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Find the Best Foot Massage Near Me: Top Places for Relaxation

Find the Best Foot Massage Near Me: Top Places for Relaxation

Last Updated on 26/03/2023 by Singapore You

Are you suffering from persistent foot pain that doesn’t dissipate even after a massage? In such cases, seeking the finest foot reflexology services in Singapore might be the only way to alleviate your discomfort.

Foot reflexology, in addition to easing bodily aches and pains, can also enhance blood circulation, promote restful sleep, boost your mood, and induce relaxation. Its numerous health advantages distinguish it from traditional foot massages.

If you’re contemplating trying foot reflexology but are unsure where to go, don’t fret. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top clinics in Singapore that provide exceptional foot reflexology services.

(Note: The following list is presented in no particular order.)

1. My Foot Reflexology

Website | 1, #03-114 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City, Singapore 237994 | +65 6738 6235

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For years, My Foot Reflexology has been a well-known name in the field of foot reflexology and body massage, and it owes its success to its team of highly trained and experienced therapists.

Interestingly, all of their therapists are visually impaired individuals. This unique attribute may actually enhance their sensitivity towards their work, making My Foot Reflexology one of the best places to experience exceptional foot reflexology services in Singapore.

Moreover, over time, the company has expanded its efforts to train and employ individuals with various disabilities such as the deaf, mute, mentally challenged, and physically handicapped. This has provided these individuals with a stable source of income and a sense of purpose.

Apart from its inclusive work culture, My Foot Reflexology is also known for its calming and inviting environment, which is why customers often return to their doors.

2. Precious Foot Reflexology

Website | Block 443 Clementi Ave 3 #01-71 Singapore 120443 | +65 8363 4703 | +65 6354 1911 | +65 6563 3766

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At Precious Foot Reflexology, customers can elevate their “Netflix & Chill” experience to the next level by enjoying their favourite TV shows on iPads while receiving a foot reflexology or massage.

With its trained masseuses capable of alleviating any type of bodily pain, and its affordable rates, we consider it one of the top places to receive exceptional foot reflexology services in Singapore.

After a single session with them, your entire body, particularly your feet, will feel refreshed and relaxed.

Additionally, customers can opt for their aromatherapy essential oils that are known to awaken the senses. If you’re curious about how this feels, drop by any of their clinics!

3. My Happy Feet

Website | 21A Lor Mambong, Singapore 277680 | +65  6462 0525 | +65  8588 0318 | [email protected]

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Having been established in 2008, My Happy Feet has been catering to Singaporeans’ body aches by offering traditional and contemporary foot and body massages for several years. Thanks to its proficient therapists and pleasant atmosphere, it’s no surprise that it has earned a place on our list of the best foot reflexology services in Singapore.

In addition to its excellent services, My Happy Feet frequently provides promos and discounts, particularly to its regular customers. If you’re not interested in purchasing their massage packages, you can try their body scrub and ear cleaning treatment, which can be completed in less than an hour.

4. Fiji Foot Reflexology

Website | 400 Orchard Rd, #01-19, Singapore 238875 | +65 97527308 | +65 62357990

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Fiji Foot Reflexology is an excellent option for those seeking more than just a standard body massage. In addition to foot reflexology, they provide deep tissue massage, body massage, as well as manicure and pedicure services.

Their distinctive feature is their holistic approach towards pain relief, which sets them apart from their competitors. Furthermore, with a team of 12 highly trained and experienced therapists, you are sure to leave their clinic feeling revitalized and invigorated.

5. Feet Haven

Website | 136 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428821 | +65 6344 7311 | [email protected]

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Most spas are typically fully booked daily, making it challenging for walk-in customers to schedule an appointment on the same day. Fortunately, Feet Haven now offers online booking to ensure that customers can secure their preferred date and time without the hassle of waiting in line.

According to various review websites, Feet Haven has also been recognized as one of the top places to receive exceptional foot reflexology services in Singapore. Moreover, they offer limited-time promotions and discounts to all customers.

What’s remarkable about Feet Haven is its affordability compared to other spas. With frequent discounts, you can receive the best foot reflexology experience of your life without exceeding your budget.

6. Refresh TCM Wellness

Website | #B1-32 1 Vista Exchange Green, Singapore 138617 | +65 9427 3800 | [email protected]

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Refresh TCM Wellness began as a foot reflexology centre but has come a long way over the years. Having successfully treated over 4 million satisfied customers, they are a leading health and wellness service provider that focuses on every patient’s holistic well-being.

By incorporating ancient Chinese herbs and techniques into their practices, Refresh TCM Wellness has become one of the most sought-after centres for not only foot reflexology but also acupuncture, facials, and hot stones.

Their unique selling point is their expertise in traditional procedures, setting them apart from those who have integrated technology. Since 2003, they have continuously demonstrated that traditional techniques are unbeatable when it comes to ensuring people’s well-being.

7. Pure Relaxology

Website | 207 Lavender Street Singapore 338765 | + 65 6298 2930 | [email protected]

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Pure Relaxology employs highly skilled masseurs who use the traditional Ruo Shi若石 method of massage to invigorate meridians and acupoints, balancing the flow of qi in the body. This results in improved circulation, relaxed muscles, and overall wellness.

Tuina massage, based on the concept that imbalances of Qi can cause blockages in the body’s energy and blood flow, is used to stimulate the flow of Qi and promote harmony and balance within the body.

Pure Relaxology specializes in foot reflexology and tuina body massages and offers master-level cupping and gua sha massage to release tight tension knots and blockages in the body, restoring the body’s natural flow of energy.

Despite being located in a corner of Lavender Street alongside a tyre shop and car workshop, the unassuming outlet is an oasis of tranquillity once you step inside. The use of disinfecting UV lamps with ozone results in a clean and fresh air scent. The fully reclinable massage chairs are extremely comfortable and come equipped with personal headphones, individual monitor screens, and a wide range of movies, providing the perfect setting for a relaxing foot reflexology session.

8. Foot Note Reflexology

Website | 10 Paya Lebar Road #04-15 PLQ Mall Singapore 409057 | +65 8908 0415

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FootNote Reflexology prioritises individual needs to relieve stress, resulting in consistent and effective results that eliminate discomfort for every customer.

Their trained professionals help you regain your energy if the fast pace of life has you feeling exhausted. They have eight incredibly comfortable reclining foot reflex massage chairs to help you unwind after a challenging day, as well as four massage beds and two monkey chairs for a natural healing spa experience.

The FootNote Reflexology team focuses on balancing your Chi and stimulating your nerves to improve your body’s vitality.

So, if you’re looking to alleviate pain and stiffness in your feet, back, neck, shoulders, or legs, now is the perfect time to visit FootNote Reflexology. Their positive energy and skilled staff will complete your restoration process.