Home Business The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right AIA Panel Doctor in Singapore [2023]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right AIA Panel Doctor in Singapore [2023]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right AIA Panel Doctor in Singapore [2023]

Last Updated on 13/11/2023 by Singapore You

In Singapore’s ever-evolving healthcare landscape, individuals are seeking comprehensive medical coverage to ensure their well-being. As a leading provider of health insurance, AIA Singapore offers the AIA HealthShield Gold Max plan, providing individuals with a wide range of coverage options. This guide aims to shed light on the crucial elements of AIA HealthShield Gold Max and help you make an informed decision when choosing an AIA panel doctor in Singapore.

Understanding AIA HealthShield Gold Max Tiers and Premiums

The AIA HealthShield Gold Max plan consists of several tiers, each offering different levels of coverage. These tiers are designed to meet various healthcare needs and budget requirements. Understanding these tiers can empower you to select the most suitable plan for your individual circumstances.

Exploring the Different Tiers of AIA HealthShield Gold Max

The first tier of the AIA HealthShield Gold Max plan is the Standard Plan. It provides coverage for hospitalization and surgical procedures in public hospitals. This is an ideal option for those who prefer affordable insurance coverage without compromising on basic medical needs.

The second tier is the A Plus Plan, which offers enhanced coverage compared to the Standard Plan. In addition to coverage in public hospitals, it also includes private hospital coverage and higher annual limits for medical procedures.

The third and highest tier is the Platinum Plan. This comprehensive option provides coverage for private hospitals, higher annual limits, and access to a wider network of AIA panel doctors and specialists.

How to Choose the Right AIA HealthShield Gold Max Plan for You

Selecting the appropriate AIA HealthShield Gold Max plan requires careful consideration of your medical needs and budget. Start by evaluating your healthcare requirements and financial capabilities. Assess factors such as your medical history, preferred hospitals or doctors, and the level of coverage you desire.

Consulting with an experienced financial advisor can also provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to your specific circumstances. They can help you understand the intricacies of each tier, analyze the costs and benefits, and navigate the selection process with confidence.

Top-Rated AIA Panel Doctors in Singapore

Complementing the comprehensive coverage options offered by AIA is a network of highly skilled and experienced panel doctors. These medical professionals have been carefully selected and accredited by AIA for their expertise and commitment to delivering quality care. Here are some notable AIA panel doctors in Singapore:

Dr. Goh Ping Ping: Leading Expert in Cardiovascular Health

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With years of experience in cardiology, Dr. Goh Ping Ping is highly regarded for her expertise in diagnosing and treating various cardiovascular conditions. Her dedication to patient care and her comprehensive approach have earned her numerous accolades from patients and peers alike.

Dr. Loh Poh Yen: Specialist in Digestive Health

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As a renowned specialist in digestive health, Dr. Loh Poh Yen possesses extensive knowledge in gastrointestinal disorders, providing patients with accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. Her compassionate and patient-centric approach has made her a trusted choice among individuals seeking digestive health solutions.

Dr. Jane Tan: Renowned Surgeon at Nexus Surgical Associates

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Dr. Jane Tan is a highly skilled surgeon specializing in various surgical procedures. Her vast experience, attention to detail, and commitment to patient safety have earned her a reputation as a trusted healthcare professional. She strives to deliver optimal surgical outcomes while ensuring the well-being and comfort of her patients.

Dr. Charles Siow: Expert in Neurology and Pain Management


With a focus on neurology and pain management, Dr. Charles Siow has helped numerous patients manage their neurological conditions and alleviate pain. His personalized treatment plans, combined with his compassionate approach, have garnered praise from patients who appreciate his dedication to improving their quality of life.

Dr. Cindy Pang: Trusted Gynecologist at SOG Clinic

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Dr. Cindy Pang is a respected gynecologist known for her expertise in women’s health issues. Her comprehensive knowledge, along with her compassionate and understanding approach, has made her a trusted healthcare partner for women of all ages. Dr. Pang is dedicated to providing individualized care and empowering women to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

Dr. Tan Yung Khan: Urology Specialist at Urohealth Medical Clinic

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With a focus on urology, Dr. Tan Yung Khan is a highly regarded specialist offering personalized care for various urological conditions. His extensive experience and commitment to patient well-being make him a reliable choice for individuals seeking urological expertise and compassionate support.

Dr. Liew Hui Min: Dermatology Expert at HM Liew Skin And Laser Clinic


Dr. Liew Hui Min is a renowned dermatologist specializing in skin and laser treatments. From acne management to anti-aging solutions, Dr. Liew provides personalized care based on individual needs. Her expertise, combined with the use of advanced technologies, ensures that patients receive effective and safe dermatological treatments.

Common Questions about AIA Panel Doctors

How to Find an AIA Panel Doctor Near You

Locating an AIA panel doctor in your vicinity is simple. AIA Singapore provides an online directory where you can search for panel doctors by name, specialty, or location. This comprehensive database allows you to find the most suitable doctor based on your preferences and convenience.

What Services are Covered by AIA HealthShield Gold Max?

AIA HealthShield Gold Max offers coverage for a wide range of medical services, including hospitalization, surgical procedures, outpatient treatments, and pre- and post-hospitalization care. It provides financial support for essential healthcare needs, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are adequately protected.

How to Make an Appointment with an AIA Panel Doctor

Making an appointment with an AIA panel doctor is a straightforward process. Simply contact the doctor’s clinic directly to schedule your appointment. Ensure that you have your AIA HealthShield Gold Max policy details on hand to facilitate a seamless registration process. The dedicated staff at the clinic will assist you in booking a convenient time slot.

By understanding the tiers and premiums of AIA HealthShield Gold Max, exploring top-rated panel doctors, and addressing common questions, you are now equipped with the knowledge to choose the right AIA panel doctor in Singapore. Remember to consider your healthcare requirements, consult with a financial advisor if needed, and take advantage of the comprehensive coverage and expert healthcare professionals offered by AIA. Your journey towards optimal health and well-being begins with an informed decision.