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The 10 Best Waxing Salons in Singapore

The 10 Best Waxing Salons in Singapore

Last Updated on 26/03/2023 by Singapore You

Have you exhausted all options such as various shaving creams or DIY wax products, but are still unable to get rid of your unwanted hair completely? Then it’s high time to seek advice from professionals and find the most trustworthy aesthetic clinic that offers the best waxing treatments in Singapore.

Compared to shaving, waxing delivers longer-lasting results and is a safer alternative to laser treatments. Plus, it’s undoubtedly more affordable than laser treatments.

Don’t hesitate any longer, check out our list of the top places that offer the best waxing treatments in Singapore. You’ll undoubtedly appreciate our picks, which include exceptional treatments, flexible prices, and easily accessible locations!

1. Honeypot

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Honeypot is a renowned waxing salon that provides a comprehensive selection of services for removing body and facial hair. Their treatments cater to all body parts and use their unique in-house strip or hot wax products.

Their premium hot wax is used for facial waxing to effectively eliminate all undesirable hair and maintain a smooth and radiant complexion. This is especially helpful when you’re sporting full makeup.

2. Pink Parlour

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Pink Parlour has gained popularity for its diverse range of services, which includes various hair removal techniques like waxing and IPL treatments. They’ve also been featured on several media platforms.

Their waxing services cater to both men and women, and they offer affordable packages that allow you to have multiple sessions at a lower cost. This is one reason why they are considered to offer some of the best waxing treatments in Singapore.

In addition to waxing, they provide additional services such as brow embroidery, manicures, pedicures, spray tanning, and whitening.

3. Blush

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Blush has gained a reputation as one of the top recommendations for the best waxing treatments in Singapore. They use industry-leading brands of depilatory waxes and after-care waxes for all their treatments.

Their premium products are of high quality and can effectively prevent hair breakages, ingrown hair, painful sting, and redness.

Apart from their waxing services, they also provide DPL hair removal, manicure services, and whitening treatments. In addition, they sell branded skincare products to help you maintain stronger and healthier skin.

4. Supersmooth

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Supersmooth offers a wide array of waxing services, such as Brazilian, bikini, leg, underarm, and facial waxing for lips, chin, and eyebrows, providing you with top-notch waxing treatments in Singapore.

Additionally, they also provide skin facials, body slimming, massages, nail care, and spray tanning services. Furthermore, if you are seeking a change, they even have a hair salon where you can get a fresh new haircut.

5. Nude

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If you want to eliminate stubborn hair from head to toe, Nude provides excellent full-body waxing services that can be availed a la carte or as packages. The best part is that they offer these superior services at affordable prices.

Not only do you get to experience top-notch quality services and feel at ease in their cosy spa, but you also get to pay at a reasonable cost, making it a win-win situation.

Their waxing service begins at just $6.00.

6. B@RE Beauty Clinic

Booking | 31 Lowland Rd, Singapore 547424 | +65 9857 6877


B@RE Beauty Clinic strives to deliver exceptional waxing services to its clients. They provide both immediate and temporary removal of body hair, so you can visit them anytime you need to.

Their clinic comprises CIDESCO and ITEC-certified therapists who undergo rigorous training. They are also skilled in handling customers with the utmost care and attention. Moreover, these professionals are capable of catering to their client’s specific requests, such as pain tolerance, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

7. Nice Beauty

Booking | 68 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 217973 | +65 6291 6626


Formerly known as iShine Beaute and Hair Salon, Nice Beauty & Hair Salon is also a reputable establishment for its hair services such as cutting, colouring, and highlighting. In addition, they also offer other services like waxing, threading, and body massage, so you can have a complete pampering experience all in one place.

The salon takes pride in using its natural wax concoctions that are hypoallergenic and safe for exfoliating skin during the waxing process. They also use natural turmeric creams to brighten your skin. At the end of the session, they pour rose water onto your delicate skin to alleviate any irritation and soothe your pores.

8. Wax Loft

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Wax Loft is a waxing service based in the city that operates from a home location situated near the railway station. Despite being home-based, the owner guarantees their clients that they follow proper hygiene and techniques during the waxing process. To learn more about their pricing, you can visit their website, which features a list of available services along with their corresponding costs.

One notable aspect of Wax Loft is that they provide late-night services upon request and depending on the availability of their staff.

9. Liquid Skin

Booking | #04-17 Tampines 1 Mall, Singapore 529536 | +65 6805 8194 | [email protected]


Liquid Skin offers a broad range of hair removal solutions to cater to your specific needs. They provide threading, IPL/DPL, and traditional yet painless waxing. Their use of sugar wax prevents your skin from drying out during the process.

Their friendly staff prioritizes your comfort while you’re in their spa, providing not only premium quality services but also a cosy and stylish ambience.

Get rid of those pesky body hairs from head to toe with the help of the exceptional staff at Liquid Skin.

10. 6th Element

Booking | 22 Malacca Street #04-06 RB Capital BuildingĀ  Singapore 048980 | +65 6536 6071 | [email protected]


Established in 2010, 6th Element aimed to become the most reliable nail salon in the city. Over the years, they have continued to enhance their services to meet the expectations of their customers. Besides nails, they also offer facial treatments and waxing services, making them a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs.

Their team of therapists is highly professional and well-trained, ensuring that clients receive excellent service. They take pride in delivering the best possible results to their clients. For instance, during a waxing treatment, they use techniques that soften your hair for a more comfortable and less painful experience.