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Best 5 Wakesurfing Singapore Instructors 2021

Best 5 Wakesurfing Singapore Instructors 2021

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Wakesurfing is one of the best watersports there are. Not only because it could be pretty extreme for some people, but because you can have utter spontaneous fun with the sport.

Most people get two things mixed up though – wakesurfing and wakeboarding. It’s a common mistake for people, and sometimes, we can’t blame them. The similarities are cunning! But, if you watch the water sports closely, you will eventually know the difference.

Wakesurfing mostly goes like this. At the start of the sport, you will be gripping a rope connection to the boat in the water in front of you. The procedure is that you will hold on to the rope until the boat pulls you into the water, enabling you to ‘surf’ the surface and create waves for you to enjoy.

Unlike wakeboarding, you let go of the rope in wakesurfing and hit the waves that the boat is creating for you. So, it’s either you surf all the waves with you waveboard, or you fall into the water – and that’s wakesurfing for you. It’s an entirely different procedure for wakeboarding, but we’ll get into it in another insightful content.

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Wakesurfing is a very chill water sport – but like all sports, it can get quite extreme. While you may think it’s simple and all you have to do is stand firm on your wakeboard, it is not as simple as that.

If you would really like to learn wakesurfing on a more advanced and competitive level, you would need to know more than just how to grip the rope and make sure you do not fall off your board. It takes more than just the basics to fuel your passion when it comes to this water sport. Your body and mind should be prepared for it.

Like every other sport, wakesurfing comes with great physical benefits to the athlete. Wakesurfing is an amazing cardio for people who need the strength for rush sports. It is also a good workout for the upper body and the legs, considering you need firm stance on the board when you go surfing.

While wakesurfing is a good workout and exercise for people, it is also an amazing way for people to meet other people. We all know sports is good for an individual’s overall health – the same goes for wakesurfing.

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  1. Get a good night’s sleep and eat right. This is always a must. While training with your coach for wakesurfing, it is important to have good sleep all the time. You will need your nutrients, so make sure you eat the right food for you. You cannot train and wake surf with your body feeling sloppy and weak.
  2. Hustle the core workouts. Always know which parts of your body to strengthen for wakesurfing. This is not just strengthening your body, but also your heart and mind. Strengthen your legs so they are strong enough to handle the speed and the force of the waves. Strengthen your arms and grip, so you can hold the rope until you’re out with the waves. Strengthen your mind to remain alert and focused. While you’re at it, enjoy!
  3. Make it a hobby. It’s not just exercise or a workout. Wakesurfing can be a burning passion you need to work hard for. Always be excited to try out new things when it comes to wakesurfing – always test your limits when you can. Wakesurfing is one of the few sports you can always harness your skills to, and you never run out of things to master.
  4. Pack what you need – better ready than messy if it’s your first time. Make sure you wear your most comfortable and flexible swimwear. Always double-check that your sunscreen is packed. Always make a mental note to stretch and warm up before you head on to wakesurf.


Surf N Wake

Image From Surf N Wake Singapore

Address: 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670
Contact Number: +65-9855-6623
Social Media Accounts: Instagram / Facebook
Website: https://surfnwake.com
Client Review: “Yen is super patient, friendly and gives sharp precise cues. Me and friends were able to pick up fast and enjoyed our maiden wake surfing experience. No regrets and definitely recommend anyone, new or experienced to wake surf with Yen!!” (Malcolm Pow, Google Reviews)


Image From Wakemusters

Address: 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670
Contact Number: +65-9048-7060
Social Media Accounts: Instagram / Facebook
Website: https://wakemusters.com
Client Review: “Had the most awesome time wakesurfing at Wakemusters! THE place to go if you’re looking for wakesurfing in Singapore. I was a little worried at the pier because the water didn’t look great – but not to worry, Marcus will take you out to the sea where you feel young, wild, free AND clean/cool while you wakesurf/wakeboard. We ordered beer & chips to have during the session – highly recommended!” (Youhee Shin, Google Reviews)

Suter Wake Pro

Image From Suterwake Pro

Address: 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670
Contact Number: +65-9742-7201
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Website: https://www.sutertan.com/
Client Review: Suter is an amazing coach, an amazing trainer, and is also an amazing guy to be around. He has helped many people reach their potential in wakesurfing. He has also helped people harness their talents and skills in water sports. This is why it is not surprising that he has helped many athletes take home medals from international competitions. He was even the coach of the Singaporean Team! Learn from the best if you have a passion to grow for water sports.


Image From Edgewake

Address: 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670
Contact Number: +65-6386-6634
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Website: http://edgewake.com
Client Review: “Great boat and great coach. Kids loved it” (Christian Bittar, Google Reviews)


Image From Ryders

Address: 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670
Contact Number: +65-6386-3891
Social Media Accounts: Instagram / Facebook
Website: https://www.rydersatponggol.com
Client Review: “I have been riding here primarily with Claire and Larry. They are both great people, and honestly if you want wakesurfing, this is the best place to be :)” (M L, Google Reviews)