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iFly Singapore is an adventure activity for people of all ages and can be found on Sentosa Island in Singapore. It’s near Wings of Time, it takes you almost just 2 minutes to walk to iFly Singapore.

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The iFly Singapore is one of the best attractions that can be found in Singapore. It induces real skydiving extremities with the actual safety of knowing you will land – it’s perfect enough to let you feel the thrill of the sport. If you are one of the adrenaline junkies that always live on the high side of life – or is interested in growing your extremities, this is a must-try attraction for you.

iFly Singapore

Image From iFly Singapore

Activities at iFLY Singapore

There are packages you can choose from, and these packages are suitable for beginners, for educational purposes and even for the professional flyers and ready for membership enthusiasts. There are packages that actually accommodate groups as well – especially the groups that have special occasions to celebrate.

The instructors and trainers at iFly Singapore are certified and licensed professionals by the International BodyFlight Association. They are also experienced individuals who have been training and improving their own skills whenever possible – this is to ensure the safety of their clients and students.

The trainers and instructors always make sure you learn what you must in their educational programmes. If you are a returning flyer, you can be guaranteed the dedication and devotion in re-learning what you need in body flying.

iFly Singapore

Image From iFly Singapore

iFLY Singapore General Information

#1 Sentosa Island – 43 Siloso Beach Walk, 01, Singapore 099010

Contact Number:



Service Hours:
Thursday to Tuesday 9:00 AM – 9.30 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM

Social Media:
Facebook / Instagram

iFLY Singapore Best Feature

iFly Singapore has the best services for the beginners, which helps the newbies become less intimidated by the body flying sport. This is something that helps beginners learn to love certain sports – no matter how extreme. The instructors are also very helpful and reliable when it comes to teaching the students what to do, giving them the confidence to be more courageous with the extreme sport.

When it comes to certain sports such as skydiving, it takes courage and confidence to actually execute such procedures – this is why iFly Singapore always makes sure they offer the services that would never jeopardize the safety of their clients and their staff. In return, the personnel of iFly Singapore gives their hundred percent in providing their best for their clients.

iFly Singapore

Image From Google Reviews

iFly Singapore

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Why We Love iFLY Singapore

Body flying sports is not an easy sport to learn, and it takes a while to grasp the confidence in loving the sport. With iFly Singapore, they understand how important it is to initially start the lessons and give time to the students to adjust to their newfound interests.

It is also an amazing task to actually be taught by professionals but not being intimidated by their knowledge of the sport. They are very reliable, very professional and knowledgeable of their skills and talents in the body flying sport.

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