Some children have a fascination for lights and amazing displays. Some of these children grow up to be very enthusiastic about light shows, and exhibits that are held near them, that attending such events become a tradition for the family. If you’re particularly from Singapore, you definitely know about Wings of Time all too well – and it’s one of the attractions that people love visiting from time to time.

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You can find the Wings of Time on the Sentosa Island, Singapore – yes, Singapore’s very own Wonderland. You can actually find a lot of attractions on the island, and Wings of Time is just one of them – a very significant part of the island. What makes the Wings of Time so special then?

Wings of Time

Image From Wings of Time

The Wings of Time is a collaboration between Sentosa and a French media company that has been around for more than twenty years – not only in Singapore but all over the world. Since then, Wings of Time has been gracing visitors with a fantastic view of the seas and a water screen that projects the arts of lights and effects.

Activities at Wings of Time

Learn about the story behind the Wings of Time. Believe it or not, there is a plot. Allow the mystical bird Shahbaz to take you on a journey through the times of the British Industrialization Revolution, the Silk Road times, the Mayan Pyramids and many more adventures Shahbaz spends with his friends Rachel and Felix.

Wings of Time

Image From Wings of Time

Appreciate the show at night. Well, considering it does start in the evening, and the lights are brighter and more visible during the evening, it’s a moment no one should miss. Especially when you’re on the island in the evening, mark this on your itinerary!

Catch a glimpse of the effects when the sun is setting – it’s still an amazing scenery! It’s also a great time to snap a photo or two to keep the memory alive. People who have been to the venue of the Wings of Time could say the same about where it is stationed. It was a good choice from the developers.

Wings of Time General Information

50 Beach View, Singapore 098604

Contact Number:



Service Hours:
7:40 PM – 8:05 PM, 8:40 – 9:05 PM

Premium Seats S$23.00
Premium Seats (for residents of Singapore) S$19.50
Premium Seats (for senior citizens of Singapore) S$12.60
Standard Seats S$18.00
Standard Seats (for senior citizens of Singapore) S$9.90

Wings of Time

Image From Wings of Time

Wings of Time Best Feature

The best thing about Wings of Time is it’s not merely a musical lights show where the light shoots magnificent lasers or dance to the music. Wings of Time actually holds a story – adventures that Shahbaz explores with his friends – adventures of discovery, friendship, and bravery.

It’s amazing how the effects, the lasers, the sound system and the synchronization of light displays at the Wings of Time just play an amazing effect on the entire experience. Guests have always loved how the lights also play effects on the water, reflections dancing their way through the stories of Shahbaz.

Image From Google Reviews

Image From Google Reviews

Why We Love Wings of Time

The lights are amazing, and the experience is breathtaking. The stories behind the Wings of Time gives you an emotional sense of being a while again, which most people just love about the entire experience. The station of the Wings of Time is also a lovely place for the whole family to roam without having to bump into people – it’s less frustrating when the area is open and wide enough for everyone.

What did you love the most about your Wings of Time experience?