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7 Spots To Get Your Favourite Chocolate Hampers In Singapore

7 Spots To Get Your Favourite Chocolate Hampers In Singapore

Last Updated on 13/06/2023 by Singapore You

If you want to show your family and friends how much you love them, consider giving them sweet treats on special occasions or just as a token of appreciation. One fail-proof option for chocolate lovers in Singapore is to have chocolates delivered.

To help you find the perfect chocolate hamper, we’ve researched and compared various gift shops in Singapore that offer delightful and visually appealing chocolate hampers. In this article, we’ve narrowed down our top picks for the best chocolate hampers in Singapore.

1. Hello Chocolate

Website | 22, New Industrial Road, 02-26, Primax, 536208 | [email protected]

For those seeking a diverse array of chocolate gift options, Hello Chocolate is an excellent destination. They offer a variety of chocolates, including dark, white, milk, raw, low/no-sugar, and vegan. Additionally, they showcase premium chocolate brands with distinctive gift ideas. Their award-winning confections are available worldwide, making it possible to send your love to faraway loved ones. Without a doubt, this is an outstanding option for anyone seeking a diverse assortment of chocolates in a gift box in Singapore.

2. A Little Flower Hut

Website | 25 Jln Chegar, Singapore 578483 | +65 6503 9750

Not only does A Little Flower Hut have a reputation for creating stunning floral arrangements, but they’re also renowned for producing some of the finest chocolate hampers in Singapore. These gift sets of delectable chocolates come paired with exquisite flower bouquets, making them the perfect gift for your loved ones.

These chocolate hampers are presented in either a basket or box, and some even come with a selection of wines. Each set is brimming with a variety of chocolate flavours and other delightful confections. We appreciate the fact that they offer swift chocolate delivery in Singapore, which is why they’ve made it onto our list. After all, we all know that chocolate has the power to soothe and uplift, making fast delivery an important consideration.

3. A Better Florist

Website | 12 Dunlop St, Singapore 209342 | +65 3163 1525

It’s hard to imagine anyone turning down a well-considered flower or chocolate delivery in Singapore. A Better Florist offers a comprehensive range of collections that cater to your every gifting need, whether it’s for your clients, colleagues, crush, friends, or family.

A Better Florist’s best chocolate hampers in Singapore are particularly noteworthy, as they are thoughtfully curated with a selection of wines, flowers, and even fruits! Their gift sets also boast simple yet stunning visuals that are sure to impress.

4. Hediard

Website | Facebook

At Hediard, you’ll discover an extensive selection of scrumptious sweet treats, ranging from delectable chocolate tablets and bars to fruit jellies, candies, chestnuts, and much more!

What sets Hediard apart is its ability to offer personalized gift sets, which is why they’re renowned for having the finest chocolate hampers in Singapore. Creating your own chocolate gift box is a fun and enjoyable experience, and you’ll take just as much pleasure in crafting the perfect gift as you will in presenting it to your loved ones!

5. Awfully Chocolate

Website | Facebook | +65 6345 8212 | [email protected]

If you’re searching for top-tier chocolate hampers in Singapore that feature only the finest-quality treats, then Awfully Chocolate is an excellent choice.

Their gift sets are exquisitely crafted and feature your favourite chocolates, as well as signature chocolate cookies and even handmade cookies. You can impress your special someone with premium chocolate hamper delivery in Singapore when you choose Awfully Chocolate hampers.

6. Chocoelf

Website | +65 6775 5117 | [email protected]

Chocoelf is the brainchild of a seasoned chocolatier and medical doctor who shares a vision of creating chocolates that are not only delicious but also beneficial for the body. With Chocoelf, you can now indulge in guilt-free chocolate delivery in Singapore!

They take great pride in their innovative approach to incorporating Asian ingredients into their products. Whether you’re in need of their carefully curated boxes or Christmas hampers, Chocoelf guarantees that you’ll receive only the finest-quality treats.

7. Fossa Chocolate

Website | [email protected]

Fossa Chocolate prides itself on offering the very best chocolate products, which are carefully handcrafted using only the freshest and finest raw cocoa beans. They have established partnerships with local farmers, ensuring that their main ingredient is sourced ethically and sustainably.

For those interested in learning more about artisanal chocolates, Fossa Chocolate also provides workshops that delve into the nuances between high-quality chocolate and their mediocre counterparts. If you’re interested in exploring their offerings further, reach out to Fossa Chocolate today.