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Top Career Coach Singapore 2022

Top Career Coach Singapore 2022

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It’s not easy to build a career for yourself, and it feels like double the effort when you do not know where to start. At times, your career is doing great, but your hunger for professional growth isn’t long-lasting. You start to question your happiness, your ability, and your potential. Is this what you want? Is this the end of the path you chose? This is why you need a career coach.

No, needing a career coach doesn’t mean you failed or you’re at the end of your unreachable life. If it’s a career coach Singapore you’re looking for, don’t stop reading.

What is a Career Coach?

A career coach is someone who helps you with your career, basically. No, they’re not job hunters or fitness coaches like you hear when you hit the gym – but they can be both depending on what you need to help boost yourself and your career. Why?

A career coach Singapore will help you learn how to overcome challenges, break barriers and adapt to new situations and transitions in your professional life.

Some career coaches will teach you about yourself, about changing your life to adapting new habits, new mindsets and even a healthier lifestyle.

Every factor that helps you improve your life, the quality of your life – everything that can play a factor in your career success, your career coach will have the same ambition for you and help you achieve set goals from start to finish.

Various programmes and coaching sessions range from S$250-S$700, depending on your requirements and duration of training.

Career coaching has helped many people find the right career path, and stay on the best side of their profession and has been part of many successful companies to keep employees happy with their jobs. Their special abilities help people manage stress, stagnant inspiration and mental health issues and have been useful to many employers for substantial insight.

Top 10 Recommended Career Coach Singapore

1. Rainmakers Coaching International

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | 408 River Valley Road, Singapore 248306 | +65-8181-8669

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Image Source: Rainmakers Coaching International

Rainy is a life and transformation coach who has been around since about 2014 and has helped more than thousands of people with her work and advocacy. She’s a writer as well and has written about 3 books with 2,185 published works about career pieces of training.

Her classes vary by the needs of her clients. You can find her supporting group coaching classes, solo sessions, masterclasses with known professionals and even life transformation coaching with people who want change and growth.

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Image Source: Rainmakers Coaching International, Google Review

2. Emunah Coaching and Training

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram

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Image Source: Emunah Coaching and Training

Ben is one of the most recommended career coaches in Singapore because of how he has helped thousands of people learn to be better versions of themselves. This includes honing the skills and talents they have, how manage their careers, making better decisions and being more self-aware of what is going on in their lives and the control they have in order to change what they can and accept what they cannot.

he offers various services that help individuals learn more about themselves, improve their skills and talents, and visually focus on their potential for their careers. These services include DISC Personality Assessments and Profile Strengthening for career choices and paths.

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Image Source: Emunah Coaching and Training, Google Review

3. Avodah People Solutions

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | 193 Jalan Besar, #03-01, Singapore 208883 | [email protected]

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Image Source: Avodah People Solutions

Avodah Solutions help people reach their best potential with a career coach that specialises in specific fields that can help an individual improve best. Aside from finding you a career coach, their services also provide learning and research for training and development of clients and career resources that can help individuals in various needs for their professional growth and career development.

Career Coach Gerald Tan is best at providing support and knowledge to develop one’s self in building their career and using the time to visualise their goals. Career Coach Jeremiah Wong aims to help people grow adaptable and overcome the challenges of career shifts and developments. Career Coach Clarissa Hor aims to help people find the drive to start, continue and stay motivated in their plans for their careers and lives.

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Image Source: Avodah People Solutions, Google Review

4. Acquire Global Coaching

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | 191 Upper Changi Road East, Singapore | +65-9029-1588 | [email protected]

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Image Source: Acquire Global Coaching

Jass Malaney is a career coach and leadership trainer who works with executives from multiple countries to help them grow their careers and experience when it comes to management, business and even self-improvement.

As a career coach, she conducts various events as a keynote speaker, facilitator and trainer to help people realise their thoughts and drive to help them further their ambitions and goals. It is her advocacy for people to gain confidence in the paths and careers they choose for themselves.

