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6 Best CNY Hamper 2022

6 Best CNY Hamper 2022

Last Updated on 04/05/2023 by Singapore You

Isn’t it delightful to receive a basket brimming with goods during festive events like the Chinese New Year? Imagine how much your loved ones would appreciate it if you gifted them a complete package of healthy foods and useful items, such as the top choices for CNY hamper 2022 in Singapore!

These hamper sets for Chinese New Year comprise an assortment of treats, delicacies, styles, and other items. We’ve compiled a list of local shops that produce the finest Chinese New Year hampers in Singapore for your perusal.

1.  Eu Yan Sang

Website | 21 Tai Seng Drive, Eu Yan Sang Centre Singapore 535223 | 1800 888 1879 (Local Toll-Free)

cny hamper 2022
Image source: Eu Yan Sang

If you’re looking to add more healthful items to your Chinese New Year gift basket in Singapore, rather than sugary treats and other indulgences, then Eu Yan Sang could be an excellent option for you. Their top-quality Chinese New Year hampers feature organic products that promote better health, such as herbal drinks, teas, and other wholesome items

Additionally, they offer distinctive collections such as vegetarian and halal hampers, making them a top pick for distinctive Chinese New Year hamper baskets!

2.  A Better Florist

Website | 12 Dunlop St, Singapore 209342 | +65-3163-1525

cny hamper 2022
Image source: A Better Florist

A Better Florist has gained widespread recognition by being featured in multiple publications, cementing their position as one of the most prominent florists and gift shops on the island. Their hamper selection ranges from modest to extravagant, with the added option of pairing each one with stunning flowers.

Their Chinese New Year hampers in Singapore are the perfect gift options for family, friends, colleagues, and even clients, and are filled with delectable treats such as wines, fruits, chocolates, and more. They are undoubtedly our preferred pick for Chinese New Year hamper sets in Singapore with a sweet touch!

3.  Angel Florist

Website | 8 Admiralty Street, #05-16 Admirax, Singapore 757438 | +65-6908-1788

cny hamper 2022
Image source: Angel Florist

Angel Florist has an extensive selection of hampers and gift sets, and their specially curated and top Chinese New Year Hampers in Singapore are among them. The majority of these hampers feature premium wine and other high-quality goods, all designed and packaged with care.

In addition, Angel Florist has the most stunning presentations, with magnificent towers of treats and deluxe boxes. They also provide flower arrangements and gift sets for any type of occasion, ensuring that you not only have access to Chinese New Year gift boxes but hampers for any occasion.

4.  Little Flower Hut

Website | 25 Jln Chegar, Singapore 578483 | +65-6503-9750

cny hamper 2022
Image source: Little Flower Hut

In addition to its magnificent flower bouquets, Little Flower Hut offers some of the finest Chinese New Year hampers in Singapore. Their collections are typically accompanied by classic Chinese delicacies, elegantly styled with flowers in a basket or box.

Their hampers include a delightful assortment of items such as wines, fruits, cookies, and other snacks. Additionally, if you prefer a more modest approach, they offer a simple fruits-and-flowers basket, allowing you to customize your Chinese New Year gift basket as per your preferences, whether you wish to keep it simple or make it more festive.

5.  Far East Flora

Website | 565 Thomson Road 298184 Singapore (located within Goodwood Florist) | +65-6251-2323

cny hamper 2022
Image source: Far East Flora

Far East Flora provides an extensive selection of Chinese New Year assortments, ranging from hampers and gifts to even plants! Their top-notch Chinese New Year hampers in Singapore feature items such as wine, wholesome drinks and snacks, and other goodies that promote wellness and success.

Receiving these Chinese New Year gift basket treats at the beginning of the year would undoubtedly be a delightful experience. If you agree, then their collections would be an excellent option for you!

6. Purest Nest

Website | [email protected]

The concept behind Purest Nest is that traditional superfoods like those that our grandmothers used to make do not have to be pricey to be of top quality. To bring this vision to life, they follow an ethical process, which involves sourcing the finest ingredients from trusted farms and combining them with natural elements.

What’s even more intriguing about Purest Nest products is that they are created in small batches, ensuring that each one is as impeccable as the preceding batch.