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As piano and music enthusiasts, it is important to keep the things you own in pristine condition. This is why when you’re moving, it would be best to hire piano movers Singapore.

Before we continue, why do you need to hire the piano movers to help move the piano? How do they help and make things easier for you?

For starters, looking for one may seem like a hassle. Especially when you think you can move the piano yourself – with a little help, why shouldn’t you?

Piano movers Singapore are a huge advantage in relocating your piano, and they know how to do it with utmost care. The reason they exist is to make sure that your piano is in perfect condition even after moving it – regardless of all the challenges in relocating it.

What Piano Movers Singapore Say in Relocating the Piano

Piano movers Singapore have been handling pianos professionally, and are experienced to tell when, where and how it should be relocated. Relocating the piano may need plenty of considerations to think about.

When moving the piano, it is important to think of certain things that will largely benefit the condition of the piano. It will also benefit the piano in the long term in done right.

Here are some factors that must be thought about thoroughly before moving the piano according to piano movers Singapore:

  • The first thing that needs to be thought about is the temperature of the location of the piano. Most of a piano is made of wood, and some parts made of iron. Extreme temperatures can cause damage to a piano. It would be best to keep away from wet places, or moist for that matter. It could affect the condition of the piano more than you think.
  • Avoid any exposure of the piano to heat, water of any kind and surroundings that may cause damaging permanent effects on the piano in the long term. This may decrease the quality of the piano’s materials.
  • Be responsible with the piano. It is important to clean it, tune it when needed and kept dry to make sure no damage comes to it. 
  • Keep the piano under supervision when young kids are around. Talk to them and help them understand why it is important to be mindful and careful of the piano.
  • Make sure that the interior of the piano is also regularly cleaned. Unless you are a professional in cleaning the piano, please keep your hands to yourself and resist from wanting to clean the interior yourself. It is best to leave the cleaning of the piano’s interior to professional piano technicians.
  • Use your piano regularly or get a cheaper digitized one. Not playing your piano is not really healthy for your piano because the materials will degrade; the keys will soon wear down and the other parts cold and stale.

The Benefits of Hiring Piano Movers Singapore

Product Knowledge

The piano movers Singapore know pianos. They know how to handle the pianos by size, type – and definitely how they all should be moved to another location or position. Pianos are heavy and very delicate – it takes knowledge of handling the piano to work on moving it. We may think pianos are all the same, but they are not.

There are upright pianos, grand pianos, digital pianos – and, they all need proper handling and care. Hiring piano movers Singapore will give you an assurance of proper handling and relocation of the piano.

Piano Exterior Safety

Piano owners would not own amazingly expensive pianos if they did not love it. It is essentially important that the piano is given good care – especially the exterior. 

Hiring piano movers Singapore is one of the best ideas, because they have the tools, the equipment and the knowledge to have the piano relocated or moved without compromising it. It is especially important to them that not even a scratch is done to the piano.

Piano Interior Safety

The interior of any piano is very delicate, and also very vulnerable. It is important to remember that even a strong swing or the most gentle bump can damage something. Once the piano is damaged, it may never play the same again.

Especially if the piano and pretty old, it is very fragile. So, utmost care is needed in handling it. Piano interior safety is very important in so many aspects – moving or relocating, cleaning, tuning, handling. Piano movers Singapore, and piano technicians, are required in these situations the most.

What You Should Know in Hiring Piano Movers Singapore

Piano movers Singapore may have different rates. The rates would entirely depend on the required time and load for the job. Some piano movers may charge per hour or per day. It would be best to ask for a quotation with the piano movers.

Always seek for recommendations. People will always be honest about the services they receive, so make sure you do analyze the opinions carefully before hiring the service providers you require.

Hit up the reviews page for the best piano movers Singapore. This is the best way to check for people who have tried the services upfront. The honest reviews are always in the low rated reviews. The reviews would indicate how the piano movers Singapore handled the job on their end and how the overall services were delivered.

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We offer a unique, curated list of piano movers singapore providers. Hire the best providers for your moving needs, enquire through us and receive a special rate using the contact form below.

Top Piano Movers Singapore

  1. The Happy Pianist

    The Happy Pianist are experts in handling the challenges of moving, relocating and safety control of pianos. They are great at providing the conveniences in piano moving, especially when it comes to small and narrow pathways. They would be great at handling the carrying of pianos up or down the staircase. They work to provide quality administration of piano transport and moving.
  2. Jie Transport Service

    Jie Transport Service is one of the most promising piano movers Singapore because of their love for music and pianos. They know how to handle their tasks and have always been reliable since their open. They work with quality, efficiency and professionalism. They also render services for piano storages, tuning, disposal and rental.
  3. Piano Movers Singapore

    Piano Movers Singapore are one of the best and most experienced piano movers since the year 1998. They have tackled almost all the obstacles of handling a piano, moving a piano or relocating a piano. They also have the knowledge to deserve their name Piano Movers Singapore. They are piano lovers that have rendered services for many clients throughout the years, all with recommendations and awesome reviews!