Classified ads have long been the domain of Newspapers. So, what better company to run a classified ad website than a newspaper. STClassifieds is owned and operated by Singapore Press stclassifieds Holding, Asia’s leading media organization. You can buy, sell, and advertise on our classified website. Post anything from lost and found and travel to vehicles and jobs. Here are answers to some common questions about STClassifieds.

What is STClassifieds?

STClassifieds Directory are an online classified ads portal which began in 2007 as ST701 Shops. We have rapidly grown to become one of the leading classified portals. Our classifieds can also be found in The Strait Times print edition, The Strait Times ePaper, and in ST Classified apps. We are now an extension of the print edition of The Strait Times.

What features are available in your classified ads? Stclassifieds Directory

You can view sellers’ phone number or email contact form even if you don’t have an account. You can also post ads without an account. Stclassifieds offer free posting of classified ads. You can upload up to 10 images for free. Stclassifieds directory have a user-friendly interface website.

What categories can you advertise under? Stclassifieds Directory

Stclassifieds have divided up the classifieds into eight categories. These are further divided into subsectors or classifications. The categories are listed below.

  • Travel. This is further divided into three sub-sectors: Tour needs, local/inbound travel, and features.
  • Personal. This category has 12 sub-sectors. The most popular of these include Home Needs, Special Interests, and Personal Care.
  • Business. Included in the business category are 27 classifications to make your ad more specific. The most popular classifications are Business Opportunities – General and Packing/Storage/Delivery/Removal.
  • Education includes 28 classifications. Most classifieds in this category fall under Tuition. Here you should be able to find just the right tutor for your needs.
  • Vehicles. This includes five basic sub-sectors. These are Passenger Vehicles; Accessories, Repairs, and Servicing; Other Car Products/Services; Commercial Vehicles/Motorcycles; and Features. By far, the most popular of these sub-sectors is Passenger Vehicles where you can find just the vehicle you’re looking for.
  • Properties. Included are 11 sub-sectors. Here you can find different kinds of properties to buy or rent, including business property, houses, apartments, and rooms. There is also a sub-sector where you can advertise if you are looking for a certain type of property to meet your needs.
  • Jobs. Of the 38 classifications in this category, 36 of them are for different job classifications, such as Human Resources, Driver/Chauffeurs, and Positions for Retirees. The other two classifications are Positions Wanted and Features.
  • The final category is called Others, where you can advertise anything that doesn’t fit in the other categories.

Does your classifieds platform use social media?

Stclassifieds are currently building a Facebook page from which you will be able to see all our classifieds. From here you will also be able to register if you so choose. There will also be a tab for placing your free ad. This will take you directly to our ad building page, so you can place your ad. We are adding many other features, including a compilation of photos you can use in your ads if you don’t have any to use.

Stclassifieds have one of the top platforms for classified ads in Singapore.