There are a lot of enjoying the waters, and one of the ways to assure it is by being with company who are after the same things – fun. Ryders believe that wakeboarding and wakesurfing are lifestyle choices that people make – and there is not only satisfaction in these water sports, but also a wide community to interact with.

Ryders is one of the wakeboarding and wakesurfing service providers that have been around in Singapore for a while, and their years of experience have contributed well to the water sport enthusiasts of the country.

The coaches of Ryders are well-trained, experienced and licensed professionals – so you can count on the quality of service they render. The whole crew are also equipped with knowledge on first aid, and they have regularly trained for emergencies. 

The crew usually takes the enrollees to a nearby island with the boat assigned to them. There, they will conduct the courses in wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Worry not, because it does not matter if you are new to the water sports or not because Ryders will make sure you learn well with them.


Address: 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670
Contact Number: +65-9189-5957
Social Media: Facebook / Instagram


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Ryders Best Feature

Ryders Singapore know how to help beginners adjust to the water sports they choose, wakeboarding or wakesurfing.

Ryders is the place you would want to be if you are just getting your first courses, because the crew is glad to have people start to have a love for the sport they are passionate about. For Ryders, it’s a growing family that they meet people who are showing interest in wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

For the water sports that they offer, Ryders are very proud of the boats they have – it doesn’t just show a great time and convenient wakeboarding and wakesurfing. The boats show people how to make the best of their time with the crew. While training and learning about water sports is also an amazing experience, Ryders know how to relax after a busy course.


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What Improvements Does Ryders Need

According to some clients, they’ve experienced bad customer service. If not, their bookings weren’t recorded for certain dates. Sometimes, there weren’t any boats available. While this have been some comments, it barely happens for Ryders. They always attend to their clients’ needs as soon as they can. 

In Ryders’ defense, there could have been a glitch or a discrepancy with the system for booking. If not, they will have to find a platform that can help their clients get their attention faster for emergencies such as the ones stated above. There are some issues that may be out of the control of the management or the clients as well, it is best to make sure that Ryders do attend to their clients’ concerned as soon as possible.


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Protip to Ryders Clients:

There are instances when discrepancies can happen, or a glitch with the system of Ryders. Especially when booking and paying the fees, it would always be a good idea to keep receipts and notes. If possible, always follow up your bookings and scheduling with Ryders.

While it may be out of anyone’s control, Ryders always try their best to make it up to their clients the best they can. They never disappoint when it comes to the experiences and memories they create with you when wakeboarding and wakesurfing.


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Ryders Service Hours:

7.00 AM – 7.00 PM