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7 Punggol Area Dental Clinics You Can Head To Regularly

7 Punggol Area Dental Clinics You Can Head To Regularly

Last Updated on 31/05/2023 by Singapore You

Maintaining good oral hygiene requires more than just brushing and flossing on a regular basis. To ensure the cleanliness and health of your teeth, it’s recommended to visit the top dental clinics in Punggol.

However, finding the right dental clinic in the area can be challenging, as some may not provide the specific treatments your teeth require. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the finest dental clinics in Punggol that offer a wide range of dental services.

Take a look at the list below!

1. Caring Dental

Website | Blk 665A Punggol Drive, #01-02, Singapore 821665 | +65 6481 6833 | [email protected]

Caring Dental is an extremely accessible dental clinic with three locations in Singapore – one in Punggol, and two others in Toa Payoh and Sengkang. Despite being in operation for just nine years, it has quickly become one of the leading dental clinics in Punggol. This is largely thanks to its skilled and experienced team of dentists, who prioritize the comfort of their patients during treatments.

Most of the dentists at Caring Dental have studied and practised dentistry in various countries, adding to their expertise. The clinic offers a wide range of dental treatments, including braces, implants, teeth whitening, scaling and polishing, extractions, aesthetic dentistry, and more. Rest assured that their dentists will provide thorough care for all your dental needs.

2. Smile Doctor

Website | 83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828761 | +65 6386 7880

Dental Smiles, established in 2013, has dedicated itself to improving the smiles of individuals across Singapore by providing comprehensive dental treatments and services. It has become one of the leading dental clinics in Punggol, with a vast and diverse clientele who vouch for its excellence.

The clinic is renowned for its comfortable, secure, and welcoming environment, owing in large part to its affable and accommodating staff comprising dentists and nurses. It utilizes state-of-the-art and high-quality equipment to ensure that each treatment yields satisfactory results. Its cutting-edge technology enables its dentists to address issues that other dental clinics cannot, owing to a lack of facilities.

Additionally, Dental Smiles is among the first dental clinics in the country to provide advanced dentistry treatments. It can treat dental anxiety, periodontal diseases, and restorative dentistry.

To ensure that your preferred date and time are available, you may schedule an appointment on their website.

3. Family Dental Care

Website | 168 Punggol Field, #02-06, Singapore 820168 | +65 6886 0905 | [email protected]

For those seeking a dental clinic with an impressive reputation and endorsement from multiple institutions, we highly recommend Family Dental Care. It is one of the leading dental clinics not just in Punggol but across the entire island of Singapore.

Family Dental Care has been accredited by several healthcare institutions, including Medisave, Pioneer Generation, and Community Health Assist Scheme, among others.

Moreover, the clinic has a team of 50 dental surgeons, each with their own areas of expertise and specialisation.

Family Dental Care offers a wide range of dental services, including dental implants, teeth whitening, wisdom tooth surgery, and even children’s dentistry. It does not fall short in terms of the number of services it provides.

4. Polygems (PG) Dental Care Pte Ltd

Website | Multiple Locations | Multiple Contacts

Suffering from a toothache? Look no further than Polygems Dental Care Pte Ltd, where you can find a variety of dental services that are both safe and effective.

With four locations across Singapore, the clinic boasts state-of-the-art facilities. Whether you need a basic cleaning or wisdom tooth extraction, the clinic ensures that you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

Polygems Dental Care Pte Ltd also utilizes the latest tools and techniques in dental procedures and surgeries, ensuring that you receive top-notch care when you choose their services.

5. DoctorsxDentist

Website | 111, #07-07 Somerset Rd, TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238874 | +65 8444 9163 | [email protected]

Established in 2016, DxD is a certified Health-on-the-Web platform committed to providing readers with accurate, current information about health and medical conditions.

Through this website, doctors and dentists with varying specialities actively communicate with individuals seeking their advice. They can meet readers’ needs by posting educational health articles or answering the questions of concerned individuals.

If you have any inquiries about your physical condition or the medical field, visit their site. DxD ensures that none of your personal information is disclosed to the public while providing you with all the answers you require.

6. Teeth Q Dental Surgeons

Website | Multiple Locations | Multiple Contacts

Teeth Q Dental Surgeons provides a broad range of dental services to its patients, promising professional and high-quality standards for every treatment.

Their team of dentists is highly skilled in various areas of dentistry, enabling them to expertly handle a variety of dental problems. They are experienced in both general and specialized treatments.

Furthermore, their services are offered at reasonable prices, and you can expect to be treated in a friendly and approachable environment.

7. Smiles R Us Dental

Website | Block 658, #01-02 Punggol E, Singapore 820658 | +65 6904 2212

Smiles R Us Dental is among the top dental clinics not just in Punggol, but in the entire country. It has more than five locations throughout Singapore, making it one of the most easily accessible dental clinics with opening hours that extend as late as 9:30 PM.

It’s important to note that Smiles R Us Dental does not have online appointment scheduling, so appointments can only be made by calling the clinic directly.

The clinic offers a variety of dental services, including dental implants, crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, smile reconstruction, dentures, and orthodontic treatments. Additionally, it provides general dental treatments such as scaling and polishing, fillings, and extractions.

Smiles R Us Dental boasts a large team of dentists to cater to more patients at once, each with years of experience in providing dental care to both adults and children.