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Best Fish Tank Singapore Top 10 Options

Best Fish Tank Singapore Top 10 Options

Last Updated on 01/05/2023 by Singapore You

For aquarium enthusiasts seeking a new abode for their pet fish in Singapore, locating the finest fish tanks requires more than simply walking into the nearest pet store. Many stores have limited supplies and do not scrutinise the merchandise they stock.

To ease your search, we have identified the outlets in Singapore that carry exceptional aquarium models. These stores boast a vast assortment of options and top-notch products, making them ideal for discerning buyers. Are you eager to explore?

Let’s plunge into our top picks for the best places to purchase fish tanks in Singapore.

1. Fresh N Marine

Website | 79 Upper East Coast Road Singapore 455219 | +65 6547 1575

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Recognised for its top-notch fish tanks in Singapore, Fresh N Marine offers an extensive range of freshwater and marine aquarium systems in various sizes and shapes. These collections feature crystal glass, light wood, marble finishes, and more. Additionally, the shop offers a broad selection of accessories, decorations, fish food and supplements, and freshwater plants. If you’re new to purchasing fish tanks, this store is the perfect starting point for your search. With plenty to explore, you may find the ideal tank that suits your requirements.

2. NA Nature Aquarium

Website | 1 Thomson Rd #01-340 Balestier Hill Shopping Center Singapore 300001 | +65 6255 6051

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Are you looking for an appealing yet straightforward fish tank or aquarium to adorn your work desk? Look no further than NA Nature Aquarium for the best fish tanks for sale in Singapore. Their aquariums are lightweight, slim, and compact, making them ideal for smaller spaces.

The shop’s main offerings are its nano aquariums and breeding box satellites, primarily constructed from the superior standard material for aquariums: acrylic. In addition to their exceptional fish tanks, they also provide a range of accessories and other essentials for your aquatic pets, similar to Fresh N Marine.

3. OTF Aquarium Farm

Website | 63 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, Loyang Agrotechnology Park Singapore 518233 | +65 9847 7176

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OTF Aquarium Farm is an award-winning company renowned as the top breeder and exporter of farm-bred fish in its region. In addition to this, they provide a vast selection of aquariums, aquatic plants, equipment, and accessories.

Their assortments consist of local and imported aquariums, both of exceptional quality, perfect for your home or office needs and preferences. They also offer books and magazines to expand your knowledge on aquarium setup, fish care, maintenance, medication, and more.

For novice buyers seeking high-quality products for their new hobby, OTF Aquarium Farm is the best aquarium shop in Singapore.

4. East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre

Website | Blk 22 Havelock Road #01-699 Singapore 160022 | +65 6275 9220

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As one of the most established companies in the business of selling fish aquariums in Singapore, East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre offers a vast array of aquarium supplies. In addition to the best fish tanks in Singapore, they provide filter and air equipment, feeding essentials, fish medication, water pumps, water test kits, and decorations and lighting equipment.

They have extended their services to include solutions for ponds and gardens, paludarium, and marine setups. If you’re planning to start an aquarium business, partnering with them would be an excellent beginning.

5. Green Chapter

Website | 565 Macpherson Road #01-00 Singapore 368234 | +65 6775 7376

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Green Chapter is an ideal destination for aquarium enthusiasts seeking a unique experience. They specialize in crafting personalized aquariums tailored to your preferences.

Their team of aquatic experts can conceptualize exceptional aquarium setups based on your ideal design. Most of their projects are designed for commercial establishments, demonstrating their ability to build any dream aquatic setup.

Their tanks and cabinets collection includes planted marine and even terrarium systems. They also offer fish food, filters, live plants, and animal food. With their production, maintenance, and restoration services, they are among the top options for customized fish tanks in Singapore.

6. Aquatic Dreams

Website | +65 6871 8887 | [email protected]

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Aquatic Dreams is a leading manufacturer of custom-made aquariums and cabinets in Singapore, offering high-quality and secure fish tanks that are free from leaks and cracks.

Their top-quality tanks use only Germany-made aquarium silicone from Wacker 121, ensuring the safety of your aquatic pets. Meanwhile, their cabinets are constructed from plywood with your choice of durable metal or solid kapur wood beams to withstand heavy loads of water.

Aquatic Dreams not only focuses on providing top-notch fish tanks but also places a strong emphasis on design and construction. They specialize in creating unique aquarium setups tailored to your home, restaurants, hotels, and more.

7. N30

Website | Blk 5038, #01-427, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, Singapore 569541 | +65 6481 2629 | +65 9667 2353 | [email protected]

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Have you ever dreamed of having a massive fish tank installed in your living room? Look no further than N30, one of Singapore’s largest fish tank manufacturers, offering customized aquariums in all sizes. They also specialize in designing and constructing large aquariums for outdoor facilities.

Their unique glass-sealing techniques allow them to create up to 30-feet tall aquariums without the risk of leakage. In addition to crafting top-notch fish tanks, their services include aquarium maintenance, supplying glass and glass works, and providing retail aquarium accessories.

8. MyDymax

Website | [email protected]

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Dymax is a world-renowned innovator in the field of aquarium products, producing their aquariums using only the finest materials available.

With over two decades of experience, the company has been providing the community with exceptional aquariums since 1997.

9. Yi Hu Fish Farm

Website | 71, Jalan Lekar, Sungei Tengah, Singapore 698950 | +65 6766 1554 | [email protected]

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Yi Hu Fish Farm Trading is a division of Qian Hu Corporation Limited that specialises in aquarium and pet accessories. The parent company was established in 1998, while Yi Hu has expanded to become a distributor in over 40 international countries.

The fish farm offers a diverse range of fish tanks, including the OF Betta Flora Tank, OF Curvo Tank, OF My Little Ocean, Classica ECO Aquarium, Classica Qubic Lifestyle Aquarium, and Classica Aquarium Starter Kit, as well as other fish products.

In addition to their products, the fish farm provides custom-made aquariums, as well as maintenance services for aquariums and ponds. Yi Hu Fish Farm also offers equipment servicing, with authorized service centres for EHEIM, TECO, OF, AquaZonic, Ocean Free, and Classica brands.

In 2019, Yi Hu Fish Farm was recognized as the winner of the Singapore Quality Award for business excellence. The company is also ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified.