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10 of the Best Software Companies in Singapore

10 of the Best Software Companies in Singapore

Last Updated on 04/05/2023 by Singapore You

If you’re seeking digital technology expertise to develop the ideal platform for your business, you might be searching for the finest software development firm in Singapore. These IT agencies are gaining power by constructing innovative and functional platforms that simplify major business transactions. Nonetheless, selecting a reputable IT company is essential to maximize the benefits of these platforms. To assist with this, we’ve compiled a list of the best software companies in Singapore that we believe are worth exploring.

1. SEA

Website | #07-02 A’Posh BizHub, 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, 768160 | +65 9030 5959 | [email protected]

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Established in 2017, SEA (Singapore E-Commerce App) is an all-in-one IT solutions provider that has been consistently delivering comprehensive and effective business software solutions to clients across South East Asia. One of the standout features of SEA is its flexibility, which allows it to serve both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Multi-national Corporations (MNCs).

No matter the size of the business, SEA is dedicated to providing customized digital solutions that cater to the specific needs of each company they work with. With a team of seasoned professionals, SEA has amassed years of experience in creating software solutions, making it a top choice in the field.

What sets SEA apart from others is its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. The company goes above and beyond to achieve a remarkable 100% satisfaction rate with each client they serve. When working with a new or returning client, SEA takes the time to thoroughly study the company’s needs to ensure that the tailored software solution they provide is the best fit.

2. TechTIQ Solutions

Website | 143 Cecil St, #03-01 GB Building, Singapore 069542 | +65 9140 3360 | [email protected]

software companies in singapore

TechTIQ Solutions is a comprehensive business and technology consulting firm that has been in operation since 2017. They specialize in providing quality IT services with an emphasis on customer service and serve clients in various industries throughout Singapore.

Transparency is a top priority for TechTIQ Solutions, and they provide custom solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses. They are upfront about their process and provide detailed information about the estimated time and cost of completing each project.

Their custom software development service is a popular choice among clients due to its quality and affordability. TechTIQ Solutions excels in transforming innovative ideas into reliable, innovative, and successful solutions, particularly for start-up companies.

Their custom software development services cover a range of areas, including mobile app development, cloud optimization, and big data analytics and solutions. Clients can expect their software ideas to be transformed into high-quality products that meet their specific business requirements.

3.  Singsys

Website | 1 North Bridge Road #17-10 High Street Centre Singapore 179094 | +65-65613900 | [email protected]

software companies in singapore

Singsys is a reputable software development service provider in Singapore that has gained recognition for its exceptional ERP solutions. With their finely crafted platform and advanced database management, businesses can effortlessly manage their transactions with ease, speed, and precision, resulting in steady business growth.

Singsys offers a wide range of solutions to assist businesses in managing their payroll, attendance, and inventory systems. They have collaborated with top global enterprises like Olympus, Fujifilm, HOOQ, Samsung, Cisco, and others, demonstrating their ability to provide outstanding software development services in Singapore to meet your needs.

4.  Codigo

Website | 26 Sin Ming Ln, #07-115 Midview City, Singapore 573971 | +65 6455 9790

software companies in singapore

Codigo is an acclaimed software development firm based in Singapore that has consistently received recognition for its inventive mobile applications that prioritize improving user experience and streamlining business operations with speedy and convenient processes.

Their area of expertise lies in developing web and mobile platforms that are compatible with all operating systems. They provide proficient solutions that can assist businesses in managing all aspects of their operations.

Codigo offers a comprehensive range of customizable and ready-made platforms, whether you require a management system for logistics, service providers, or reward programs. Their services guarantee that you receive the finest software development in Singapore to fulfil your specific requirements.

5. Buuuk

Website | WeWork ARC 380 Jalan Besar Singapore, 209000 | +65 9873 5984 | [email protected]

software companies in singapore

If you’re searching for a problem-solving software development firm in Singapore, then Buuuk is the one for you. Buuuk’s motto is to tackle any interesting problems that come their way in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Buuuk is renowned for its bespoke design and innovation services and has the ability to work with businesses in various industries, including retail, real estate, financial services, and others.

Through its partnerships with leading technology firms, Buuuk stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field of software development in Singapore. You can rely on Buuuk to collaborate with you in creating the perfect digital solution to address your problem.

6. Vinova

Website | 18 Sin Ming Lane #08-21 Midview City Singapore 573960 | +65 6707 3597 | [email protected]

software companies in singapore

Vinova is one of the leading software development firms in Singapore, known for delivering superior quality services to clients over the past decade. The team at Vinova is innovative, efficient, and dedicated to their craft.

They have the ability to provide clients with tailored strategies, solutions, and advice that cater to their specific requirements. In addition, they stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends, ensuring that the guidance they provide remains highly dependable.

As a trusted partner, Vinova knows what’s best for your business and offers invaluable support through the creation of top-notch web-based or mobile applications. With the assistance of their team, you can be confident that your business will improve in terms of profit, productivity, and customer appeal.

7. AB4 Systems

Website | 331 North Bridge Road, #22, 188720 | +65 3163 1801 | [email protected]

software companies in singapore

AB4 Systems is a software development firm in Singapore that specializes in developing significant digital experiences and software solutions for large organizations and funded startups. From the outset, AB4 Systems concentrates on two things: your product and your relationship with them.

They take on technical and product responsibility and strive to provide a world-class experience for your target audience. AB4 Systems creates meaningful software products that engage and satisfy their client’s audiences. They are driven by the impact and value they create for their partners, and aspire to be global leaders in their field.

8. Calvin Seng Co

Website | 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, Harvest@Woodlands 757322 | +65 9234 8807

software companies in singapore

Expanding your business online is a wise decision, and Calvin Seng Co can make it even better. This software development company in Singapore specializes in web solutions and online marketing, producing captivating yet easy-to-view simple designs.

They recognize that the process of generating ideas is just as important as the results clients expect to receive, with each step being equally significant and critical.

The owner boasts over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship and technology, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re in capable hands. Calvin Seng Co has collaborated with numerous brands and renowned businesses from around the globe, making them an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

9. Robust Tech House

Website | 11 Keng Cheow Street #03-06 Singapore, Singapore 059608 | +65 9748 0484

software companies in singapore

Robust Tech House is considered one of the finest software development firms in Singapore, and their meticulous process in creating each application is remarkable. What begins as your idea transforms into a masterpiece with their assistance.

The creation process undergoes rigorous analysis and scrutiny, culminating in final testing before the product is delivered. They take pride in maintaining high service standards, emphasizing clear communication and designs crafted with hard work and passion.

To ensure your satisfaction, Robust Tech House ensures that you’re involved every step of the way.

10. Originally Us

Website | #04-10, One, 1 Sims Ln, Singapore 387355 | +65 6957 1470 | [email protected]

software companies in singapore

Originally Us has been showcased in various media outlets for creating websites and mobile apps for notable companies such as Zalora, Resorts World Sentosa, and more.

Their work is a harmonious blend of functionality and creativity, resulting in top-notch software development services in Singapore.

Their most noteworthy projects include mobile apps that have helped numerous users find jobs, locate the nearest bus stop, and stay informed about traffic flow. With these exceptional products in their portfolio, you can rest assured that they have all the solutions you need.