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Best Life Coaching Singapore Has for You

Best Life Coaching Singapore Has for You

Last Updated on 01/05/2023 by Singapore You

At some point in life, everyone experiences a sense of being lost and bewildered in various areas, such as relationships and careers. In such situations, seeking assistance from the top life coaches in Singapore could be all that’s required to find clarity.

Engaging the services of the finest life coaches in Singapore can bring about countless advantages, such as having a mentor to guide you towards the easiest route to accomplishing your aspirations. Additionally, life coaches can aid in identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

To provide assistance, we have compiled a list of the most sought-after and exceptional life coaches in Singapore for your convenience. Please peruse the list below to determine which one offers the services that meet your requirements.

1. Kellyjo Coney-Khan

Website | Singapore | [email protected]

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Tidylodge is a company that aims to merge neuroscience, result-driven executive coaching, and neurobiological psychotherapy by utilizing EMDR and an intensive program to aid individuals and couples in achieving their goals in as little as three days or over a weekend. The combination of these three elements has been shown to be effective in accelerating growth in essential areas of people’s lives.

Kellyjo Coney-Khan, MAPACS-L4, SAC, Psych. (APACS), M.A., BA, Dipl., EMDRIA Cert., AF-EMDR Accred. & AI-EMDR Accred. is the mastermind behind Tidylodge. She is a highly experienced and skilled psychotherapist and coach who works with executives and couples. Additionally, she is certified and accredited in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and uses this technique in the field of performance enhancement.

What sets her apart is her ability to go beyond traditional coaching and therapy to revolutionize psychotherapy. Her approach is neurobiological and focuses on reprocessing the brain to an adaptive resolution, without the current stressors weighing on a person’s mind or generally to enhance a person’s current performance in their preferred areas. She caters to high-functioning everyday corporate adults and homemakers who aim to excel in all areas of their lives and build a life without limits.

Tidylodge is a premium boutique firm that works with only one client per week or weekend to provide incredible and rapid results in a short time frame. Kellyjo has helped government officials, lawyers, doctors, business leaders, tech executives, homemakers, and couples through her intensive programs. There is an assessment for candidacy, as not everyone may be suited for the intensives, especially those with certain underlying conditions.

Overall, we believe that Kellyjo and Tidylodge are exceptional choices for a unique and highly effective approach to psychotherapy and coaching for high-functioning individuals.

2. Ruchi Parekh

Website | [email protected]

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Ruchi Parekh is a Professional Certified Coach certified by the International Coach Federation. She specializes in Executive, Life, and Career coaching, and was awarded the Emerging Executive Coach of the Year 2022 Award. Ruchi is recognized as one of the 50 Power Women of Asia by the Asian Money Guide.

Ruchi works with high-performance and high-potential individuals, assisting them in developing emotional resilience and a positive mindset, which allows them to shift from feeling frustrated and lost to become insightful, impactful, and inspired professionals. Her primary objective as a coach is to improve every aspect of her clients’ lives, from emotional to physical. If you are feeling unsatisfied, lost, confused, or unhappy with your current life situation, seeking assistance from Coach Ruchi Parekh might be worth considering.

Ruchi is an experienced coach, former lawyer, NLP Practitioner, and keynote speaker. She has coached professionals from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds.

3. Lynda Williams Coaching

Website | Balanced Living, Floor 2, 779 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269758 | [email protected]

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Lynda is a certified Holistic Life & Executive Coach who combines her training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness, and MBIT with her vast personal and professional life experience to help her clients achieve their ultimate goals. She uses a variety of techniques to assist individuals in enhancing their mindset, leading them to live an evolved, authentic, and fulfilled life while balancing strategy, science, and spirituality. Lynda increases overall confidence and well-being by using the mind’s power purposefully and implementing helpful and robust strategies to help individuals overcome recurring, unhelpful habits that act as roadblocks.

Lynda has coached clients on various topics, including health goals, career development, relationships, grief, and finding one’s purpose and ‘why.’ Prior to coaching, she founded an award-winning Communications Agency and is a frequent speaker on communicating with confidence and overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

Furthermore, Lynda is the Founder and Editor of The Soothe, a digital well-being platform in Singapore promoting a holistic and balanced approach to well-being. She interviews numerous health experts and doctors, both locally and internationally, on the latest wellness initiatives.

4. Nancy Ho

Website | Singapore

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Boasting over 26 years of experience, Nancy Ho has established herself as one of the most reliable life coaches in Singapore, assisting clients in dealing with a diverse range of life challenges. Through her life coaching services, she has enhanced the lives of over 10,000 clients.

Nancy Ho has the expertise to support clients through difficult circumstances such as unemployment, midlife crises, relationship issues, divorce, and the loss of a family member. This is why she is widely regarded as one of Singapore’s top life coaches.

Furthermore, Nancy Ho is recognized for her no-nonsense and straightforward approach, which enables her to provide objective and practical solutions to any problem a client may encounter.

5. FLI Coaching

Website | +65 6220 311 | [email protected]

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FLI Coaching is recognized for having some of the most sought-after executive coaches and top life coaches in Singapore. The company also extends its services to several neighbouring countries, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and others.

FLI Coaching is one of the pioneer executive and life coaching firms in Singapore, with a history dating back over 25 years.

Although FLI Coaching’s rates tend to be higher compared to its competitors, it is a renowned and reputable company. Therefore, quality-wise, clients can expect exceptional service and results.

6. Ralitza Peeva

Website | Singapore | +65-9101-9313

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Ralitza Peeva is not only an exceptional life coach in Singapore but also a distinguished counsellor. Her expertise extends to stress management, relationship counselling, depression management, personal development, and more.

In addition to her impressive educational background, Ralitza has over 10 years of experience in coaching and counselling, making her one of the most reputable professionals on the island.

Ralitza is committed to providing affordable and reasonable rates to both current and prospective clients, as she strongly believes that everyone should have access to high-quality counselling and coaching services.

7. Eugene Seah Abundance Life Coach

Website | 51 Scott’s Road, #03-08, Singapore 228241 | [email protected]

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Eugene Seah Abundance Life Coach is an excellent option for companies seeking to enhance their productivity and profitability. Their program is centred on “Mindset, Mastery, and Money” and strives to assist clients in achieving any life goal they desire.

8. Coaching Go Where

Website | [email protected]

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Coaching Go Where is a vital destination for anyone striving to become the best possible leader. Their leadership training and courses can help executives, aspiring business owners, and project leaders reach their full potential quickly.

They provide a range of courses, including executive coaching, consulting, and a variety of leadership-focused training. Visit their website to explore all their offerings.

9. Lifework Global

Website | 331 North Bridge Road, Level 22, Odeon Towers, Singapore 188720 | +65 9663 3051 | [email protected]

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Lifework Global is an excellent choice for women seeking guidance in overcoming internal obstacles and advancing in life.

Their motto is to assist women in finding clarity, freedom, and joy, and they go above and beyond to achieve this objective. Lifework has been in the industry for a considerable period and has received positive recognition from the field as a whole.

10. Hann Performance

Website | [email protected]

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Hann Performance is the ideal coaching solution for individuals seeking a competitive advantage in sports and health. Their training philosophy is founded on both academic knowledge and practical application, making their program an obvious choice for those searching for an exercise coach.

What distinguishes them is their mobile application, which enables their customized coaching program to be readily accessible at all times, providing convenience and accessibility to their clients.