The 9 Best Free Online Games to Play With Friends

With the social distancing policies that have been put into place for months now, it has gotten especially difficult to cope at home. Physical touch and proximity to our loved ones, or even just to other people, are essential to our overall well-being. But with the unfortunate recent events, these are all deprived from us which ultimately affects our health, physically and mentally. 

This calls for a creative way of bonding with our loved ones, and what’s a better avenue for that than the Internet? This platform has given us the means to interact with so many people even though they’re far away from us. Although it’s not the same as in physical proximity, it still helps ease the stress and uneasiness that we feel because of the social distancing measures. 

One way that we can share more moments with each other is through free online games to play with friends!  Listed below are just some of the best free online games you can find and that will definitely have you and your friends thinking, laughing, and bonding despite our current circumstances.

free online games to play with friends

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If you love Pictionary or Draw Something, you will definitely enjoy! This is an online game that has the same mechanics as the first two games mentioned. You don’t have to be a Van Gogh in these games. Anyone of all walks of life (and skills level) is welcome to enjoy! 

The number of players that this game can accommodate ranges from two to eight players. The best  part is you wouldn’t have to  worry about creating an account or paying for the game—it’s all online and free! Try your hand at drawing and guessing, all the while having a good laugh with your friends online. 

UNO! Online

free online games to play with friends

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We can’t miss out on UNO! We have proven that this card game can make or break friendships (in a joking way, of course). It’s especially fun because of its challenging and competitive mechanics. You can download this card game for free on the App Store or Google Play. It’s available in a one-on-one battle or you can invite many of your friends to play as well!

Cards Against Humanity

free online games to play with friends

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If you’ve never played this game at least once before, then you should definitely try it out now with your friends! This popular card game is also available online and doesn’t require any logins or download—just type it in on your browser and then create an online room for your friends. 

There’s no better way to bond with friends than by sharing weird and sometimes dark and morbid humor. The mechanics of this game is simple: if you’re the  “Card Czar” of the game, you get to pick which of the white cards best fits the statement in drawn the black card. If it’s someone else’s turn to be the Czar, you put out one to three cards (depending on how many are required) to compete with your friends’ choices. 

Mario Kart Tour

free online games to play with friends

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Mario Kart Tour is one of the best and most accessible racing games you can find on and off the internet. You can play this solo or with your friends—you can invite up to seven of them for some healthy racing competition! You can pick from a broad range of courses with varying settings that fits the mood you want as well the difficulty. You can get this for free on the App Store or Google Play. All you have to do is create a Nintendo account!

free online games to play with friends

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This is a one-stop online gaming platform for all your tabletop game needs. Whether you want to play backgammon, checkers, go fish, match up, and so many more, has got you! Card games like these don’t have to be played in person and with actual cards. With the power of the internet and technology, you can play these card game favorites at the safety of your homes with your friends from varying locations. You can create private gaming rooms with them that can accommodate up to six players! 

Online puzzles

free online games to play with friends

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There’s actually a whole online library of communal puzzles you can choose from. If you’ve got time on your hands (which we assume that you do given the quarantine and lockdown), you and your friend can complete a puzzle together or compete against each other and see who gets to complete it the fastest!

Codenames Online

free online games to play with friends

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See how well you really know your friends with this word-based party game called Codenames Online! The game starts by dividing you into two teams (blue and red) and there will be one spymaster on each. These spymasters are given the right to give out clues to their teams. Then the players guess the words on the board correctly until they fill all of their colors. This is an easy online game that will definitely have you and your friends laughing and bonding with each other. Best of all, it’s free!


free online games to play with friends

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Invite your friends to an intellectual game that will have your mind whirring with fun and excitement. The mechanics of this game is simple: you get to choose from a range of categories where each player makes up fake answers to real trivia questions. Test your knowledge and your bluff-detection skills with Psych! You’ll definitely get to know your friends from this game, and no physical proximity required! 

Words with Friends 2

free online games to play with friends

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Test your vocabulary with your friends with this online game, Words with Friends 2! First you have to create a game by inviting your friends to the game room you have created. Then, you create words on the board by placing tiles vertically or horizontally. The additional words must connect to previously played words. This is especially fun to play with your friends as it promotes some healthy competition and banter! 

Have you tried playing any of these online games? Try your hand at any of these free online games to play with friends and have fun with no matter the circumstances happening outside!