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Best Emcee In Singapore

Best Emcee In Singapore

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Have you ever attended an event or a show that looked so exciting and fun on paper, but turned out bland and boring? Or the opposite, where the event sounded like any other function you’ve been to countless times already, but it ended up rather enjoyable, leaving you to question what part of the event made it so fun and engaging when it’s just another corporate event, or the nth wedding you’ve attended? 

You know how these programs go, yet some are just generally better than others. This is the power of an exceptional Master of Ceremonies, of much commonly known as the Emcee or MC of the show.

Why it matters to find the right Emcee Singapore edition

In your next corporate function, informal event, or even your own wedding, you might try to hire a friend, a relative, or someone you just found online to host your event. This decision may save you a few bucks, but you’ll regret not getting a good Emcee once you start seeing your guests completely uninterested in the program. 

A professional Emcee can specialize in one or more kinds of events, and fees vary from Emcee to Emcee, this list of top 10 Emcees Singapore can help you in choosing the perfect Emcee for the events you plan to host in the future.

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Sharlyn Lim

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If you want your guests to experience an event hosted by an Emcee with a very familiar voice to everyone in the room, Sharylin Lim is the perfect Emcee for Wedding and Virtual hosting events. Being a weekend radio DJ for Love 972 station, having voiced-over TV commercials, and with her recent movie ‘Make It Big Big’ her beauty and calming voice is sure to captivate your guests.

Equipped with a Media Management and Mass Communications degree, radio DJ experience, and an acting career, Sharilyn Lim can easily engage and captivate her audience like no other. Her witty, spontaneous, and bubbly charisma makes Sharylin Lim one of the most requested Emcees in Singapore.

Bernard J Solosa

Emcee Bernard


Bernard J. Solosa has been a distinguished presenter and host for over eight years. Known for his vibrant energy, quick wit, and irresistible charm, Bernard captivates audiences across a variety of events. His reputation as a premier host is underscored by a diverse clientele, ranging from multinational corporations to prestigious events featuring dignitaries, Members of Parliament, CEOs, and VIPs, as well as engagements at The Esplanade, music festivals, and international shows. EmceeBERNS stands out as a top choice for engaging and entertaining emceeing in Singapore, specializing in fun corporate conferences, lively wedding receptions, and captivating entertainment events.

Charmaine Yee

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Versatile and sophisticated, Charmaine Yee is an Event Host, Radio Presenter, and TV Presenter with over 13 years of experience perfect to Emcee your events. From corporate, sports, and product launch events, she can bring any function to life with her quick wit, warm demeanour, and easy repartee.

The range of Charmaine Yee’s work with previous clients is proof that Singapore can’t get enough of her talent and aptness as an Emcee. She can captivate audiences and make any event livelier with her charm and skills, booking her for your event will surely be worth every penny

Wayne Chew

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Looking for an Emcee to bring in that WOW factor to your event? Then Wayne Chew is the Emcee to book. He is a specialist entertainer that can get the crowd going while sticking to the program proper. Wayne Chew’s humor, wit, and creativity is sure to make your event feel more alive.

The work of an Emcee is often understated in the world of entertainment, whether for a wedding, birthday, or corporate events, Wayne Chew’s talent in Emceeing is sure to entertain the crowd and keep the event fun and engaging from start to finish.

Caitanya Tan

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Are you looking for an all-rounder Emcee for your event? Then Caitanya Tan is the Emcee for you! As an actress and a singer, she’s one of the most sought-after talents in Singapore today. With over 14 years of experience in the entertainment industry, having Caitanya Tan at your event is sure to have your guests enthralled by her charming presence and professionalism as a host.

What sets her apart from other Emcees Singapore is her previous work with European- related cultural, networking, and corporate events. She’s not just an ‘Emcee who sings’, Caitanya Tan is your go-to Emcee for events with mostly foreign guests.

Melvin Ho

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Since 2006, Melvin Ho has been a professional Emcee for both formal and active events. His carefree, can-do attitude, and adaptability have ushered him to work alongside top event planners not just in Singapore, but in other countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Dubai!

For a fun, charming, happy-go-lucky Emcee for conferences, seminars, DND, roadshows, and formal events, Melvin Ho is your guy.

Kyle Ravin

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Do you want an engaging Emcee for your event? Do you want a magician to entertain your guests? Why not get both? Kyle Ravin is a virtuoso of ceremonies- separating him from other professional Emcees Singapore by using his talents in magic and event hosting to captivate his crowd and elevate functions to outstanding stage presence.

Kyle Ravin’s unique approach to event hosting by injecting magic performances to his work makes him best suitable for your next Gala Award Night or to spice up your usual Dinner and Dances.

Sylvia Tham

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Consistent yet versatile and creative at the same time. Sylvia Tham is a highly sought-after Master of Ceremonies in Singapore. Having hosted almost a thousand different shows in over 10 years as an Emcee, she is best known for being one of the best Emcees for wedding events in Singapore, solidifying her as a go- to talent for making wedding events most memorable for guests, and especially to the new bride and groom.

Avoid the same old jokes to make an audience laugh, entrust the most important role of a wedding event to Sylvia Tham and you’re sure to have a night you’ll never forget.

Ainsley Chong

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Ainsley Chong is a notable Emcee in Singapore for his stage charisma and the use of close-up magic to delight his audience- adding his personal flair to events he hosts, upgrading it to new heights. An expert of his own craft, he can make any event very memorable to you and everyone present.

If you want your guests entertained with an engaging emcee with a few magic tricks up his sleeve (literally!), Ainsley Chong is the emcee to hire to host your next event.

Stanley Soh

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With event hosting in his genes, Stanley Soh started hosting for his secondary school events. An energetic, versatile host, he can make any venue full of life and vigor through his hosting skills. Stanley Soh’s expertise as an emcee makes any event captivating. His initiative is a great help both onstage and offstage.

If you want a versatile emcee for your next event, Stan is your man.

A great Emcee can turn any event into a party, and not everyone can do it. An Emcee who knows their craft well can unite the most uncooperative audience in ways most captivating that you might think the guests are part of an orchestra; and the Emcee is their conductor. If you have a suggestion to add to our list of professional emcee Singapore, don’t hesitate to let us know!