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Best Piano Lessons Singapore

Best Piano Lessons Singapore

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Where To Enroll in Piano Lessons in Singapore?

There is always that point in a person’s life when they realize some things. Sometimes, those things can be too late – like realizing how fulfilling it is to have a talent and a skill. Regardless of this matter, it is never too late for piano lessons in Singapore.

Especially when your child is into music, our first thought would be to check on what they would like to learn. Children have a fascination with many instruments. One of the most fascinating instruments to children is the piano.

If you want your child to have a good course of piano lessons in Singapore, there are mentionable schools and centres you can choose from.

How to Choose Where to Enroll for Piano Lessons in Singapore

It is not easy to choose where to get your piano lessons in Singapore. You will need a good reputation to assure your child gets the best lessons to learn the best techniques in playing the piano.

Here are some pointers on how to choose the best place for your child’s piano lessons in Singapore:

Recommendations and Reviews

Always ask around for the opinions of others. Keep note of the recommendations you get from people, and watch out for the reviews you receive as well. 

When people like the services, they always recommend it. They do not talk about it. But, when people dislike certain services, they will always talk about it to everyone they know.

Getting recommendations and reviews on piano lessons in Singapore is a good way of knowing your options.

Effective Teaching and Results

When you get recommendations and reviews, it is also good to look at the reviewer or the person giving a recommendation. Check out who took piano lessons. Are they good pianists? How are they doing with the piano lessons?

Always look at the product of the teachers who gave the piano lessons in Singapore. How well the pupils are at playing the piano shows how good their teachers are.

Interview Teachers

Take time to meet the teachers who will be giving the piano lessons. Ask how they teach and analyse in their technique would suit your child.

It is important that the future teacher of your child for piano lessons in Singapore also get approve from you, and not only best for your child.

Best Piano Lessons Providers in Singapore

The Happy PianistPiano Lessons Singapore

Website | +6591127056 

The Happy Pianist help piano students find the best suitable piano teachers in Singapore, 24 hours or less, for Free! No hidden charges, no administration fee, no admin fee.

Play By Ear Music School

Piano Lessons Singapore

Website | +65-6338-7939

The Play By Ear Music School has been providing piano lessons in Singapore since 2003. In terms of experience, they have witnessed the growth and success of the students that have stayed with them. They continue to do so to this day. They believe that what they do is important with professionalism, the betterment of their students and the improvement of talent and skills.

Forte Music Training

Forte Music Training

 Website |+65-9111-6321

Ms Dorothy Chia has been offering piano lessons in Singapore for more than 20 years. Ms Dorothy finds the inspiration to teach piano skills to everyone who has curiosity, is hardworking and wants to genuinely learn and master playing the piano. Feedback and recommendations are back-to-back with former and new students that love how she handles the piano lessons.

Josephine Koh Piano Academy

Josephine Koh

Website | +65-6468-7570

Josephine Koh Piano Academy collaborates with different schools to present piano lessons in Singapore. It is in the academy’s best interest to give the best education and lessons for everyone who wants to learn music and the piano.

Jazz Piano School

Jazz Piano School

Website | +65-6336-9886 

The best thing about Jazz Piano School is that the piano lessons are led by stage performers and professional educators. One of the objectives and goals of Jazz Piano school is to provide piano lessons in Singapore that encourage everyone to learn, enjoy the experience and motivate each other to fulfil the thirst for being great at playing.

Replugged Music School

Replugged Music School

Website |+65-6337-0250

The students who have been with Replugged Music School have always loved the school of music. And, they have been around for more than 15 years. The school focuses on teaching music and offers different classes including piano lessons in Singapore.

Presto Studios

Piano Lessons Singapore

 Website | +65-9695-1830

The Presto Studios knows that when you love music, there is no unloving music. The studio believes in the potential of an individual music lover, and how music can make an impact in the lives of those who pursue it. Ms Janic Ong started Presto Studios in hope that everyone who pursues music will find themselves in the journey. They also offer piano lessons in Singapore for beginners and intermediate students.

Learning how to play the piano is both easy and hard. It is easy in terms of knowing your passion and determination to learn. It is hard in terms of making sure you have the discipline to continue and master the skill.