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The 5 Best Ant Poison In Singapore For Any Home

The 5 Best Ant Poison In Singapore For Any Home

Last Updated on 05/05/2023 by Singapore You

We have compiled a list of the best ant poison in Singapore to help you eliminate the predicament of ants in your home. Our team has gone through various innovative pest management reviews to create this list, saving you the trouble.

Ants can be bothersome as they tend to hide in the corners and crevices of cabinets and cupboards where food is stored, making it easy to overlook them. To ensure they are eliminated and do not return, it is important to use effective ant pest control in Singapore.

To aid you in this endeavour, we have gathered the most efficient ant poison available on the market. Additionally, we have included a brief guide on how to select an effective ant killer and what attracts ants to your home.

How Do I Choose An Insecticide?

Dealing with ants can be effectively done with a variety of insecticides. However, as ants have a tendency to return, it’s better to tackle the root of the problem with the best ant exterminator in Singapore for permanent elimination.

Why Do Ants Invade Homes?

Ants swarm in homes for various reasons, including poor sanitation like leaving dirty dishes in the sink or crumbs on surfaces, and the presence of nearby colonies. Singapore has about 100 species of ants, with the most common being carpenter, pharaoh, fire, ghost, and crazy ants. Carpenter ants damage wood by tunnelling through beams, while fire ant bites can be painful. Pharaoh and ghost ants are difficult to eradicate as they scatter and bite when threatened.

Choosing an Effective Ant Killer

Several ant poison come in different forms, including chalk-like or spray. However, ant gel forms are the best as they provide a longer-lasting solution. Experts recommend selecting an ant killer that can be taken back to the colony by the ants, ensuring the queen is eliminated and eventually leading to the death of the entire colony.

With these tips in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best ant poison in Singapore, known for their effective and long-lasting effects rather than just a temporary solution.

1. Green Leaf Ant Killing Bait

Shop Here | Estimated Price: S$4.13

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Green Leaf offers an inexpensive yet highly effective insecticide in powder form, which ants will carry back to their colony, resulting in their elimination. Surprisingly, only a gram of this powder is sufficient to eradicate an entire colony.

Notably, this product is safe and hygienic for use and can also be used to eliminate other pests. Its design aligns with an ant’s feeding habits, making it one of the top ant poison available in Singapore.

2. TERRO T300 Liquid Ant Bait

Shop Here | Estimated Price: S$17.90

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Terro T300 is a highly effective and easy-to-use ant bait with numerous satisfied customers worldwide. This non-invasive solution yields quick and long-lasting results.

The StayFresh design of the bait maintains its liquid freshness until opened. It’s recommended that users avoid disturbing the ants while they consume the bait to achieve optimal results.

Terro owes its effectiveness to Borax, its active ingredient, which provides lasting effects as worker ants consume and carry it back to their colony. Users attest to its efficacy, with many experiencing the disappearance of ants within days. Its success has earned Terro a spot on our list of the best ant poison in Singapore.

3. Advion Ant Gel

Shop Here | Estimated Price: S$30.00

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Advion Ant Gel is a highly effective ant killer that only requires a few applications to the cracks and crevices where ants typically hide until they are all eliminated. With a high kill rate, it is one of the best ant gel killers available in Singapore.

It is guaranteed to be consumed by worker ants and brought back to the colony, resulting in the colony’s complete elimination in just a few days. However, it is not recommended for use in areas where pesticides and insecticides have previously been applied.

With its fast-acting and highly effective properties, Advion Ant Gel is undoubtedly one of the top ant poison available in Singapore.

4. Raid Ant Baits

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Raid Ant Baits may seem unassuming, but they are highly effective in eradicating ant colonies within days. These baits provide protection against ants for up to three months and are easy to install.

The design features adhesive to adhere to uneven surfaces commonly visited by ants, and it is child-resistant to prevent accidental opening by children.

Using Raid Ant Baits, expect to see a significant reduction in ant populations within just a few days, making it one of the best ant poison available in Singapore.

5. Golden Hammer Ant Gel

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Golden Hammer Ant Gel is one of the top ant poison available in Singapore, guaranteeing complete eradication of ant colonies with its proven effectiveness, according to numerous users.

This gel contains food additives that attract ants and act as slow-acting bait toxicants. It is effective against several species of ants and is non-toxic to humans, making it an environmentally safe option.

Customers have also noticed its effectiveness on other insects, though it requires reapplication to different areas. Typically, 4-6 squeezes of the tube, as instructed by the manufacturer, are enough.

This amazing product is included in our list of the best ant gel killers in Singapore, primarily for its pesticidal effects on other insects while being largely non-toxic.