

The Lenovo Yoga Book stands out with its smart paper pad and real pen stylus, enabling you to digitize your notes and securely store them in your device. Additionally, its software-optimized keyboard automatically corrects typos, making it an ideal feature for those who engage in extensive writing and documentation.

Powered by the Windows operating system, this tablet provides familiarity and grants you full access to Microsoft Office applications. What sets it apart is its versatility, offering a total of four modes for drawing, browsing, watching, and typing, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

8. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

S$289.00 | Shop Here

If you’re seeking a user-friendly tablet primarily for casual entertainment purposes, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is an excellent choice as the best tablet in Singapore.

This mid-range tablet offers impressive versatility, providing an immersive audiovisual experience that enhances your enjoyment of movies and music. It also incorporates a degree of parental control, including a kids’ home panel with exclusively kid-friendly settings and apps.

One standout feature of this tablet is the SmartThings app, which enables you to seamlessly connect and control various devices and even household appliances within your home. This functionality allows for convenient monitoring and management of their usage.