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Favourite Dental Clinics In Serangoon

Favourite Dental Clinics In Serangoon

Last Updated on 10/09/2023 by Singapore You

When you’re in need of finding the closest dental clinics in your neighbourhood, the abundance of choices can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to determine which one is both reliable and convenient. That’s where we come in, providing you with a curated selection of the finest dental clinics in Serangoon, helping you streamline your options.

Our chosen clinics boast highly skilled specialists and state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing successful and efficient procedures that will alleviate your dental discomfort.

Explore our handpicked list of the top clinics in Serangoon and discover more about the comprehensive range of services they offer.

1. Toof Doctor

Website | 263 Serangoon Central Drive, #01-71 Singapore 550263 | +65 6487 5027

Dental Clinics In Serangoon

Toof Doctor offers a comprehensive selection of dental procedures, covering general, aesthetic, and restorative services. With their excellent solutions, you can regain your normal daily routine without dental concerns.

Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, Toof Doctor excels in providing successful treatments for a wide range of conditions, whether they are simple or complex. Their offerings encompass root canal treatment, gum treatment, dental implants, orthodontics, oral surgery, veneers, and more.

The combination of skilled and well-trained specialists, along with their commendable services, has established Toof Doctor as one of the premier dental clinics in Serangoon.

2. Advanced Dental Group

Website | Blk 254 Serangoon Central Drive #01-213 Singapore 550254 | +65 6280 1011

Dental Clinics In Serangoon

Being a prominent member of the largest dental care group in the area, Advanced Dental Group has successfully set up multiple clinics in convenient locations, including their premier dental clinic in Serangoon.

Their comprehensive range of services covers various treatments and procedures, such as dental pain management, aesthetic dentistry, tooth replacement, oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and even dental sleep medicine, catering to individuals with sleep apnea.

3. Nuffield Dental

Website | Nuffield Dental Serangoon Gardens 57 Serangoon Garden Way Serangoon Garden Estate, Singapore 555953 | +65 6280 7909

Dental Clinics In Serangoon

Nuffield Dental, a prominent and expansive dental group in Singapore, stands out as a leader in the field. They specialize in a wide array of services, with their signature treatments for implants, tooth whitening, gum treatments, tongue tie surgery, and more being particularly remarkable.

In addition to its exceptional offerings, Nuffield Dental also provides cosmetic dentistry, children’s dentistry, and facial rejuvenation services. They understand the importance of emergency care and are equipped to handle urgent surgeries, further solidifying their reputation as the premier clinic in Serangoon.

4. Ashford Dental Centre

Website | 15 Teck Chye Terrace Singapore 545723 | +65 6690 3163

Dental Clinics In Serangoon

For those concerned about securing last-minute appointments, Ashford Dental Centre is the perfect solution. They offer same-day appointments and provide all their services at affordable prices.

In addition to general and cosmetic dentistry, Ashford Dental Centre specializes in full mouth rehabilitation, a service not commonly found in other clinics. Their commitment to emergency dental treatments further enhances their reliability and accessibility in urgent situations.

5. Crystal Dental Care

Website | 262 Serangoon central drive, #01-109 Singapore, 550262 | +65 6612 1955

Dental Clinics In Serangoon

Crystal Dental Care provides a diverse range of treatments tailored to address specific dental conditions, ensuring that you have a wide selection of options to choose from. Their expertise shines in treatments such as root canal treatment, crowns and bridges, dentures, and more.

In addition, Crystal Dental Care offers comprehensive dental packages that encompass checkups, cleanings, x-rays, and fluoride treatments. With their extensive range of services and affordable packages, they have established themselves as one of the top dental clinics in Serangoon.

6. Neo Smiles Dental Studio

Website | 214 Bedok North St 1, #01-153 Singapore 460214 | +65 6481 0800 | +65 96690789

Dental Clinics In Serangoon

Next on our lineup is Neo Smiles Dental Studio, a well-established dental clinic founded in 2015. Over the years, Neo Smiles Dental Studio has garnered a strong reputation as one of the finest dental clinics in Singapore, and there are numerous compelling reasons why we endorse their services.

First and foremost, their team comprises highly trained and experienced dentists who possess expertise in addressing a wide range of teeth and gum-related issues. If you require cosmetic dentistry solutions, you can trust Neo Smiles Dental Studio to cater to your needs effectively.

Furthermore, we appreciate the fact that Neo Smiles Dental Studio offers an extensive array of services that effectively address various dental concerns. Their comprehensive range of procedures includes teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatments, dental implants, and much more.

For those in search of one of the top dental clinics in the area, we wholeheartedly recommend Neo Smiles Dental Studio.