Having trouble hiring and overseeing potential employees? Sterling Risq, as the global leader in background and identity services, might just be for you!  

Sterling Risq: It’s All About People

Sterling Risq

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Behind a great company or team are its employees. Its reputation and overall performance depend on the skills of every single one in every aspect you can think of – ethics, soft and hard skills, beliefs, and the like. If you’re a hiring manager or basically someone who has a say when it comes to screening employees in a company, you would know that this is a difficult element to oversee.

Sterling Risq is just what you need. They are a company of professionals that handle employee screening. As broad as that sounds, Sterling Risq offers a series of services that are just as comprehensive. From background checks to rescreening, you can take your pick depending on what your team needs the most – rest assured that Sterling Risq can take care of it for you. 

With the mission to empower organizations, Sterling Risq does just that by giving the confidence to these teams to hire the people they need. They can provide the right foundation to form professional relationships built on trust and safety every leader and every team member needs to foster a conducive work environment. 

Sterling Risq: Services

Sterling Risq

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Sterling Risq offers a comprehensive range of services that tackles every aspect of background checks. Their services include the following:  

Identity Check

Before you even consider hiring a potential employee, you must first verify their identity. These days, it has become easy to create faux identities to get into jobs of unassuming companies; they may tamper with something such as their names, government IDs, or even criminal records. Under this service, Sterling Risq offers Passport Verification and Address Verification as well.

Credentials Check

The next step after verifying their identity is to verify their stated credentials. This includes everything that they said they have, such as work experience, educational qualifications, professional memberships, and trade licenses. This is especially important for every organization as it could affect the reputation and credibility of the name and brand that the team carries. Included in the credentials check are the following: 

  • Driving Record
  • Education Verification
  • Employment History
  • Employment Reference
  • Entitlement to Work
  • Professional Memberships

Integrity Check

Many studies have already shown that those with a reputation based on high ethical and moral integrity enjoy better employee satisfaction and overall performance. Given that, every leader and the whole organization must maintain a reputation that also correlates directly with their success. Sterling Risq’s check on integrity helps filter out the potential employees that may not align with the organization’s values and ethics. Included in this service are the following: 

  • Adverse Media Global
  • Anti-corruption
  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil Litigation
  • Credit History
  • Criminal History Record
  • CV Analysis
  • Directorship/Business Interest
  • Financial Regulatory
  • Global Sanctions List
  • Land title
  • Social Media Screening


Sterling Risq isn’t just about screening potential employees. Their services also extend to ongoing screening programs. There are some cases that hired employees might still be withdrawing information from their administrative team. Regardless of whether they’ve been hired for five years or five days, this case, unfortunately, still occurs. To mitigate this, Sterling Risq offers a rescreening service, which means they will conduct continuous ongoing screening which can alert its clients to potential risks from staff. 

Health Check

What matters just as much as employee credentials is their health. To keep a conducive and functional team, there must be a consistently safe and productive work environment. This calls for a series of comprehensive tests on the well-being of each and every one of the team members. Sterling Risq offers different packages for their health check services. You can go through them at Sterling Risq’s website

General Information

Sterling Risq

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101 Thomson Road, #10-1 United Square, SIngapore 307591

Contact Details
Call +65 6352 7390
Visit https://www.sterlingrisq.com/

Service Hours
Monday to Friday – 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Best Feature of Sterling Risq

Sterling Risq

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Employee screening is not an easy feat to accomplish, even more so comprehensively. However, Sterling Risq lives up to their title as the global leader in background and identity services. They offer a screening program that shows that their local expertise has an in-depth global reach. Sterling delves into the diversity of cultures, difference, and nuances when it comes to people through consultations regarding what needs to be known primarily when it comes to hiring. 

All of the services that they’re offering – identity, credentials, integrity, re-screenings, and health checks – are made possible because of their willingness to go beyond what they think they know. To do this effectively, it would require an open and deep understanding of a client’s cultures and processes. Sterling Risq works tirelessly to overcome challenges facing the industry today by reducing complexity on the global level. 

Why We Love Sterling Risq

Sterling Risq

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We love Sterling Risq for the same reason they’re the leading organization in their industry – they’re people-oriented. This simply means that they show their care for the clients they work with, most especially with such a meticulous subject matter. Their mission of providing a foundation of trust and safety between employer and employee is one that requires deep respect and understanding of various cultures and environments. It’s safe to say that Sterling Risq has and continues to achieve such a mission. 

Have you tried any of Sterling Risq’s services? Let us know your experience down in the comments section – we’d love to hear from you!