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Is the Dentist Open Today? Your 24-Hour Go-To Clinics in Singapore

Is the Dentist Open Today? Your 24-Hour Go-To Clinics in Singapore

Last Updated on 19/02/2023 by Singapore You

Typically, dental clinics operate for 10-12 hours per day and rarely exceed those hours. However, there are a few dental clinics in Singapore that boast the best 24-hour dentists. These clinics are particularly useful for emergencies, especially during late night hours, as you can receive immediate treatment instead of enduring the pain until regular dental clinics open.

If you are not familiar with the dental clinics that offer this service, we can assist you in identifying them by providing their names below. This list is not arranged in any specific order, so you can select the one nearest to your location.

Night Dental Singapore

Website | 430 Upper Changi Road #01-64, East Village, Singapore 487048 | +65 9018 0704

If you’re in need of a dental clinic that caters to all types of emergencies regardless of the time, Night Dental Singapore is the ideal choice. We’ve included it in our list because it’s specifically designed to handle dental emergencies while other dental clinics are closed.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency that cannot wait until regular business hours, make your way to Night Dental Singapore. Their team of experienced dentists can handle any type of dental emergency and remain calm under pressure.

Furthermore, booking an appointment has never been easier – just visit their website and choose a preferred date and time. In case of an emergency, you can simply walk in without a prior appointment.

dentist open today

National Dental Centre Singapore

Website | 5 Second Hospital Ave, Singapore 168938 | +65 6324 8802

National Dentist Centre Singapore (NDCS) is recognized as one of the foremost dental clinics in Singapore, particularly when it comes to dental innovations and advanced technologies. Additionally, NDCS is a dependable resource if you have a dental emergency outside of regular business hours.

NDCS prioritizes patients with severe and critical dental emergencies, but that does not imply that less serious emergencies won’t be addressed after hours. Moreover, their dental facility is staffed with the best equipment and skilled personnel around the clock, so there’s no need to be concerned.

Some of the emergencies that NDCS caters to include severe tooth pain, uncontrollable bleeding, facial swelling, and traumatic injuries. If your dental emergency falls within these categories, you can visit their clinic at any time of day.

Ashford Dental Centre

Website | 215 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574349 | +65 9239 4638 | [email protected]

Ashford Dental Centre has gained a large customer base who swear by its exceptional dental treatments, thanks to its over 10 years of experience. Recently, the clinic has expanded its hours of operation to accommodate patients who experience dental emergencies.

The clinic is recognized for providing world-class and high-quality services using state-of-the-art dental equipment at any time of day, any day of the week. Moreover, their staff is trained to handle all types of dental emergencies, ensuring that clients receive comfortable and safe dental procedures.

The emergency services at Ashford Dental Centre are no different from their daytime operations. Patients can expect a dentist on call during the night, prepared to handle emergencies when a patient arrives at the clinic.

AJ Warren Dental Clinic

Website | 218 Pasir Panjang Rd, #02-11, Singapore 118579

AJ Warren Dental Clinic is among the few 24-hour dental clinics that accept patients with emergency dental needs, even during the late hours of the night. It aims to provide high-quality dental treatments for individuals of all ages.

Moreover, the clinic is renowned for its ability to alleviate fears and anxieties associated with dental treatments. With its comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, patients can feel at ease throughout their dental procedures.

For these reasons, we rank AJ Warren Dental Clinic as one of the top dental clinics with the best 24-hour dentists in Singapore.

Their services include dental implants, tooth whitening, wisdom tooth extraction, root canal treatment, and more. However, for their 24-hour services, they can only accept patients with serious emergencies, such as broken teeth and wisdom tooth extractions.

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NoFrills Dental

Website | +6590071085 | [email protected]

No matter how severe your dental emergency is or how late it occurs, you can trust NoFrills Dental to take care of you. With a focus on providing high-quality dental services in a convenient location, NoFrills boasts the best dentists in the country who offer a holistic dental experience for people of all ages at an affordable price.

NoFrills Dental utilizes cutting-edge materials and technology, setting them apart from the rest. In addition to its superior services, the clinic operates around the clock for emergencies and provides a complete range of dental solutions, making them the ultimate one-stop shop for all your dental needs.

Nuffield Dental

Website | 3 Gateway Dr #04-32, Westgate, Singapore 608532 | +65 6833 4353

Nuffield Dental, one of the top and biggest dental groups in Singapore, offers a wide range of services with a focus on exceptional signature treatments such as implants, tooth whitening, gum treatments, and tongue tie surgery. Along with these, they also specialize in cosmetic and children’s dentistry, as well as facial rejuvenation. Their comprehensive emergency treatments are readily available, earning them the reputation as the best dental clinic in Serangoon.