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The 6 Best Label Printers In The Singapore Market

The 6 Best Label Printers In The Singapore Market

Last Updated on 13/06/2023 by Singapore You

If you’re seeking a tool to help with organizing household items, including food containers, then we suggest getting the best label printers available in Singapore.

Label makers are versatile devices that can bring order to chaos in homes or offices. The best label printers in Singapore can also be used for labelling food ingredients, cabinets, storage bins, clothing items, and even cables.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best label printers in Singapore that you should definitely check out. We searched the entire island to find the most highly recommended label printers by both household and business owners.

Before we reveal our top picks, we’d like to share some tips on how to choose the right label maker based on your needs. If you’re already familiar with these tips, feel free to skip ahead to our list of the best label makers in Singapore.

Let’s get started!

How To Pick The Right Label Markers For You

Label makers are becoming increasingly popular as essential tools for keeping personal and work spaces organised. However, getting the best label printer in Singapore can be challenging, as there are several factors to consider.

Here are some factors you should keep in mind:


There are two common types of label printers: direct thermal and thermal transfer. Although they have the same function, thermal transfer labels are resistant to smudges and scratches.

If you’re looking for a cheaper and standard option, a direct thermal label maker may be suitable. It uses heat-sensitive paper and burns text onto the tape without requiring high temperatures to function.

However, direct thermal labels tend to fade after six to twelve months. On the other hand, thermal transfer label makers use wax or resin to transfer text onto tapes and produce smudge- and scratch-resistant labels.


The display is an essential feature to consider, especially for handheld label makers. The screen is used to type the text that will appear on the labels.

We recommend choosing either an LCD or graphic display, as these provide a strong visual representation of how the label will look when printed.

Print Resolution

Print resolution is often overlooked when searching for the best label makers in Singapore. However, it’s essential to consider, this as it determines the visibility of the labels.

Your choice of print resolution will depend on the purpose of the label maker. If you’re using it to keep items organised at home, a standard-resolution option may suffice.

However, if you’re using it for business or work purposes, a higher resolution may be necessary for a more professional finish. Check the DPI (dots per inch) of the label maker you’re interested in to ensure the print resolution meets your needs.

1. DYMO LetraTag

S$35.00 | Shop Here

If you’re in search of a reliable and long-lasting label printer, the DYMO LetraTag is a great choice. It’s a handheld label maker with a sleek design and features that make it easy to organise your space.

One of its standout features is the simple LCD screen with an ABC keyboard that’s easy to use and control, allowing for quick typing. It also offers a wide range of text features and label colours to make your labels stand out and easy to locate.

We believe the DYMO LetraTag is one of the best label printers in Singapore because of its extreme portability. It’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to fit in your bag without any hassle.

Another reason we recommend the DYMO LetraTag is its internal memory, which can store multiple labels, saving you the trouble of having to type them repeatedly.

2. Brother PT-H107B Label Printer

S$34.80 | Shop Here

The Brother PT-H107B Label Printer is another label maker worth considering, with a price of only $34.80. Brother is a reputable brand known for its printers and fax machines, making it no surprise that one of their products made it to our list of the best label printers in Singapore.

The Brother PT-H107B Label Printer is a compact and portable label maker that prints on durable laminated tapes. It can print 2 lines on labels up to 12mm wide, making it a standout option.

It also provides quick access to a broad range of fonts, frames, and symbols, making it easier to customise and personalise labels to suit your preferences. With 14 fonts, 97 frames, and more than 600 symbols, the possibilities are endless.

The Brother PT-H107B Label Printer has a 180 DPI print resolution, making text appear visible and clear on adhesives. It also boasts a printing speed of 20mm per second, another impressive feature.

3.   Brother PT-D210

S$78.00 | Shop Here

For those who enjoy personalising and decorating their labels, the Brother PT-D210 is a fantastic option to consider. This stand-alone label maker is not just great for organising household items but also for arts and crafts projects.

Like the previous Brother model, it comes with a vast selection of frames, symbols, and fonts. It even allows users to create decorative labels with various patterns, making it an excellent tool for DIY projects.

One unique feature of the Brother PT-D210 is its QWERTY keyboard, making it easier to type text. This is among the reasons why it’s one of the best label printers in Singapore.

Additionally, the Brother PT-D210 has a memory buffer size of up to 2,400 characters, a print resolution of 180 DPI, and a printing speed of 20mm per second, making it a high-performing label maker.

4.   Casio KL-120 Label Printer

S$51.48 | Shop Here

The Casio KL-120 Label Printer is a compact and portable label maker equipped with a large LCD screen that can display up to two 16-digit lines, making it easy to check the spelling of words before printing.

Despite its smaller size compared to standard label makers, the Casio KL-120 Label Printer is just as efficient, if not better. It also features a QWERTY keyboard that offers users a comfortable typing experience similar to using a laptop.

This label printer can print on a wide range of tape widths, from 6mm up to 18mm, and its 2-line printing capability helps save tape usage.

However, the Casio KL-120 Label Printer’s standout feature is its 200 DPI print resolution, making it one of the best label printers in Singapore.

5.   Brother VC-500W

S$233.62 | Shop Here

If you’re willing to invest in a high-quality label printer that can produce premium labels, consider getting the Brother VC-500W. Although it may be costly, it offers more features than a standard label maker.

One of the Brother VC-500W’s unique features is that it doesn’t require ink to print labels, unlike other label printers. It uses zero-ink technology to create smudge- and scratch-resistant labels that last for a long time.

Another reason why we believe it’s one of the best label printers in Singapore is that it can print high-quality and coloured photos without using any ink.

With the Brother VC-500W, organising items and doing arts and crafts projects become more enjoyable. It allows you to create not only labels but also stickers and decorations. Although it’s the most expensive option on our list, it offers more possibilities for creativity.

6.   Kiasuprint

S$24.00-S$170.00 | Shop Here

If you require labels urgently, Kiasuprint offers express printing services for all types of labels. They can print on various materials, from matte to glossy, making it the perfect label printer if you have specific paper preferences. Additionally, their services are available at affordable prices. Visit their website for a quote now!