During the current pandemic, cooperating with the frontliners is an important procedure to follow. One of the best ways to follow is to stay indoors and help the kids understand why it is important to do so as well. 

Especially if weekends are meant to be spent with the kids and take small tours to museums or dine out, since the pandemic, that cannot always be the case for now. That still doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do this weekend in Singapore.

If you’re looking for things to do this weekend in Singapore – without leaving your home, then the below activities might just be your go-to hobbies with the kids.

Before anything else, make sure everyone in the family practices proper hygiene to be part of the movement in fighting the virus outbreak. 

Things To Do This Weekend in Singapore With The Kids

things to do this weekend

Image From Markus Spiske, Unsplash

  • Make home treats with the whole family.

No child is not excited to help out with chores… if it means preparing home treats for everyone! Tarts, fruit cakes and home-made brownies and cookies are just some of the things the whole family can spend doing together without having to worry about leaving the house. 

One of the best things about preparing these treats is everyone actually gets to spend time together instead of just going out when wanting to please each other.

  • Learn new crafts with the kids.

One thing that does not require gender preferences is the likes of creating crafts. May they be bird houses, a doll house, a glider or any sort of creation, it would suit both boys and girls to participate in this activity. Also consider asking everyone in the family what they like, so when shopping for craft materials, you know what to grab off the shelves.

  • Time to create some masterpieces!
things to do this weekend

Image From Gautam Arora, Unsplash

Every child loves a test run of art! May it be crafts, may it be painting – since kids are attracted to colors and new experiences. The best thing about painting is you can also participate and show what you’ve created so far – and it is nice to see each other’s style in creating their own masterpieces. 

While some children may not be fond of painting, it would be a good time to expose them to the hobby of painting. It’s also a productive time-killer which doesn’t require leaving the house.

  • Dress up and pose!

The collateral beauty of this entire pandemic and staying home is probably the chance to actually dress up and prepare for a home pictorial with the entire family. One of the best things about taking photos is you actually have moments to look forward to – and with the busyness of everyone before the pandemic, people do not always have these moments with their families. 

This could be your chance to spend time with the entire family without the hassle of forcing hobbies they won’t really like.

Bonus Idea: There are plenty of card games that are suitable for children to play. There are also plenty of card and board games unexplored that might just be the family’s next favorite pastime! How about trying a game of Exploding Kittens and Monopoly Deal, yes?

things to do this weekend

Image From CDC, Unsplash

Hygiene is important in everything we are doing these days. Whatever of the things to do this weekend you are going to do, always make sure to wash your hands and take a bath regularly. Sanitize when you must and put your family’s safety above everything else. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay clean!

What’s your family’s favorite things to do this weekend? Let us know your ideas!