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Top Wedding Emcee in Singapore

Top Wedding Emcee in Singapore

Last Updated on 11/04/2024 by Singapore You

Your wedding day is one of the rare occasions filled with moments you can’t take back. Making sure you live the day to the fullest is the goal – and, we all know events are never easily planned or executed. Everyone on the team is expected to work for the big day to be perfect – until the big day.

No matter how grand the party is, if the crowd isn’t riled up – how can you call it perfect? Well, that’s why a search for the best wedding emcee is needed. If you’re in search of the best wedding emcee in Singapore, we got you covered.

We have our recommendations, and we made sure they all come in best with their own specialities as an emcee to host the event from start to finish. Before we get down to business, let’s check off what you need to know when looking for the perfect wedding emcee in Singapore.

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Emcee In Singapore

Their Personality Fits Your Wedding Theme

It’s easy to find an emcee – a lot of people come in equipped with the right skill sets. But, is their hosting style what you need for your wedding? It’s nice to get to watch their videos and do research about how they perform. If it works to meet them and interview them, that would be great as well.

They’re Professional and Amazing at Their Craft

Doing research about how good the professionals are at being wedding emcees is important. The personality works – that’s great! The time to check how good they will work with you on your wedding day next.

You Can Find Them on the Top of the Most Recommended List

Everything gets easier when you know people, and it’s appreciative help when other people do recommend the best they know. People will always have something to say about personalities, and it’s easy to know how their experience with certain wedding emcees went, how the costs are and how good they were at performing and hosting.

The Best Wedding Emcee in Singapore

Looking for the perfect hosts for your wedding is never easy, there are a lot of factors to consider. The good news is there are many professional and well-known wedding hosts that may suit your needs. The best thing to do is get to know the emcees and see who goes best with your dream wedding celebration.

Sharlyn Lim

Wedding emcee in Singapore


Sharlyn Lim is a popular host in Singapore because of her warm personality and hosting confidence. She goes from being a DJ to hosting virtual events and even stars show for celebrity shows and business professional conferences. She’s more than the screen and she appeals to the audience in person because of her knowledge hosting the field she’s needed in. 

If you’re looking for a wedding emcee, she’s one of the best picks because aside from hosting, she knows how to play the guitar and sing – maybe, she’ll throw in a romantic song for the newlywed!

Evelyn Kuek

Wedding emcee in Singapore
Image Source: Evelyn Kuek

Evelyn Kuek has been a talent since 2000. The best thing about her is can be more than a wedding emcee in Singapore. She is also a host to a couple of local tv shows and stations, a voice-over actress and a singer and actress in entertainment.

She can speak both Chinese and English and has used this talent to engage in various animated and commercial projects. This skillset gives her the edge to be your wedding emcee through a proper programme process and knowledge of various cultural practices.

Sylvia Tham

Wedding emcee in Singapore
Image Source: Sylvia Tham

Sylvia Tham is one of the most recommended wedding emcees in Singapore because of her professional and delightful hosting personality. She is a confident, versatile and happy addition to your wedding day. If you need someone who makes everything feel in place and engaged in the joyous celebration which is your wedding, Sylvia Tham is the woman you want on your elegant day!

She speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese and is a fluent English speaker. Whether your wedding will be held in Singapore, Hong Kong or Thailand, she’ll never miss the opportunity to celebrate your day with you.


Wedding emcee in Singapore
Image Source: Karin

Karin is a breath of fresh air in the hosting industry. She is young and bubbly yet professional on the job. Aside from being a wedding emcee and corporate host, she is also a DJ in Singapore and can speak fluent English and Mandarin. She always delivers the best experiences for every event but constantly thrives to learn and improve more in her craft.

Alex Tan

Wedding emcee in Singapore
Image Source: Alex Tan

Alex Tan is one of the funniest wedding and corporate emcees in Singapore! Being a wedding emcee in Singapore, he can do more than handle the programme and keep the celebration in high spirits.

He is an online influencer, a singer and an entertaining comedian and he loves to make everyone’s day with all his craft. If you want to have fun and jive on your birthday, Alex Tan is your guy! With his experience, talents and skills, your wedding will be a blast with his presence.

Stan, the Man

Wedding emcee in Singapore
Image Source: Stanley, The Man

Stan The Man isn’t called “The Man” for nothing. Aside from he is a charming lad and a very energetic personality for your wedding, he knows his way around various types of crowds and is knowledgeable in handling different events.

He is bilingual and appealing to the crowd as a host, and he definitely knows how to capture and keep their attention. He is a great wedding emcee in Singapore to have on your team!


Derek Ho

Wedding emcee in Singapore
Image Source: Derek Ho

Derek Ho is one of the best emcees in Singapore. He’s a professional of his craft, if not already one of the masters. Just having a few years of experience, Derek Ho has already hosted events for vast audiences.

Derek Ho will be a great wedding emcee on your big day because of his talents and skills; he speaks great Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hokkien and can converse well in Malay. His talents have brought him as far as hosting weddings, roadshows, grand openings, seminars and even corporate conferences.


Wedding emcee in Singapore
Image Source: Chunjia Lim

Chunjia Lim is one of the most fun and team-playing wedding emcees in Singapore. Aside from being a wedding emcee, he has also worked his craft through hosting large crowds and goes above and beyond to make sure the party stays on while he’s on stage. Even behind the scenes, he is a great host to all, lives and virtually.

Aside from his communication talents on stage, he is also a producer and game designer who has worked with various teams to get the job done. He’s an all-around talent that is loved by all he is surrounded by.

Yumiko Kayahara

Wedding emcee in Singapore
Image Source: Yumiko Kayahara

Yumiko Kayahara has been a wedding emcee and corporate host for over a decade and is based in Singapore. Since then, she has grown most in this field but has developed many talents such as being a voice-over actor and a product launcher.

She was born of Singapore and Japanese lineage and started her hosting career when she was just 16. Since then, she has improved her craft and made it her own. With her bubbly personality and sharp mind and wit, she can handle any crowd in front of her.

Happy FeiFei

Wedding emcee in Singapore
Image Source: Happy Feifei

Happy Feifei was initially a great impersonator of the Hong Kong artist Ladia Shum Din-ha a.k.a Fei Jie. Since then, she has started to slowly build her own personality and grow her craft being a host and entertainer for various events in Singapore.

She has been in the industry for twenty years, and has accomplished many things from being a wedding emcee in Singapore, an entertaining and humorous host to corporate parties and events and can speak fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien besides being a great English speaker.

If you wish to book her as a wedding emcee for your big day, make sure you contact the planning agencies she is connected to!

That concludes our list to help you find your dream wedding emcee in Singapore. If you’ve found the one you’re looking for, let us know who you have chosen to be the wedding emcee. We would love to hear from you!