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The 6 Best Options For TV Repair Singapore

The 6 Best Options For TV Repair Singapore

Last Updated on 20/05/2023 by Singapore You

In case you have a malfunctioning TV at your residence, it would be worthwhile to seek the assistance of the top TV repair shops in Singapore. With a properly functioning television, you can always enjoy your beloved movies and TV shows without any interruptions.

If you’re unsure about where to begin your search for dependable TV repair shops on the island, look no further. We are assembling a list of establishments that provide excellent and reasonably priced services.

1. TV Repair Singapore

Website | +65 3129 2608 | [email protected]

tv repair singapore

Since 2014, TV Repair Singapore has been fixing TVs of all makes and models to keep everyone informed about the latest news, beloved TV series, and Netflix originals. What sets TV Repair Singapore apart from other electronic repair shops is its dedication to delivering the most dependable, quickest, and most cost-effective services.

They can repair any TV-related problem, such as channel tuning, TV mounting, signal interference resolution, cracked screen repair, and many others. Moreover, if you require immediate TV repair, you may take advantage of their same-day services! They respect your time and won’t keep you waiting.

2. National Home Helper

Website | +65 6432 8273

tv repair singapore

National Home Helper is among Singapore’s largest repair shops that provide clients with fast and hassle-free repair services, including TV repair, tailored to their specific requirements and budget.

By submitting their contact details and job description, customers can be promptly connected with a reliable service provider once National Home Helper receives their information.

3. SG1 Electrician

Website | 20 Kallang Ave, Singapore 339411 | +65 8243 6500 | hello@www.sg1electrician.com

tv repair singapore

SG1 Electricians, regarded as one of the leading electricians in Singapore, specializes in repairing various appliances like televisions and refrigerators. In addition, they perform electrical lining work and lighting installations.

If you have a faulty television, it is advisable to engage the services of their skilled electricians. Their team is the ideal choice to diagnose and repair your television.

Their expertise in fixing all makes and models of televisions is a standout feature that makes them a company worth considering, even if you own an older television model. Moreover, their technicians will keep you informed about your television’s progress throughout the repair process.

Unlike most television repair shops, their service warranty lasts up to 90 days, providing an added incentive to choose them!

4. Nautical Electronics

Website | Blk 50 Ubi Ave 3 #03-06 Frontier Singapore 408866 | +65 6241 6628 | [email protected]

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When searching for a TV repair shop that specializes in various television models, Nautical Electronics is the go-to establishment. Their exceptional repair skills cover LCD, LED, Plasma, and CTV televisions!

Furthermore, they cater to an array of television brands, including Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, and numerous others. Rest assured that their team of technicians is made up of competent and experienced professionals, so you don’t have to settle for subpar services.

5. Rising Star Service Centre

Website | #01-555 Blk, 54 Teban Gardens Rd, Singapore 600054 | +65 6565 1921 | +65 9299 8478 | [email protected]

tv repair singapore

Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, Rising Star Service Centre has emerged as one of Singapore’s most reputable television repair shops that cater to all television brands and models.

If you want to ensure that you receive your money’s worth and avoid disappointment, consider availing of their services. Their team of proficient technicians guarantees that your television will be restored to its former working condition in less than 24 hours!

Engaging their services is simple. Just call their hotline, and they will diagnose the issue with your television, provide a service quotation, and then leave the repair to their experts.

6. TV Repair Singapore

Website | +65 8388 3038 | Whatsapp +65 8388 3038 | [email protected]

tv repair singapore

TV Repair Singapore is an experienced TV repair company that specializes in repairing TVs of all sizes and brands.

Their skilled technicians can repair minor issues on the spot. However, for repairs that require new parts or advanced techniques, they will bring the TV to their office and return it to you once it is fully restored.

TV repair is not their only area of expertise. They also offer repair services for other electronics, including audio systems, projectors, and electrical wiring.