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Top 10 Photo Studios in Singapore

Top 10 Photo Studios in Singapore

Last Updated on 02/05/2023 by Singapore You

Capturing memories through photographs is a timeless way to commemorate family and personal milestones. With the help of top-rated photo studios in Singapore, individuals can preserve important events in their lives through a series of expertly-taken photographs.

However, with many photo studios located throughout the city, finding the best can be challenging. We’ve compiled a list of highly recommended photo studios that offer a variety of services, have skilled photographers and have received positive reviews from customers.

Here are the top photo studios to consider:

1. Theresa Olesen Portraits

Website | Facebook | +65-9754-1759 | [email protected]

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Theresa Olesen is an award-winning photographer renowned for her ability to create personalized and striking portraits. The studio offers a variety of photo shoots but is particularly known for family portraits and corporate headshots.

All sessions with Theresa are customized to suit your preferences and style. Each session includes a complimentary pre-session consultation where you can discuss and plan the shoot with Theresa. This ensures that you will have a diverse gallery of beautiful images, whether you’re booking a headshot for yourself or a portrait shoot for your family.

Additionally, there are no time or attire change limits during sessions with Theresa, making for a relaxed and stress-free experience. If you’re searching for a professional and client-friendly photography session, contact Theresa Olesen Portraits and visit her studio in Bukit Timah, Singapore.

2. ABC Photography Photo Studio

Website | Instagram | +65-6258-8186 | [email protected]

ABC Photography, established in 2006, is a reputable photo studio in Singapore known for its high-quality services and talented photographers. They offer a wide range of services for events including graduations, maternity, newborn, and corporate functions.

Additionally, they have also expanded into commercial photography, providing images for advertising and marketing companies. Their photographers are skilled in all types of studio photography, giving you peace of mind that your photos will be in good hands. If you are looking for a photo studio that goes above and beyond, ABC Photography is the perfect choice for you.

3. RS Photography

Website | Instagram | +65-6635-8354 | [email protected]

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RS Photography is a highly-regarded photography studio in Singapore known for its comprehensive services. Not only do they offer traditional photography, but they also provide videography and photo booth services for events, ensuring that every special moment is captured through their lenses.

The team at RS Photography is notable for their approach to photography, they focus on capturing the essence of each moment, the happiness and intimacy of the event, by emphasizing spontaneity and unspoken dialogue. If you want a photography team that can take care of everything with expertise, RS Photography is the one to choose, they are known not to disappoint.

4. COCO Creative Studio

Website | Facebook | [email protected]

COCO Creative Studio is a well-established photography studio in Singapore that has rapidly grown in the industry. The studio is led by the main photographer and art director, Jose Jeuland (www.josejeuland.com), who has contributed to international magazines and has experience shooting for international companies and individuals.

The studio specializes in high-end portraiture, from personal portraits to corporate shoots. COCO Creative Studio has a list of prestigious clients from luxury hotels, wine, and fashion brands. Their services also include interior and exterior, product photography, commercial, and video production. COCO Creative Studio is the perfect choice for both individuals and corporations.

5. Mount Studio

Website | Facebook | +65-8875-8092 | [email protected]

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Mount Studios may be a relatively new company, founded in 2017, but the team behind it boasts over a decade of experience in the studio photography industry. Located just a 5-minute walk from Marymount MRT station, the studio features three large photography studios with a height of 5 meters each, equipped to handle all types of photo and video shoots, making it a popular choice among both public and private clients.

In addition to on-site shoots, Mount Studio also offers the convenience of corporate clients to have their photos taken at their own office, making the process more seamless and efficient for both parties.

6. Babygraphy

Website | Facebook | +65-8444-8993 | [email protected]

Babygraphy may be a newer photography studio, established in 2019, but they have achieved a great deal in a short period of time. They have assisted many clients in capturing stunning shots of their children, a significant achievement considering how quickly children grow.

If you’re looking to preserve your family’s precious memories at an affordable price, contact Babygraphy today.

7. New Age Photo Studio

Website | Facebook | +65-9455-5816 | [email protected]

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New Age Studios has been offering its photography services since 2016, helping countless clients preserve their special moments through beautiful photographs.

Initially, they focused on portraits, but have since expanded to offer other types of photography, including indoor and outdoor shoots. Each shoot is tailored to the client’s preferences and crafted by the studio to create a stunning final product.

With New Age Studios, you can trust that your special occasions will be captured in a way that creates lasting memories.

8. The Beauty Box Studio

Website | Facebook | +65-6835-3012 | [email protected]

The photography services offered by Beauty Box Studio are unique in that they offer the added option of professional hair and makeup services for your shoot. Since its establishment in 1998, the studio has undergone many changes, but the team remains dedicated to producing the highest quality photos, ensuring that every story is captured in every frame.

They now offer personalized shoots, creating beautiful sets tailored to the client’s preferences.

9. White Room Studio

Website | Facebook | +65-6235-7037 | [email protected]

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White Room Studio is the first name that comes to mind when you think of family photography. Founded in 2009, the studio has a long history of being one of the most reputable photography studios in Singapore. The studio is located in a charming 1920s Peranakan shophouse, which boasts an array of concept areas such as a vibrant open-air balcony, plush red wall, and high ceilings with an arch reminiscent of elegant European homes, providing endless possibilities for creative portrait shots.

The studio also benefits from natural light flooding the space, creating a cosy and well-lit environment for your photo session. White Room Studio is known for its unique heritage backdrops, and also offers seasonal themes for Christmas and Chinese New Year photoshoots. The team of in-house photographers at White Room Studio provides an incredibly professional portraiture experience from start to finish, with assistants on hand to ensure each shoot runs smoothly.

White Room Studio not only provides beautifully printed photographs, but also offers additional keepsakes such as canvases, frames, and coffee table books, which can be created by their team of digital imaging artists. They are currently offering a $100 discount on all family packages on weekdays (excluding public holiday bookings). Contact them today to book your next family shoot.

10. The Kyt Studio

Website | Facebook | +65-9880-4429 | [email protected]

The Kyt Studio is an ideal location for studio photography, with over 1,000 square feet of space, providing ample room to find the perfect spot for any concept you have in mind. They offer a wide range of services including portraiture, pet photography, small-scale video production, studio rental, and live streaming.

The team at Kyt Studio believes in using imagery to tell a story and combines their aesthetic sense with technical expertise to create outstanding images. The studio is well-equipped and offers a variety of backdrop options and affordable rates. Be sure to check out their portfolio and see what they can do for you.