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Best Maid Agency Singapore 2021 List

Best Maid Agency Singapore 2021 List

Last Updated on 25/03/2023 by Singapore You

1. Universal Employment Agency

Website | +65 6735 3456 | WhatsApp +65 9645 3456 | [email protected]

best maid agency singapore 2021

Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd boasts an impressive retention rate of 75.35%, surpassing the industry average of 63.35%. This indicates that the helpers placed by the agency have successfully maintained their employment with the same employer for at least six months within the current rating period. The agency also excels in its transfer rate and placement volume and is particularly renowned for its placement of transfer maids – a service that is not commonly offered by other maid agencies.

Given the pandemic-related restrictions, this service is especially beneficial for those requiring sudden childcare, nursing, and housekeeping assistance.

Overall, Universal Employment Agency has a few shortcomings, although it may benefit from reconsidering its closure on Tuesdays and public holidays.

2. Hope Recruitment

Website | +65 8830 5262 / WhatsApp +65 8772 2885 | [email protected]

best maid agency singapore 2021

Although relatively new to the domestic helper agency industry, Hope Recruitment is quickly establishing itself as a top maid agency in the country. The agency boasts above-average retention rates and placement volumes, and we appreciate its transparent approach to presenting rates and fees for its services.

Hope Recruitment also offers attractive all-in packages for different types of helpers, including those with no prior working experience, ex-Singapore helpers, transfer helpers, and nursing-certified caregivers. These packages come with a clear breakdown of fees and great incentives.

However, the agency’s transfer rate of 3% is significantly higher than the industry average of 0.94%, and we suggest that this is an area where the agency could improve.

3. Choose Your Maid

Website | +65 6908 6678 | WhatsApp +65 8845 2988 | [email protected]

best maid agency singapore 2021

Since its establishment in 2012, Choose Your Maid has gained a reputation as one of the most comprehensive maid agencies in the country, offering a wide range of services beyond the placement and provision of domestic services like food preparation, cooking, gardening, and general housekeeping. The agency also provides training sessions and processing services for its helpers, including caregiver and infant care training, orientation programmes for first-time domestic helpers, medical checkups, and assistance with work permit renewal, application, or cancellation.

As of the latest data, ACHIEVE EMPLOYMENT LLP (chooseyourmaid.com) shows a placement volume of 215, exceeding the industry average. However, there is room for improvement in the agency’s transfer and retention rates.

4. JForce Employment Services

Website | +65 6635 2506 | [email protected]

best maid agency singapore 2021

JForce is a reputable domestic worker agency that specializes in providing maids from Indonesia and Myanmar. The agency has a respectable retention rate and an impressive placement volume, thanks to its nearly decade-long experience in simplifying the maid search process for clients.

JForce utilizes a system that allows clients to filter through several criteria, such as education level, language, age, marital status, and religion, to find the most suitable domestic worker for their needs. The agency emphasizes hands-on training for all its helpers to ensure that they develop the necessary skills and can settle into life in Singapore comfortably.

However, JForce’s current transfer rate is lagging behind the industry average. We hope the agency can work towards improving this statistic in the coming months to enhance the confidence of both clients and helpers.

5. Island Maids

Website | +65 6299 7703 | WhatsApp +65 9228 8732 | [email protected]

best maid agency singapore 2021

Island Maids, a Singapore maid agency, boasts an impressive transfer rate and placement volume, with the latter currently at 504, exceeding the industry average of 48. The agency has seven branches across Singapore, offering clients a wide selection of maids, confinement nannies, and other domestic helper roles.

Island Maids carefully assesses and interviews potential helpers, providing thorough training to ensure that it can recommend a maid who meets the potential employer’s standards and needs for a good match. We appreciate that the agency operates seven days a week, making it easier for clients to get in touch with Island Maids should any issues arise.

Overall, Island Maids is a reliable agency, although there is room for improvement in its current retention rate.


Website | +65 6440 6468 | [email protected]

best maid agency singapore 2021

EELIT Agency, established in 2012, offers clients maid placements, direct helper hiring, transfer helpers, and assistance with the application and renewal of work permits. The agency has a good placement volume, with 241 according to the Ministry of Manpower website, exceeding the industry average of 48. However, it falls short of industry averages in its retention and transfer rates.

EELIT ensures that every domestic helper arriving in Singapore undergoes mandatory checkups and SIP courses, while also providing safe lodging and several days of orientation and training programs. We appreciate the agency’s efforts to minimize conflicts by investing in helpers and promoting constant communication between them and clients.

7. Tailormaid Services

Website | WhatsApp +65 8822 6966 | [email protected]

best maid agency singapore 2021

Tailormaid is a rare find in the maid agency industry, as it provides domestic worker lodging, ensuring that clients’ maids are cared for and provided with meals and training when left alone for extended periods.

We appreciate that Tailormaid goes beyond the standard domestic helper roles and can provide assistance with ad-hoc in-house training, counselling therapy sessions, and financial aid for things like caregiver grants. The agency’s personalized sourcing service is also unique, featuring several filters to help source a helper based on the client’s specific requirements for an excellent fit.

Tailormaid boasts an impressive transfer rate of 0%, but there is room for improvement in its retention rate and placement volume, which we hope the agency can address soon.

8. First Maid

Website | +6584887603 | WhatsApp +6584887603 | [email protected]

best maid agency singapore 2021

Established in 2020, First Maid is a relatively new maid agency in Singapore that has gained a good reputation for offering hundreds of domestic worker profiles in its database, including candidates from Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

First Maid simplifies the domestic helper search process for clients with just three steps: employer registration, biodata search using the database, and shortlisting the most suitable maids for their needs. The agency also offers a wide range of services beyond finding a helper, including assisting clients with processing maid insurance and paperwork.

While First Maid has impressive retention and transfer rates, its placement volume needs improvement to reach the current industry average. However, as the agency is relatively new, this is understandable, and we hope to see improvement in this area in the future.

9. 1 Assist Agency

Website | +65 9649 0891 | +65 6463 0419

best maid agency singapore 2021

1 Assist Agency specializes in providing assistance with elderly care for clients with specific needs in this area. The agency is best known for partnering with the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC), whose mission is to provide seniors and the elderly with a dignified and graceful way of living.

In addition to providing elderly care services, 1 Assist Agency offers maids with diverse skills ranging from housekeeping to child care. Potential clients can search for maids by nationality, experience, language, and other factors, making it easier to find the right match.

We appreciate that 1 Assist Agency is open daily (except for public holidays) and has two branches in Singapore for convenience. This makes it easier for clients to find hired help during emergencies and busy weekends.

While the agency has a good current placement volume against the industry average, there is room for improvement in its retention and transfer rates to enhance the confidence of potential clients.

10. Best Housekeeper

Website | +65 68767948 | [email protected]

best maid agency singapore 2021

Best Housekeeper stands out for its proprietary matching system called “Match Me,” which is designed to filter helper profiles to match potential clients’ specific domestic needs and requirements. This feature is particularly useful for an agency with a large helper database like Best Housekeeper, allowing future employers to browse through different nationalities and use the partial code of each maid to get more information about her.

Additionally, the “My Criteria” feature allows clients to further filter requirements and create a shortlist of suitable domestic helper candidates. We appreciate this tool as it makes the search process more efficient.

While Best Housekeeper has a good placement volume, the Ministry of Manpower ratings indicates that its transfer rate lags behind the industry average. However, we believe that the Match Me tool can help improve this statistic in the near future.