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Best 5 Plumber In Singapore 2020

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Plumbing services are essential to keeping the day running efficiently. Everything someone does in a day almost always includes using the plumbing system. This is why a plumber Singapore is needed from time to time.

Residentials, commercial and industrial properties need the efficiency and effectivity of plumbing systems. From using taps to using the toilet and all the facilities that require the usage of water and the disposal of it need to maintain operative purposes.

If you are looking for a plumber Singapore, then it is important to know how to look for the reliable service provider and when to know they are the best of your choices. Especially for living in Singapore, it is a fast-paced country that is progressively developing. Resources are in demand to keep up with the developments, and making sure the systems are ready for the constant change.

Below, we have compiled questions that will help you find a reliable plumber Singapore to help you with concerns regarding your plumbing needs. This includes knowing how to choose the best.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Plumber Singapore 

Do they have the services I require?

  • A plumber Singapore may not always have the services you require. Some plumbing service providers can be exclusive for residentials only. Some of these service providers may be exclusive for commercial or industrial properties alone. There are some plumbers that do offer a wholesome service for their clients, but they could be the busiest. It all comes down to availability and efficiency of the service providers. The best thing about this is you can always inquire with the plumber Singapore.

Do they have the experience, knowledge and skill to carry out the job?

  • Let’s not take this wrongly. Sometimes, providing plumbing services the longest doesn’t mean the best and the most reliable. Yet, if it means that they have been very consistent with their development and progress, how do you know? First of all, they come in highly recommended and they do get good reviews. Sometimes, it all comes down to experiencing their services firsthand. Experience can be the best critic, after all.

How recommended are they?

  • Now, recommendations can come in an array of waves – depending on the services people received from plumbers. Some people may say they were a perfect 10. Some people may say neither deserve a rating. Some may be very honest and say the pros and cons of the services they received. Now, the decision to consider a plumber Singapore would be on the people who know how to see the pros and cons of services they receive, because there are things that cannot be helped; like tardiness of the plumber because of traffic or the previous job was harder than they thought. It’s always best to take into consideration factors that are out of anyone’s control when it comes to reviews from people before criticizing some plumbing service providers.

What does the reviews say and are they reliable?

  • As mentioned above, it’s always best to take into consideration factors that are out of anyone’s control. May the matter be big or small, when people get bad services or good services, they will talk and write about it. Be careful what you consider bad services, because some reviewers may just been temperamental or the services really weren’t worth it – understand things at your own risk than letting someone else’s review dictate yours.
plumber singapore
Image From Scott Webb, Unsplash


S&E Plumbing (Google Review; 1.0, 2 Reviews)
SE Plumbing is a plumbing service provider that has been serving the people of Singapore since 2003. Their plumbers are experienced and certified with PUB licenses to deliver the services people need. They are recommended by clients who have been with them since they began, and their services have been improving since then.
Contact Number: +65-6388-8911
Address: 09-520 Tampines Avenue 9, Block 496E, Singapore (050531)
Email: se_plumbing@yahoo.com.sg

plumber singapore
Image From SE plumbing



Singapore Plumbing Society (Google Review; 1.0, 1 Review)
Aside from providing quality plumbing services themselves, they have an advocacy to provide their members with the effective skills, knowledge and programmes that improve the services they deliver to clients. Singapore Plumbing Society was founded in the year 1956 to introduce effective plumbing innovations to members and the citizens of Singapore for a future-ready foolproof structure.
Rates: Administration Free, S$250.00
Contact Number: +65-6295-6166
Address: 117B Jalan Besar, 3rd Level, Singapore (208837)
Email: sps@plumbing.org.sg

plumber Singapore
Image From Singapore Plumbing Society


Family Plumber Singapore (Google Review; 2.0, 1 Review)
Family Plumber Singapore was established in 1988 to provide plumbing resolutions in Singapore. They provide services around the clock, and have offices in four different parts of Singapore to increase the efficiency of their services, and for better access to clients all over Singapore. They believe that the convenience of the clients should always be a priority in providing services.
Rates: Ranges from S$20.00-S$350.00
Contact Number: +65-8126-2163
Address: 140 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore (588176)
Email: enquiry@24hrfamilyplumber.com

plumber Singapore
Image From Scott Webb, Unsplash



24 Hours Plumber (Google Review; 2.4, 57 Reviews)
24 Hours Plumber has been serving in Singapore for more than 20 years and they are one of the most in-demand plumbing service providers in Singapore. They are also available for service 24/7, and have been very productive in giving quality services for emergencies. They are constantly trained professionals who always find ways to improve their services for the clients.
Rates: Ranges from S$40.00-S$500.00
Contact Number: +65-9789-7227
Address: 27-15, 10 Anson Road, Singapore (079903)

plumber Singapore
Image From 24 Hours Plumber, Facebook


Mr Plumber Singapore (Google Review; 4.8, 428 Reviews)
Mr Plumber is one of the most reliable and efficient plumbers in Singapore. They have established their reputation over the years that they have been serving in Singapore. They specialize in plumbing services for residentials, commercial and industrial requirements. Their plumbers are experienced professionals, and provided with training to improve their knowledge and skills in rendering the services for their clientele base.
Rates: Ranges from S$90.00-S$390.00
Contact Number: +65-6653-6258
Address: 3 Phillip Street, Singapore (048693)
Email: enquiry@mrplumber.sg

plumber Singapore
Image From Mr Plumber Singapore


Pro Tip for Clients:

Some rates of a plumber Singapore may be subject for inquiry and a quotation will be needed when acquiring of the services. This will be convenient for clients to know how much they will be required to pay, and may avoid any surprise charges from the plumbing service providers.

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