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5 Best Piano Tuner Singapore

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piano tuner singapore

Piano Tuner Singapore

One of the hardest services to look for would be a piano tuner Singapore. There are a lot of considerations to think about, and there are risks that will be faced if you do not hire the proper service providers.

A piano tuner Singapore are service providers that make adjustments to correct the pitch of a piano. A tuner is important to any instrument that requires adjustments – it just happens to be extra delicate to handle a piano.

The difference of a piano tuner Singapore from a piano technician may be more different than you think. They may almost seem similar, but their job descriptions come in differently.

A piano technician prefer to be called a technician because of the complexity of their skills. A piano tuner is exactly that – a tuner. It is very specific because being a piano tuner is also very difficult. 

Being a piano tuner Singapore means knowing everything that needs to be done before tuning, during the tuning and after the tuning. It is important to have the accurate knowledge for piano tuning before you can be a tuner – which is why people entering this profession are licensed and trained to work the part.

If you are wondering if you can tune your own piano instead of hiring a piano tuner, you can. But, it is best to take into consideration that you must have the skills and knowledge to do so. Improper procedures in tuning the piano can lead to even more trouble than you think.

In tuning, it is important to be sure and precise with the work done as a piano tuner Singapore. The strings of the piano are very delicate parts of the piano. They handle every sound coming from the piano; and it is crucial that the tone and pitch are just right.

The piano tuner must make sure that the strings are stretched just right, to make sure the pitch is raised where it must through the tension points – his is that huge difference between a piano technician and a piano tuner Singapore.

Why Would You Need a Piano Tuner Singapore?

piano tuner singapore

The piano does not sound right.
This gives you a reason to go for tuning. It could most probably mean that the strings are out of tune. There are factors that cause this such as the change in temperature – consistent or not. It is important that there is a long period or permanence of temperature and humidity of the environment surrounding the piano.

Maintenance is a must!
Pianos need to be tuned regularly. It is essential that the piano’s strings are all in tune. The piano’s strings have different pitches and frequencies that allow the sound to come out as they must. When the piano is not tuned regularly, the strings start to stretch out of pitch and frequency, out of tune as well. This is because of the tension points.

Assurances in tuning the piano

The piano has not been played for a while.
When the piano is not used at a regular basis, it can damage the piano. The damage may not come from the playing, but the change in temperature. There is more damage to the piano when we regard the surroundings and the environment. Change in temperature or humidity for the piano can loosen or make the materials of the piano fragile more than we think.

The piano needs a pitch raise first.
When your piano needs tuning, it is important to raise the pitch of the strings first. This is because tuning causes a huge change to the piano. It is important for the piano tuner Singapore to raise the pitch first so when the tuning needs to be done, he does not have to go over his job of “re-tuning” the first strings all over again.

Moving and relocation
Moving and relocation of the piano does more changes to the piano than actually playing the piano. This is because of the constant change of the humidity to the exterior and interior of the piano. The pressure of changes in the decreasing and increasing humidity and temperature changes the “settings” of the piano – loosening the strings, expanding the piano’s components and materials. There needs to be consistency, stability and constancy in the location of the piano; away from direct hit of sunlight or any other extreme factors.

Note: What does it mean when your piano tuner says your piano can no longer be tuned?

Just a disclosure –  this does not mean it is not repairable. Yet, repairing the piano would be costly, which is a sign that it would be better to get a new one.

Your piano tuner Singapore means that the strings may not be at the quality they once were, or the tuning pins can no longer hold the stretching of the strings, hold the tuning in place or you will need replacements. The most probable cause is – yes – degraded material.

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Top Providers for Piano Tuner Singapore

  1. The Happy Pianist

The Happy Pianist is devoted to rendering services of quality and professionalism to clients. It is important that they deliver it with reliability, communication and product mastery as a piano tuner Singapore.

  1. Attune Piano Singapore

Attune Piano Singapore offers services with the best interest of the clients at all times. They work fast, they are reliable and they never waste the clients’ time. Attune Piano Singapore is also one of the most recommended service providers as a piano tuner Singapore.

  1. Finest Used Piano Singapore

The company is a secondhand seller of pianos. When you are a secondhand seller of pianos, it is important to provide the services needed for a piano – especially when it comes to tuning. Finest Used Piano Singapore is recommended and highly rated by many clients.

  1. Yamaha

Yamaha’s Technical Service Center is great at delivering technical help along with customer service. They offer the best quality of services ranging from tuning, voicing, part replacements and repairs.

  1. Just Piano Services

Just Piano Services are one of the most recommended as a piano tuner Singapore because of the quality and consistently reliable services they render. They offer piano tuning, piano regulating and other general care your piano needs.

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We offer a unique, curated list of piano tuner providers. Hire the best providers for your piano tuning, enquire through us and receive a special rate using the contact form below.

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