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Image Source: Image Source: Acquire Global Coaching, Google Review

5. The Happy Mondays Co. – Career Coach Singapore

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | 105 Cecil St, #18-88, Singapore 069534 | +65-9019-1630 | [email protected]

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Image Source: The Happy Mondays Co. – Career Coach Singapore

The Happy Mondays Co. helps professionals in various fields find their drive, motivation and purpose that they find love for busyness and the business they are in, that they love the hustle of Mondays and the brightness of their goals in the future they choose.

Their programs for various individuals in search of professional career growth involve courses that help one define their ideal life, secure the future they find ambition in, thrive through the times and be one of the advocates for success in people’s lives.

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Image Source: The Happy Mondays Co. – Career Coach Singapore, Google Review

6. Gary and Pearl International Pte. Ltd.

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | 102 Potong Pasir Avenue 1 #10-342, Singapore 350102 | +65 6894-4371 | [email protected]

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Image Source: Gary and Pearl International Pte. Ltd.

Gary and Pearl International is a professional counsellor that provides career counselling and startup services. If you’re looking for a career coach in Singapore, they are one of the best career coaches because of the people who learned to love their careers again and grew through challenges and hardships in their professional decisions and paths.

Their individual services are career counselling, career coaching, career search and interview skills and busy professional job search and support.

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Image Source: Image Source: Gary and Pearl International Pte. Ltd., Google Review

7. Executive & Life Coaching Singapore

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | 32 Lor Sarhad, Singapore 119151 | +65-9066-8234 | [email protected]

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Image Source: Executive & Life Coaching Singapore

Jasrin Singh is a career coach and life trainer for individuals who find themselves out of control and power over their own decisions and life challenges. She provides coaching as a career coach, and a team player for life coaching and has the drive to help women empower themselves through feminine leadership training.

Jasrin uses various techniques to help people with life and career challenges through custom approaches, methodologies that work with different types of people, and purpose-driven strategies from real-life situations.

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Image Source: Executive & Life Coaching Singapore, Google Review

8. Atinon Coaching

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | 78 Guan Chuan St, #04-33, Singapore 160078 | +65-9636-5389 | [email protected]

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Image Source: Atinon Coaching

Mr Albert Atinon is a  life, health and career coach that helps people break the stigma of unhappiness and dissatisfaction when it comes to the path they choose to take.

As a career coach and life trainer, Albert Atinon has a level 3 Executive and Organisational Coach certification and is experienced with over 500 hours of coaching people in various fields.

Atinon Coaching now has almost 20 people on the team and is primarily based in Singapore, but also serves in the USA, China, Philippines and Indonesia.

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Image Source: Atinon Coaching, Google Review

9. Discovering Potential

Website | Facebook | 190 Clemenceau Ave, #06-08, Singapore 239924 | +65-9234-1380 | [email protected]

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Image Source: Discovering Potential

Siew Ling is the founder of Discovering Potential and is a career coach who humbly started the ambition to help individuals discover themselves, discover their best selves and discover the true potential in their careers.

She helps people go through interviews and ace their marks during defends and applications, how to improve their communication to excel wherever field they find themselves in and make a good print by self-awareness and personality assessments for development and improvement.

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Image Source: Discovering Potential, Google Review

10. Alex Aung Career Guidance Service

Website | Facebook | +65-8804-9978 | [email protected]

career coach singapore
Image Source: Alex Aung Career Guidance Service

Alex Aung is a career coach in Singapore who helps people look for the best professional pathways in the country. He specifically helps Myanmar people adapt and grow in the competitive country to be competitive individuals themselves.

Alex Aung is a certified and licensed coach for the Myanmar market in Singapore and since 2018, he has helped many people achieve their potential in the career paths they choose. This is because he specialises as a career coach, and a professional assessment trainer and has conducted his work using different social media platforms for people to easily connect with him and the services he offers.

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Image Source: Alex Aung Career Guidance Service, Google Review