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The Best Places to Study in Singapore This Year

The Best Places to Study in Singapore This Year

Last Updated on 03/05/2023 by Singapore You

Studying in Singapore offers access to a high-quality, world-class education. However, with many HDB flats being small and cramped, it can be difficult for students to find a quiet study spot that is also affordable. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best places to study in Singapore that are free to use.

From public libraries and community centres to quiet cafes, these locations provide a conducive environment for studying without the distractions of background noise. So, don’t worry, there are plenty of options outside of school and at home to help you focus on your studies.

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1. library@orchard

Website | 277 Orchard Rd, 03-12 /04-11 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858 | Facebook

The Library@Orchard is a modern and visually stunning library that will change your perception of libraries. With its curved bookshelves and comfortable seating, it’s the perfect place to study. Additionally, the library is air-conditioned and quiet, making it comfortable to stay for long hours. Free Wi-Fi is also available. The only downside is that it closes at 9 PM, so plan accordingly if you need to study late.

2. The National Library

Website | [email protected] | 100 Victoria St, Singapore 188064 | Facebook

The National Library in Singapore is an excellent location for studying, with a designated study lounge and free Wi-Fi available. The library is spacious and can comfortably accommodate a large number of students or individuals looking for a quiet place to read or work. The library also offers a quiet environment, making it unnecessary to use earphones to block out ambient noise.

3. Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre

Website | +65-8777-8147 | [email protected] | 30A Yishun Central 1, Singapore 768796 | Facebook

If you appreciate the atmosphere of a coworking space while studying but don’t want to pay for hourly rentals, we recommend the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre. This nonprofit organization provides a comfortable and peaceful study environment for students, with dedicated study zones and whiteboards for group meetings. The centre also offers free Wi-Fi and power outlets, as well as a cafeteria with good food. All of these services are offered at no cost.

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4. library@esplanade

Website | [email protected] | 100 Victoria Street, #01-02 National Library Building, Singapore, Singapore | Facebook

The Library@Esplanade, while primarily focused on art, offers a great study spot for students preparing for exams. The library provides power outlets to charge laptops and tablets, as well as indoor and outdoor seating options. Its strongest feature, however, is its free and fast Wi-Fi, which many students have praised. The library is also air-conditioned, making it a comfortable place to study for extended periods of time.

5. The Book Cafe

Website | +65-6887-5430 | [email protected] | 20 Martin Road, Seng Kee Building, #01-02, Singapore 239070 | Facebook

The Book Cafe in Singapore is a cafe that caters to book lovers and readers, with a selection of strong coffee and premium teas. The cafe’s cosy armchairs and ambient atmosphere make it an ideal place to relax and read for hours. The cafe’s hours are limited, open until 8:30 PM, but it offers an all-day breakfast menu, which you can have even after sundown. The Book Cafe is also a great spot for studying, with free Wi-Fi and a printer available for customers to print notes at no cost.

6. Mox

Website | +65-8482-7876 | [email protected] | Oxley Rise, 02-17, Singapore 238698 | Facebook

Mox is a new collaborative space that aims to be an independent workspace for creative individuals. Whether you’re a startup holding meetings, entrepreneurs gathering, or students looking for a safe place to study, Mox caters to all. The space offers various coworking spaces including desks, long tables, and quiet, air-conditioned spaces that are conducive to concentration and focus. Mox also has venues for special events if needed. A membership at Mox provides access to the premises 24/7, free Wi-Fi, concierge support, pantry access, complimentary parking, and other perks.

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7. Huggs Collective

Website | [email protected] | The Clift, 21 Mccallum Street, 01-07/08 Singapore 069047 – Multiple Locations| Facebook

Huggs Collective is a cafe that offers private, enclosed nooks where you can have Zoom meetings and study with tutors without distractions. The cafe already provides a great environment for studying with its pastry and coffee selection, but the added privacy nooks make it even more ideal. Some branches also have members’ lounges for study group sessions, and free Wi-Fi is available throughout the café.

8. O’Coffee Club

Website | 78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel, Changi Airport, #03-216-218, Singapore 819666 | [email protected] | Facebook

With its origins dating back to 1991, O’Coffee has grown to include six locations throughout Singapore, offering a flavorful coffee menu for customers to enjoy. It’s also a great spot for studying, thanks to its complimentary Wi-Fi. Additionally, for those pulling all-nighters to study, the Changi Airport branch is open 24/7 and offers all-day breakfast options to help refuel your brain.

9. Sengkang Community Club

Website | +65-6312-5400 | 2 Sengkang Square 01-01, Sengkang Community Club 545025

The Sengkang Community Club offers a truly cost-free study environment. There are no purchase or entrance fees and you can charge your electronic devices using the power outlets provided. Additionally, free snacks and drinks are available to nourish your learning experience. With all these benefits, it’s hard to find something not to love about this study room.

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10. Smart Void Deck

Website | 224 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 600224

If you’re looking for a unique studying alternative, the Smart Void Deck is a great option. This small public space is perfect for those who want to prepare for a work-from-anywhere lifestyle, as it offers the ability to work in different conditions. The space features furniture that can be converted for ultimate comfort and flexibility, adjustable lighting, and free Wi-Fi and power sockets. Additionally, since it is a public space, there are no fees to use the space. However, it’s a good idea to arrive early as the space may fill up quickly with other students.