One of the best facilities of wakeboarding is Edgewake, because they know what you like and need. How, you ask? They know because the people of Edgewake are wakeboarders as well.

Edgewake is a wakeboarding haven because of the instructors that are not only experienced coaches, but they have been victors of competitions over the years that they have been participating in water sports games. To continue following their passion, they generated Edgewake – not only to keep doing what they love, but also share what they know to the people who have the same interests.

Edgewake strongly believes that there is more to wakeboarding; more than the gears and the training and coaching. Edgewake believes that you have to feel the sport – how great you feel when you learn something new, the adrenaline and excitement of your first stunt. You need to have a love for the water sport to master and excel in it.

Edgewake believes that while it could be a lot of hard work to master it, you can always have fun while learning. This is why at Edgewake, you can enjoy a few drinks and a wholesome meal with the crew and your family and friends.


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Address: 11 Northshore Drive, Marina Country Club, Singapore 828670
Contact Number: +65-6386-6634

Edgewake Best Feature

The best thing about Edgewake is that they do know how to treasure experiences and memories. While it is a sport and people do not always stay in one place, Edgewake is all about the feelings – not only towards the sports, but the people you enjoy these moments with.

Edgewake has a wholesome website where they put in tips and articles that can help you get better at wakeboarding and wakesurfing while being safe while learning. They have set up videos to share with everyone, and the people of Edgewake are pretty cool and genuinely kind people.

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What Improvements Does Edgewake Need

While Edgewake does have an amazing reputation for giving amazing services, it would mean a great deal to people who are not yet familiar with them to see a platform where they can see reviews and comments about them. Edgewake could use a platform, either social media or their own website section, where current and former clients can post feedback on.

Having a feedback platform can also give Edgewake the chance to reply and respond to certain emergencies with clients. It can work as a form of interaction between Edgewake and the clients they may have in the future.


Image From Edgewake, Google Reviews


Image From Edgewake, Google Reviews

Protips to Edgewake Clients:

If you are beginner wakeboarding and wakesurfing, do not feel pressured or anxious. The key to learning is to be calm about the whole experience. Come to the venue excited and focused. This is a fun water sport.

You may also feel very intimidated by the crew’s expertise, but do not feel embarrassed. That is why Edgewake exists, they want to help people like you learn the sport and love the sport.

Edgewake Service Hours:

7.00 AM – 7.00 PM